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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Ever wonder how the Easter Bunny came into existence?  Why eggs are so popular?  And why candy?  It all has nothing to do with Easter or does it?

Well, our story starts a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.....  okay not so far away.....  but pretty long ago....  well before the 9th century, stories were told of the Goddess Eostre and  Goddess Austri. Ancient telling of the stories of the Pagans.

The Goddess Eostre is the goddess of the spring fertility and the dawn, one who brings life back into the land, light after the darkness, fertility after the barrenness of winter.  And with her comes the hare, who is associated with the cycles of the moon, Eostre time determined by the phases of the moon (the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring Equinox, March 21), the most fertile of times.

The Goddess Austri is a spirit of the east winds and of light, a faerie goddess, but not the lesser of the goddesses, because the fae do not want to be thought of as inferior.  They are the bringers of great magic, powerful enough to wake the land, bring life to the barren plain, rebirth of growth.  Though most associate this goddess of old with the Samhain, when life leaves the land and spirits dance, it is also she who allows the breathe of life to return.  And she must be given thanks for the reprieve from winter, for releasing the land from the winter's embrace, and allowing life to return.

As for eggs, eggs are the symbol of new life and rebirth.  Eggs are from where new life begins.


Candy is the symbol of the Hot Cross Buns, the ancient symbol of the four phases of the moon and the gods and goddesses.  The buns that were painted with icing of form of crosses or an "X" and given to the people in protection from evil and to bring good health.

Now all this legend and lore is laughed upon by the Christian aristocracy.  We all know that Easter is the rising of Christ from his tomb after the Roman crucifixion, his suffering for our sins.  And Mary Magdalene telling the emperor of Rome of Christ resurrection which he scoffs at, nonbeliever that he was.  It's all Pagan myth and ritual, but it is interesting, don't you think?

Just thought I'd try something different this year.  I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter!


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