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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Medievil Quiz - Heather's Reading Romance

I was over at Barbara's place and she directing traffic to Heather's. She has a cool quiz and it's super fun!

What's Your Medieval Profession?

You Are a Playwright
You are a highly literate wordsmith. You love both reading and writing.
You are also a natural storyteller. You can turn a mediocre anecdote into a riveting tale.

You find people and all aspects of life fascinating. No topic is off limits for you.
In modern times, you would make a good filmmaker or novelist.

OMG!! How weird is that? I'm always saying I love reading and writing, they are my passion and one true obsession!

Dottie :0)


Barbara said...

YAY Dottie! I was a Playwright too ;)

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hey Barbara!

All I can say is great minds work alike!

Dottie :)

Amy C said...

This looks like fun, Dottie :).

Blanche said...

I'm a playwright too!! :) Fun quiz!!

My Blog 2.0 said...

Yay! It is fun Amy! Have you taken this cute little quiz? So funny!

Dottie :)

My Blog 2.0 said...

It's fun to take these little quizzes! I took one on Harry Potter of which I am a great fan, but it said I'd been Hermione's cat!

Dottie :)

Lea said...


I'm seeing poor Yorick all over today.

I'm so not reciting that f______ soliloquy, again... lol

Well, I'm happy you are a playwrite Dottie!! You sure are well read. :)

The last time I did one of these quizzes I ended up a mechanic. :(
I am not doing it again! lol
Warm Regards

~Sia McKye~ said...

Fun quiz! I was an astrologer, who knew? lolol!

I love all your fairy animations. It adds something special to your blog. :-)

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Lea! ((grins))

How ya doin' sweetie? I hope your migraines stay away!

Do you believe a cat (harry potter quiz)? I won't take that again! LOL!

It's kind of freaky having a fun little quiz like that predict me so well! But it was fun taking it!

Dottie :)

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Sia!

Glad to see you back again!

Such a fun little quiz isn't it!

Thanks, I love Tink (if you can't tell), because I do believe in fairies!

Dottie :)

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