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Saturday, October 31, 2009

How did You Spend All Hallow's Eve?

Quite a busy day here at the Taylor household!! I started off the morning shopping, my 14 year old decided at 9:00 this morning that he wanted to be a 1920's gangster for Halloween, complete with Fedora, jacket and tie. Where are you going to find a suit jacket small enough or large enough without alterations to fit a 14 year old???? So we (Kirsten and I) head off to the thrift stores, because I'm also not spending a fortune on a suit jacket that he's never wearing again. Fortunately, we hit Walmart and found a Fedora in the men's department for only $10.00. Next, we hit the thirty stores, and on our first try, we found a small brown suit jacket that matched the Fedora perfectly, only $4.00! We left the tie for last because we were hoping to raid his dad's ties for one that would match and yet worn enough that it wouldn't be missed, found a perfect match and it won't be missed.

Kirsten finally decided to be a mouse or kitten, depending on what was still available. We checked at WalMart, nothing, a few pumpkins still available and some wigs, that was it. Next, the Dollar Store, they didn't even have any candy left!! As a last resort, we went to the Mall. Should have started there! At Claire's, we found adorable mouse ears and headed back to WalMart where we picked up liquid and pencil eyeliner in black and brown so she could draw a mouse face onto hers. Too Cute!

And we still had to find candy. Back to Sullivan, and the local IGA, candy found and on sale. YAY!! Shopping complete (I even bought supper at the Deli).

Since I didn't have to cook, I spent the rest of my day and evening watching scary movies.

The movies that I perused today were:

Halloween (1978) - The original Michael Meyers fright fest. I couldn't believe that a little boy went crazy!! And grew up to kill again. I saw this for the first time when I was in high school. Screamed my head off, lol.

Halloween IV, The Curse of Michael Meyers (1988) - Not the finally installment, half-way through the series. This one has the little kids in it. Michael Meyers is now Uncle Michael Meyers, but still happily murdering his way through the movie.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) - The original zombie fest where a meteor smashes into Earth releasing a virus that brings the dead back to life, infecting all they come into contact with. The final scene, the lone survivor from the zombie attack is shot and killed by his would be rescuers.

Psycho (1998) - Vince Vaughn's reprisal of the 1960 classic, just as freaky, just as murderous. He appears so normal, who knew Mom lived on as a corpse? Who knew that Vince Vaughn would be so believable.

The Witches (1990) - Witches take over a small resort village in England, determined to turn the world's smelling children into mice, and the tables are turned on them. Parts of the movie are filmed in the Netherlands. Angelica Huston is quite convincing as the evil leader in this YA fantasy.

Bram Stroker's Dracula - Okay, I only watched portions of this movie because I wanted to be able to sleep at night, lol. This movie freaking scared me to death when I watched it back in 1992. Still gives me nightmares. Excellent rendition of Dracula, sexy, frightening, and deadly.

American Werewolf in London (1981) - Halloween just wouldn't be complete without a few werewolves. In this original, the prey of the werewolf never die, but live on as ghostly apparitions to torment the would be werewolf, until he gives in, sacrificing his life to release them from their ghostly ones.

Scream (1996) - The original gore fest where Casey and her boyfriend are sliced and diced, along with nearly everyone in the movie. Sidney just can't catch a break, first her mom's murdered, her father disappears, her bestfriend is eaten by a garage door, and her boyfriend, Billy, is a bad, bad boy. Again, I only watched bits and pieces, it's an awfully messy movie! This one I had to leave and come back to.

Most of these movies were on AMC, CHILLER, and SYFY, but I did order a couple on demand.

During the movies, I saw numerous treat-or-trickers, took a few pictures of my kids and their friends, and made popcorn and cookies.

How was your evening? Was it witching?? Ghostly??? Heaven forbid, Sexy Vampirey???


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