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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Awaited by Lynn Rush

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Pages: 307

(Release Date: May 2012)

From the Cover:

Russell Leonard is a centuries-old Guardian who’s lost faith in his purpose. So when he’s charged with procuring the first female Guardian in over two centuries, he can only hope it’s the red-headed beauty who’s been haunting his dreams for months. And if it is, he intends to claim her as his. But when he finds his dream woman, Annabelle is mute and bears no Guardian’s Mark.

He soon realizes she’s been tainted by an ancient evil. Russell must somehow release the secrets trapped within this delicate soul to help her tap into the only weapon powerful enough to silence a millennia-old demon—her voice.

Russell, friend and protector of Beka, Queen of the Guardians on Earth, and his friend and follower, Durk have been sent on a mission by Jessica, the Merus of the Light, to find and bring back the first female Guardian born in the last two centuries. Jessica's cryptic in her directions, only giving a possible location, and asking Russell to take extra socks and shirts. But, that's just Jessica's way.

Russell and Durk begin their journey, only to get immediately side tracked by an airplane crash and then, by saving a red-headed beauty who has haunted Russell's dreams. She heals quicker than she's supposed to, but is mute without cause. It's a baffling case, one Russell needs to solve if only for his peace of mind. Because, he's sure, Annabelle is destined to be his.

When they arrived at their appointed destination, it's to find the small town overrun with demons. How can they succeed or even survive their mission? How can Russell claim what he needs... Annabelle as his mate... if only death waits for the centuries old Guardian?

Awaited, Book Two, The Wasteland Series by Lynn Rush is a rockin read from the very first page. In Wasteland, we met Russell who was powerful, but needy and ever so slightly lost, a little fractured. It's his mission to protect Beka until her King could be found, but who knew a half-demon/half-human would become that King? David and Beka are the first consorts in a millennia, and now, it's supposed to be Russell's turn. He lost to the dreams of the red-headed woman and yet, he has no idea who or where she is.. until the fateful airplane crash. After saving the young woman's life, Russell and Durk are plagued by demons. No matter how many are destroyed, more take their place. Russell feels he hasn't a chance. And there's an ancient evil waiting to put it's own plan into play. But, who will be sacrificed? Are the Guardians strong enough to withstand the loss?

Awaited is an excellent follow up to Wasteland, and I rarely say this, it's as good if not better than the first book. Amazing. Thought provoking. Wonderfully told. It was easily read in one sitting. As I sat reading into the wee hours of the morning, I kept checking the pages, not because I wondered how much longer the book was, but I didn't want to turn that last page, the one where the story had to be over. The Wasteland series has become like an old friend, and I don't want to see them leave. Lynn Rush tells a compelling story, one that grabs the reader's attention in the first few pages, and doesn't let it go. I'm already anxious for the third book in the series. Crescent Moon Press has been blessed with talented cover artists, and Awaited is no exception. And what I like the most is the covers reflect the story to come, and we all know, that is a rare commodity in the publishing world. Crescent Moon Press is making a name for itself in the ebook publishing community by signing talented authors, and Lynn Rush is no exception. If you like battles between the ancient evil of the Dark and the goodness contained within the Light, this is an excellent addition to your library. Paranormal romance lovers, changed reality lovers, even urban fantasy lovers will want to give this series a try, so good, it is a must read. I would recommend reading Wasteland first, but if you can't wait, Awaited can be read alone, more than enough background information is given for the reader to be drawn in. But then you'd miss the wonderful tale of David and Beka's story, and you wouldn't want to do that, now would you? Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I received my ebook copy for review from the author, Lynn Rush. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 82

Good Monday Morning Flash Fictionados!!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I got to go prom dress shopping Saturday. Found my son's girlfriend the most gorgeous dress at a little shop in Decatur IL called "It's A Girl Thing". It's a great little boutique, I love it!! This will be my daughter's last prom, her boyfriend graduates this spring. It's my son's second prom... he's a junior this year, but I don't think his girlfriend will let me shop for her again next year... only this year because my daughter needed a dress. I was able to find her an amazing deal, the gowns in It's A Girl Thing are beautiful, breathtaking. It's where we purchase that gorgeous gown my daughter wore last year to prom. I wish I'd found it sooner and that I had more reasons to shop there!

