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Review Policy

Hi, my name is Dottie Taylor, the sole reviewer of this blog at this time.

My review policy is pretty straight forward, but I'll post the guidelines that I use.

The genres I review are:


Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction
Some Contemporary Romance
Some Erotica, in the above genres
Mystery and Thrillers
Some Horror
Some Chick Lit


Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction
YA Lit
Some Contemporary
Mystery and Thrillers
Some Horror

How I write a review:

I'll give my impression of the synopsis, usually in two or three brief paragraphs, describing the hero/heroine, maybe a secondary character, the conflict, and unfolding plot.

My thoughts about the book will following usually in two paragraphs, some details, but I try to keep any spoilers at a minimum. I'll express what the book made me feel, how the hero or heroine acted, reacted, usually with a little more of the plot line revealed. I normally do not expose the ending of the story, it's the function of the review to tempt other readers to give the story a try.

I normally do not use a point or star system. If you'd like your book review on a point or star basis, I can use that system.

5 kisses - Buy two books, one to read, one to share with your best friend.
4 kisses - Excellent story, no problems. May re-read.
3 kisses - Nicely done, great story.
2 kisses - Some problems, but was able to finish the book, might read others by the same author.
1 kiss - Struggled through the book or it hit the DNF pile (just because it was a Did Not Finish at this time, doesn't mean I won't pick it up later, and try it again, I hate to see any book go unread.)

Normally if I feel I'm going to write a negative review, I will not post a review. Not all books are everyone's cup of tea, and just because I had a problem with a book, doesn't mean it won't be someone else's treasured read.  What I may do is offer the cover art and synopsis, then link to positive reviews.

Five Fairy Kisses

 Four Fairy Kisses

 Three Fairy Kisses

 Two Fairy Kisses

 One Lonely Fairy Kiss

I'm willing to post my reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Goodreads.

I do not write reviews that are not my opinions, all opinions I express are my own.

To all authors, publishers, promoters:

If you'd like me to take a look at your book, please contact me.

Thanks in advance!

Dottie :)

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