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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lady Broke by Rachel Donnelly

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 318

(Released: July 7, 2013)

From the Cover:

East meets west when a high-principled Boston socialite teams up with a revenge driven bounty hunter to catch a gang of outlaws in the wilds of Nevada.

It’s tough being a witness when the last one turned up dead. But Christie Wallace is determined to bring the Everett gang to justice. Unfortunately, the law can’t protect her from pistol-toting outlaws or the intoxicating lure of a dangerous man. But, after escaping the suffocating prospects of an arranged marriage, she has no intention of allowing her heart to rule her head, even when temptation comes in the form of an incorrigible lawman named Nat Randall.

Dead or alive - it made no difference to Nat Randall. He’s tried to bring the Everett gang to trial once before, but the law let him down. It seems frontier justice is all he has left. But he didn’t count on protecting a bewitching Easterner whose courageous spirit challenges him as much as her beauty distracts. It’s not long before he’s torn between pursuing her or the outlaws.

A timeless, rollicking adventure of unlikely lovers, set in the Wild West.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Christie Wallace is a Boston socialite ready for an adventure. When her father sends her to help in her uncle's store out in the wild west, it's supposed to be a punishment for arguing against an arranged marriage, but it turns into an adventure of a lifetime.

Nat Randall also comes from a controlling family, so much so that he takes his mother's maiden name to make a place for himself in the West, because he can't or won't live under his father's rigid rules. But when East meets West, fireworks explode.

Lady Broke by Rachel Donnelly is the story of what happens when an almost stuffy young woman with propriety on her mind, runs into what could be the adventure of a lifetime or her worst nightmare come to life. It all depends on her trust of a man with, she assumes, less than sterling moral standards, and a bounty hunter, no less. What's hidden below the surface of Christie's pristine front is a firecracker that's ready to ignite, and Nat Randall just might be the match to ignite her fuse.

Lady Broke is another western romance, proving once again, that I really don't know what I like to read, because this was a great read! It's also a historical romance set in the wild west with robbers who are really bad guys, and a hero burned by marriage and the death of his wife, who's not so sure he wants the experience again. That's until he meets Christie... And there's more brewing below the surface, great ending for this book (it truly made it feel like a historical romance for me)! Western romance lovers, modern historical romance lovers, and readers who love strong heroes and feisty heroines will love this books!!

Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I received this book for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Free Ebook!! Memories of Murder by Lara Nance

Lara Nance's award winning paranormal mystery/romance, Memories of Murder, is FREE TODAY on Kindle!!!

Check it out!! Great story and excellent romance!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Discovery by Lisa White

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 249

From the Cover:

Grace Mackay thought she was normal, a little shy maybe, but no less normal than any other struggling young waitress. But she did not know about the secretive Powers world. She did not know she was the last person on earth with the DNA needed for the Powers’ survival. And she certainly did not know her newest boyfriend, Gregory, was an Anti-Powers prince who intended to break her heart and her bones in no particular order.

But when she discovers that Ben, her best friend and unrequited former crush, is actually her secret Guardian with superhuman powers, Grace’s normal turns a little wacky. And when she learns that she has The Gift, the rare power to heal the injured and resurrect life with her touch, it is official - Grace is a weirdo even in the Powers world.

But what freaks Grace out more than all that is the fact she has feelings for Ben again - and he has feelings for her - which makes Grace’s new normal a lot more complicated.

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Grace is your average 20-ish woman, she controls her own destiny. Though she was orphaned early in life, that fact doesn't effect her life in a big way. She has the security of friends for family, and everyone seems to love her. Unfortunately, things aren't always the way they appear.

Ben is Grace's best friend, but he harboring secrets that could get thrown right off the friends list, and rebuffing her love while hiding his own feelings in one of them. But, there's more going on than whether or not he can allow himself to love Grace, and it all has to be with the Power, controlling his destiny and hers.

When the Anti-Powers enter Grace's life, as her protector, Ben does the only thing he can... he secrets her away...

Discovery by Lisa White introduces us to a new world where, once upon a time, Powers really existed. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman... they all have their beginnings somewhere, right? But, when people come to resent those with the Powers, they go into hiding. Until a faction splinters off, and the Anti-Powers were born. It's Ben's job to protect Grace from the Anti-Powers, she has the ability to save both the Powers and the human race, it's all about her DNA, if the Powers are in time.... if they can overcome the Anti-Powers out to annihilate both.

Discovery is a lite fantasy read that brings to light how the Powers could have possibly come into being. It was a fun, fast read that I enjoyed immensely! And when I found out the backstory of how Ms. White brought Super Heroes into the picture, it brought me back to the hours upon hours I spent as a child delving into those very worlds, comic books and I have a long history! If you LOVE comic books, you will enjoy this story. If you've ever spent time wondering about how all those worlds came to be, this is the book for you! I highly recommend this book to lite fantasy readers, lite sweet paranormal romance lovers, and enjoyers of the comic book tradition. As well as those readers who love the new genre of New Adult, this is a must read.

Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I received this book for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big Sky Blue (Shades of Blue Trilogy) by Hildie McQueen

Publisher: Pink Door Publishing
Pages: 61

(Released: July 2, 2013)

From the Cover:

Left to raise his infant son alone, a hardened Hank Cole is determined to make the best of it while prospering his ranch, but when a beautiful woman literally lands on his doorstep, he is helpless against the attraction between them.

Elizabeth Dawson is too outspoken for gentle society, but she may be the perfect match for a tough Montana cowboy.

A story of two very different people who belong together, proof that sometimes fate can have a sense of humor when it comes to love.

Hank Cole has been put through the ringer of life lately. Marjorie, the mother of his little boy, Ashley, has left him, alone to raise their son. But, he was warned, she wasn't the marrying type and she was true to her word. Now, he's sworn off women altogether, it's going to be just him and Ashley.

Elizabeth Dawson was never one to want the socialite lifestyle, it's just not part of her personality, it bores her. And so does, Melvin, her parents' intended, and his kisses revile her. When tragedy strikes, ripping her parents from her life, she leaves her home in Virginia and heads to Montana to live with her widowed Aunt Betty. Little does she know fate awaits her in the form of a Montana cowboy.

Big Sky Blue by Hildie McQueen is an most excellent start to her new trilogy, Shades of Blue. Now, first I have to say I am not a cowboy romance reader, never have been, until now. This is a sweet romance that dances before the eyes of the reader until you find yourself trapped in the story. These two belong together, if only they can see it.

Big Sky Blue (love this title) does everything it promises and more, it sets up the trilogy to come nicely and makes the reader yearn for the story yet to come. The trilogy follows the Cole family (the cowboys of the family) and I can't wait to see where it takes them! Adding them to my TBR list! If you love sweet western romances, including sexy cowboys, this is the book for you, it will not disappoint! (and if you haven't tried a western romance, this is the time to try one! Only 99¢ to get your feet wet! And again, it will not disappoint you!)
The Shades of Blue Trilogy:
A Different Shade of Blue (Book 1 Shades of Blue)
The Darkest Blue (Book 2 Shades of Blue)
Every Blue Moon (Book 3 Shades of Blue)

Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I received my copy for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Viking Fire by Andrea R. Cooper

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 192 (estimate)

(Release Date: July 29, 2013)

From the Cover:
856 CE, Ireland is a land of myth, magic, and blood. Viking raiders have fought the Irish for over half a century. Rival Irish clans promise only betrayal and carnage.

Kaireen, daughter of Laird Liannon, is suddenly forced into an arranged marriage with her sworn enemy, a Viking. She refuses to submit. With no mention of love, only land and the protection of her clan, she endeavors to get her betrothed banished from her country. Will love find its way around her stubborn heart?

Bram, the Viking, finds himself without future or inheritance as a younger son in his family. A marriage to the Laird's daughter would grant him land if he swears fidelity and if his men will fight along with the Liannons against any foeIrish or Viking. However, the Laird's feisty daughter only holds animosity for him and his kind. Is marriage worth the battle scares of such a relentless opponent?

With the blame for a rival laird's death treacherously set against the Liannons, Kaireen and Bram must find a way to lay aside their differences as an unforeseen darkness sends death snapping at their heels.

Kaireen Liannon, third daughter to Laird Liannon and the feistiest one at that, is being forced into marriage with a stranger, and may the Gods help her, a Viking! She'll have nothing to do with those kind, pillagers, and not so long away, their enemies. But, time changes, things aren't the way they used to be, and the striking Viking grows on her, from his audacity to the way he works under her skin.

Bram, a Viking by birth and soon to be an Irishman by marriage, has seen the young Kaireen, and even from a distance, he knew that one day, should Valhalla be willing, she would be his wife. Little does he knows that enemies abound and are hatching vile plots to steal what is his, and an attempt to take his life is in the making. Can he be saved? Will Kaireen?

It's not until Bram is nearly lost that Kaireen discovers her mistaken ways.

Viking Fire by Andrea R. Cooper is a sweet romance filled with action, adventure, and a stronghead lass against the will of an unrelenting Viking that makes the reader wish you could spend a little more time with the characters. And the Viking, Bram, is super sexy (just like a Viking should be!). Their marriage is going to be wild and cantankerous to say the least. There were several laugh out loud moments and moments when you wondered if Kaireen was ever going to admit her attraction to the maddening Bram (by the way, I love his name!). It was easy reading, you could almost heard the brogue.

Viking Fire will lit up your summer reading list. It's a fun, fast read, and I enjoyed it immensely! I found myself smiling as the book came to an end. For those who love lite historicals, this is a must read as well as for those who love sweet romance. I felt fortunate to be able to read an early copy of the forthcoming book. Thanks go out to Ms. Cooper!

Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I received this book from the author for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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