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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gemini Rising by Louann Carroll

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Pages: 348

From the Cover:

Over 5,000 years ago, Sumerian cuneiform tablets warned future civilizations of the planet Nibiru. Every six thousand years the tenth planet crosses Earth's solar system spreading death and destruction. During its latest crossing Kate and Ryan Kelly learn to survive a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Sent to help sustain Earth, Noah, a member of the intergalactic counsel, joins with Kate, the chosen recorder of the end of days. One woman, and one offworlder collide with the ambiguous Light becoming humanities salvation. Out of tragedy is born a love that forever changes mankind.

What would you do when faced with a global apocalypse? Kate, Ryan and Jason begin a journey together, and as the world as they know it comes to a close, will any of them survive?

Kate is forced to move from her beloved San Francisco by the demands of her husband's career. The desert becomes her home with its unbreathably arid environment, where even cactus struggle for existence. How are people meant to survive? Her son Ryan doesn't share her disillusionment, but he struggles in his own way for acceptance. Jason appears unfeeling to his family's unbalanced needs, he continues with his life, angered, but unable to figure out why.

When a catastrophic event occurs, their family is pulled apart by need, refusal to believe and predestined design. It becomes a question of survival, acceptance and desire. Only time will tell who has the will to endure. Noah, an unaging alien, provides what Earthlings and humanity needs to make living possible, but barely. He becomes entrapped by Kate, but is it her destiny to bring new life to a planet that has ceased to be a welcoming home?

Gemini Rising by Louann Carroll tell the story of entwining lives, all is not as it seems and the benevolent creatures may not be as forgiving and caring as they claim to be. It is a a fantastical journey full of mysticism, science fiction and fact. This is the first book in a lasting trek through time, space and reality. Five out of five fairy kisses for this fantasy lover.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Cover Reveal!! MJ Schiller's The Heart Teaches Best (Real Romance Collection)

I am really excited to be here today to reveal the cover for my new romantic suspense, THE HEART TEACHES BEST! Thank you for hosting me! I am blessed with a wonderful cover artist and I think this is my favorite cover so far.

From the Cover:

Cooper Sullivan is the cop in charge of investigating a murder outside of a Los Angeles night club. The famous romance author, Sydney Essex, has been found strangled in the parking lot. When the young officer returns to the scene of the crime the night after the murder, he gets involved in a fight in order to protect a woman, who he realizes afterward, is the victim’s sister. Soon he finds himself torn by his attraction to the irresistible blond teacher, and his need to maintain a professional distance.

Laney Essex is distraught over her sister’s death, so the high school English teacher returns to the bar where the crime occurred to find answers. To her dismay, she is only left with more questions, many centered on her developing relationship with Cooper Sullivan. Is the pull she’s feeling towards him reciprocated, or is the handsome detective only showing her professional courtesy, or, perhaps, even pity?

When Laney receives a threatening phone call from Sydney’s murderer, it quickly becomes evident that the man who killed her sister is after her, too! Can Cooper figure out who the killer is before it’s too late? And if he does solve the case, will it just be another file stamped “CLOSED” in red and locked away in a drawer, or will the sparks that have been flying between the two finally ignite?

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