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Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 1 ......... The Friday Flash Fiction Post

 Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to present my first response to the Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge.

We all remember the image that Amy (head over an check out her flash fiction challenge post) provided for us..... scary, isn't it?

All In A Day's Work
by Dottie Taylor
word count:  350

Shel looked out of the glassless window, long since boarded up. So many years lost, he shook his head, his day of redemption had come.

He strolled to the back of the house, peering out at the bleak mossy landscape, the only evidence of life.

He headed back to the front of old house, glanced up at the long staircase, whole pieces of steps missing. He wondered at it's safety, the whole damn place looked like it was going to fall down, probably on his head. He grimaced, putting a foot on the riser, it seemed solid enough, he balanced his weight. Slowly, he climbed the moldering steps to where it all began. The curse, the promise, his life.

He reached for the bag that had became his constant companion. He gathered the stole, kissing the smooth fabric, and placed it around his collar. Next, the cross and the tiny bottles, long ago blessed.

He waited and watched from the corner of the last room, the only one with a door, the rest shredded as with maniacal claws. He had the patience of a Saint it was said by those who had once known him. He felt the floor rumble and tilt, and as he gazed into emptiness, the blackest of souls appeared.

“Ego profugus vos ex is vicis, is locus. Vomica de infusco nox noctis, tergum ut bestia adepto vos.” (I banished thee from this time, this place. Cursed of the blackest night, back to the beast get thee.)

As the soul became trapped within the room, Shel picked up the small bottles and began the ritual cleansing. With each splash, the floor shook and quaked, and he chanted louder, until the blackness spoke.

“Forgive me Father, for I am going to sin.” And with a roar of wicked laughter, it jerked Shel from the floor, swallowing him whole, in one mighty bite.

Moments later, the darkness convulsed, shimmered, then shattered into millions of shining shards.

“I hate that when it happens.” Shel smiled, shook his clothes, grabbed his bag, and left the house, promise fulfilled.

If you participated in our flash fiction challenge, and would like EVERYONE to get a chance to read it, leave me a link, send me an email (, carrier pigeon message me... and I'll add your link to the post!

Remember to come back and join us next Monday for another interesting image, another flash fiction challenge... the only question.... are you up to it??

Ciao Bella!!


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