On the downside, my daughter got up Sunday morning with pink eye!! After we went shopping, she went to her boyfriend's house. He had pink eye last week, but he stayed home until the infection was gone. Unfortunately, his nephew must have been infected because she hugged and kissed the little guy who also got up Sunday with pick eye. It's been a really long weekend, lol! Now cleaning everything, wiping door knobs, and making her stay in her room. And lots of hand washing!! Hope no one else picks it up... I so tired of trying to kill off the flu now pick eye...

Anyway, since it's Monday, it's time for another edition of....

The image for this week will hopefully shake up what we've been doing with our flashes!! LOL I've only attempted a flash with this type of image once. I really liked doing it, but it was really difficult for me to write. If anyone wants to see how I wrote mine, click here. I hope I have time for write for this flash, because I think the image is freaking awesome. And I know what I'd like to write. I just need more minutes, lol

It's a fantasy anime image, and I'll let you decide how to proceed, what the image means....

And for an alternative...

Dragons! (We could see more dragons next week, I found some gorgeous images!!)

Dragons are always great for the imagination, and I found some wonderful images. This one is fantastic with the huge dragon filling sky. Hope everyone finds something appealing with one or both of the images.

Have a great week!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peachwood Lake by Susan Berliner

Publisher: SRB Books
Pages: 222

(Released: November 8, 2011)

From the Cover:

On a quiet summer day, 13-year-old Kady Gonzalez sees an armored silver fish leap high in Peachwood Lake. She thinks it's an awesome sight—until, a few minutes later, Kady watches in horror as the same jumping fish savagely attacks a neighbor in his rowboat. That's the start of the malevolent fish's war on the pristine Connecticut lake.

As the casualties mount, Kady, an aspiring writer, is befriended by Monique, a sassy young newspaper reporter. In addition to covering the fish story, Monique counsels the motherless girl on the frightening problems of growing up, especially how to deal with the hurtful taunts of Hannah, a popular classmate.

While the mysterious fish continues to attack anyone venturing into the water, town officials desperately attempt to destroy the demonic creature. Will they succeed without having to sacrifice Peachwood Lake—and will "Fraidy Kady" succeed in conquering her own personal demons?

Kady Gonzalez never wanted to be the girl who saw the fish, all she wanted was a quiet summer, to make some money to help her dad, and to write. Because, most of all, Kady loved to write, but she didn't think she was any good. What she gets is so much more. Things happen for a reason in life either by fate or by design, and it doesn't really matter which. What matters is what you do with friendship, with real life stories, and most of all, love. And to tell the story that needs to be told.

Peachwood Lake by Susan Berliner is a young girl's story wrapped up in a horror story. There's a vicious fish living and hunting in the peaceful waters of Peachwood Lake, the likes of which no one has seen before... ever. Is it some government experiment gone horribly wrong? Or is it some mythological beast, free to hunt within Peachwood Lake? But, along with the horror story that grows in the pages, is also a coming of age story. Kady's family used to be on the right track. That's was before the loss of her mother and her father's deep depression and drinking. Life will never be the same. Or so Kady thinks. Even with the horror of the fish, Kady finds friendship and love both in her father and Monique, an unlikely mentor in the young girl's life. Maybe I should say a likely mentor for young Kady, because Monique has been where Kady is coming from, and she offers Kady a lifeline. Monique is a writer too, but as it turns out, for a tabloid newspaper, the kind in the racks at grocery story checkouts, alien abductions and sightings and she wants to break into the respectable newspapers. She gives Kady back what has missing most in her life, a guiding hand, someone who understands her, someone who accepts her exactly like she is, no mother, a father trying to save his family, a girl without friends. Hannah torments Kady everyday, but she bullies for a reason, and until Kady stands up to her, she'll never understand her.

Peachwood Lake is another winner for new author Susan Berliner. It's a quick read, one sitting, and offers a horrific story in the midst of a young girl's need to find her way. At first, no one believes the stories. Yes, the lake has become accident prone, but a metal armored fish? Not likely. That is until more people start seeing the wicked fish, and more people start dying. Once again, I'm reminded of Stephen King, the master of horror combined with a greater story. And, in Peachwood Lake, Kady's is the greater story. If you liked Stephen King's short story, Cycle of the Werewolf (aka Silver Bullet), you'll like Peachwood Lake, though death doesn't come by the light of the full moon, no light is needed at all. Where else are you going to find a fish horror story that brings a young girl's life into focus? If you'd like a quick little read, a mixture of good YA, horror, and I have to say, fun combined (because Monique's wit and humor, her ability to see beyond the horror story, brings this story to life)... this is the story for you. I have no trouble recommending this book for the pre-teen/YA horror lover. Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I received my copy from the author, Susan Berliner, for review. It's her second book, and a worthy read. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 81

Good Monday Morning Flash Fictioneers!

