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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What makes a book good or a great one for that matter?

What makes a story ring true to you? Is it the characters? The genre? The author? I've been wondering about what others see in books and what I may be missing. I read A LOT of reviews and follow A TON of blogs. Why? Partially because I love some of my blogger buddies, but always because I interested in what's going on out there.

My first love is fantasy. What's a better read than a walk through someone's imagination. Science fiction fantasy is a first love because of when I grew up. I was always hoping to see those flying crafts. LOL. What kid doesn't to try a trip through space and time.

I want to know what everyone else feels about what they read. I've heard it said that Urban Fantasy is dead, that it's old, bloated, fat, and unattractive. Why? What makes people feel that way. UF is one of my favorite reads, and when I find a new author, I research, read reviews, see if shorts are available, and try out the book. I'm never afraid to try a new author, what have I got to lose, a few precious hours of my time? I have a few to spare. I really like the heroes and heroines of the genre, always tough, alpha males and kick-ass females. To go along with this, I've started picking up Manga Books or Graphic Novels. I love them, they're like adult comic books, so colorful, graphic, and hot.

Laurell K. Hamilton has some of the best graphic novels with some amazing art work.

I love paranormal romance, there will always be room on my plate for a supernatural love story. Again, I look for new authors in the genre, a new twist on my favorite read. How could that be bad? I love vampires, weres, and supernatural beings (remember, I love fantasy). UF has paranormal romance involvement, so two for the price of one.

And of course, where would all of this be without a good solid romance? Romance is involved in every genre; mysteries, thrillers, horror (sometimes it's a scary romance that you're not sure should work or even if you want it to work. Remember the love between Mina and Dracula). Not very often can an author spin a tale without a romantic involvement of some kind. All heroes and heroines need a little love.

So what does everyone else think? Am I alone in my ponderings? Should I seek help? Just my thoughts thrown out there in the big pond.

(psst...don't forget to check out Lea's kissage contest, since I'm leaving off with kissing....)


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