I hope everyone had a peaceful weekend. I found out this weekend that a wonderful writer, Judi McCoy, lost her battle against the diabetic coma she fell into several weeks ago. She had been struggling, trying to find her way back, but her body couldn't take what the coma was doing to it. She was a romance suspense writer and she helped many young writers find their way. She was a retired gymnastic judge, so she helped young people make way their way through the jungle of competitive gymnastic, something close to my heart. She taught at the Romantic Times convention, to reach out to aspiring authors. Her dog walker series supported canine rescue. She was a mentor to many with a great sense of humor, and she was loved by all. Though I didn't know her personally, she always had a fun tidbit to post on facebook, and made me chuckle on more than one occasion. She will be missed, a loss to the romance community.

This week's Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge posed a challenge to me this weekend. I searched far and wide for something that would pushed the comfort zone a little. Nothing outlandish or too racy, just a couple maybe embracing love or something along those lines. I gathered a bunch of new images, plus the new images that B sent, so we should be good for a while (but as always, if someone finds some images they find inspiring, or they would have to have as a flash fiction image, send it to me, always happy to have more!). I have a special image planned for next week too, but I'm not going to spill the beans just yet. All I have to say is, it is something new for us as well... and I hope everyone will try it (fingers crossed, really pushing the comfort zone).

This week's image in one I found by starting a search for Luis Royo since his images tend to inspire me. I hope everyone enjoys it. I was looking for something erotic, but nothing too explicit. What I was surprised to find is that a lot of the images we've already used (which are all fantasy images for the most part) were considered erotica or at least that's what the search pulled up. I will also say I saw a lot of interesting vegetables, images I consider porn (my eyes, my eyes!), and Conan the Barbarian type of images (also a lot of snakes...all I can say about that is ewwww.....snakes are so not my favorite animal nor do I see them as erotic). I did see some great dragon images (so maybe in the future?) and a great medusa type image that captured my imagination, so maybe someday, we'll have a mythological type flash? We'll see...

I like the feel of this image, the colors, nothing overly sexual or too explicit, but the imagination is led to what could be a great story (back story, future wonderings, a remembrance). I hope everyone enjoys it and we see some great flash!

But, since I don't know how everyone will like the image, I'm going to post an alternate image, so everyone will have something...

This image also pulled up on the fantasy erotica search. I thought it lovely, great colors, wonderful image. If you'd rather use this image, that will be great too.

As always, the rules remain the same, 350 words (or thereabout) and come back Friday to post your response.

Have a great week my lovelies!!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 80.... The Friday Post

Well, I have to say, my muse is happy today or maybe I'm finally shaking off the flu. Either would be great. I only wish I could breathe without coughing up a lung! I managed to write a flash this morning AND add 1000 words to my MS. The story is flowing again. I hate it when my muse hides from me. Maybe it's the Two Towers playing in the background??


And here's this week's image for the talented Mr. Luis Royo.... I hope everyone found it as inspiring as I have.

On The Next Moon Rising
by: Dottie Taylor
word count: 730

He had turned his back on her, walked away from what could have been to what was needed of him. His destiny.

Rashad grew up in a small village, he would be the leader one day, this he knew, this he would be.

“Shellea will rule at my side.” He said, a rueful smile filled his young face.

“I will take orders from no man.” She playfully, but truthfully said, leaving his bed.

“Not even from your husband?” He questioned, an eyebrow crooked with desire to know the truth.

She smiled. “Especially not a husband.” She pulled on her warrior garb, leathers, an armored plate for her chest. A sword at her side, arrows and a bow covered her back. Small daggers for her wrists, and a knife filled the ankle of her boot.

“When will you see, woman, warriors are meant for war, not for filling a chieftain’s bed?” He too stood, covering his manhood with leathers, equally armed. Theirs was a dangerous world.

“And when will you understand, husband to be, if it is to be so,” she smiled, “warriors are what our people need. Not bed warmers, warriors.” She stood proudly, her palm rested on the hilt of her sword.

He covered the distant between them with two powerful strides. She stood nearly as tall as he, and met his gaze with a bold stare.

“It is to be.” He stated, no doubt filled his voice.

“It shall be decided by the elders, tonight.” She chewed her bottom lip. The elders decided everyone's fate, sometimes fairly, sometimes with malice. She was not an elder favorite.

“They will see my way or I will remain wifeless.” Rashad pulled her roughly into his embrace. Brave words for one who lived by the elders's wisdom. In his heart, he knew, the elders would force his hand, one way or the other. The only question was how.


That evening, a great fire glowed from the elders's chambers. The pronouncement they had been waiting for was about to be spoken.

An elder, one of the young ones, barely a century old, stepped forward. “The elders have declared that Rashad is of age, he must produce an heir.”

The crowd cheered, their leader though young at the time of his father's death, had grown strong. He welded his sword with powerful swings, saving more than one life. A woman warrior already stood as his side. Surely it was time for them to be bonded.

The elder's voice rang through the crowd, quieting them, drawing their attention to his words. “It has been decided that Shellea will lead the next battle. Rashad will wed Mellia with the next moon's rising.”

Shellea stood tall, it was what she expected. They would rather sacrifice her than allow her blood to flow in the next chieftain's veins.

Rashad turned to the elder, a stricken look on his young face. “I will have Shellea at my side.”

“You will not, young Rashad,” the elder claimed, “unless you are willing to give up your place as chieftain?” A tight smile stretched across the elder's ugly face. “An elder may be more apt to lead these people.”

“You know that is against our law. No elder shall take a chieftain's place.” Rashad strode forward, forcing the elder to meet his eyes.

“Then you will obey our commands or the law will cease to matter.” The elder smiled wickedly. For Rashad to claim his true destiny, elder proclamations must be followed.

“I will follow the order of law.” He said as his eyes found those of Shellea. He had just promised himself in marriage to another. Something, hours before, he had sworn to never do.

“Mellia, step forward.” The elder called. “Come, stand next to your husband.”

Mellia was a mousy girl, no warrior genes in her family history. Rashad's eyes fell upon her. Now he understood the elders's desires. To keep the chieftain in his place, they would make sure his child only carried half the genes of the warrior class.

But, life stirred elsewhere. The elders were not all knowing. A warrior chieftain would exist. And one day, the elders would find the people had outgrown them, they had become obsolete. The next cheiftain had already been conceived.

Well, anyway, I finished a flash! It's been a while, but then I've had the flu for more than two weeks. Whenever I think we finally kicking it, the fevers come back and everyone's sick all over again. *sigh*

Has anyone heard if the plague is making a comeback??

Have a great weekend everyone, and remember to come back Monday Morning for another....


Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 80

Good Afternoon Flash Fictioneers!!

Well, I can't believe we've reached the 80 week mark!! Wow!! That's means we've passed a year and a half mark of flash fiction (by a couple of weeks)! Amazing!

(Sorry this post is a tad late, hubs had the day off....)

So... without further delay... it's time for another edition of...

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!

Today's image is another of the fabulous artist, Luis Royo. His images vary from American Indian to Dark Gothic to Erotica. I was looking for something we hadn't had in a while, so I hope everyone enjoys it. Next time, I might try a little more exciting image, nothing too racy, this is a PG 13 blog, lol. Let me know what everyone thinks. It would be pushing the comfort zone.

It doesn't seem like very often that we have a male image....

The rules remain the same, 350 words (or thereabout) and come back on Friday to post your response.

Have a great week everyone!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 79

Good Monday Morning!

We still have the freaking flu. Kirsten brought this home two weeks ago, slowly moving through the ranks... Nuff said.

Today it's time for another edition of...

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge...

Today's wonderful image is another from the lovely Blodeuedd!

I love this images! It feels a little like knights and dragons, a little like warrior princess, and a little like magic. Lots of good ideas here!!

The rules remain the same, 350 words (or thereabouts) and come back Friday to post your response.

Have a great week!!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Groundhog Day!! Happy Groundhog Day?

General Beauegard Lee has news for Punxsutawney Phil.... No shadow for him!! Regardless...(and we all know winter isn't over for at least six more weeks anyway when March 20 rolls around, but if you want to put you're faith in a rodent, either way, who am I to stop you? LOL)

It's Groundhog Day!

Have fun with a quick Groundhog Day word search!!

Now..... A little fun with Father Guido Sarducci (I know this is a little irreverent, but honestly... who cares? It's the chuckle at the end).

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