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Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 111

Good Monday Afternoon!

It's time for... Monday Morning Flash Fiction

I know I haven't posted a flash image in a while, but I was wandering around the internet (procrastinating) when I came across this great Luis Royo wallpaper and loved it! It's part of his dead moon/vampire wallpapers. I love the colors, the oriental feel of the image, and of course, we'd all like to know if she is the biter or the bitee! So, if this stirs you're imagination... lets see some flash!!

As always the rules remain the same, 350 words and post your response on Friday!

Have a fantasy week, my lovelies!

A side note: for all those budding writers out there, I found an excellent article on the differences between urban fantasy and paranormal romance... just thought you'd like to know (or read)....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Flash Challenge #110

Good Monday morning everyone! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was lovely to say the least. ^.^ I had the entire weekend off AND I went to an awesome Halloween party. Instead of going as Marie Antoinette, I went as The Ghost of the Backstabbing Bride's Maid. Hahaha. It was a last minute change, because I wasn't feeling wearing that huge dress. Since I love sharing pictures, here's one of my friend Sarah (she's a saloon girl) and I looking spooky

Anyways, it is Monday and so we shall have another picture!

I found this picture over HERE. The author of this has a lot of lovely paintings. He's good. 

Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction

I wasn't sure whether or not to post this, but I am even though this FFF isn't my best work due to my brain being a little fried from midterms and lack of sleep. Ha. I hope you enjoy though!

The Goddess of Halloween
by: Carole Rae

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Slamming her foot down, she finally killed the annoying rat that had been scampering along the floor. She lightly smiled and propped her head on her fist and closed her eyes. Her time has ended and now she will be in this prison for 364 days.

“Would you like more tea my dear?” One of the crows asked.

She shrugged, “I'm fine thank you.” Letting a huge yawn shake her whole body, she finished off her tea and set it to the side.

There was a light tap and the old door creaked open. She didn't have to open her eyes to know who it was, “What the Hell do you want, Clause?”

Clause smiled and even though he spoke quietly, his voice still boomed and made the dark room seem alive, “I just brought you some comfy clothes and some food my dear Goddess of Halloween. ”

Opening her eyes, she gazed at Clause and her heart stopped. The rumors of Clause being fat was ludicrously wrong. He was a God. Literally and figuratively. His bright bleach blonde hair made his ice colored eyes sparkle. Clause's body was the opposite of jolly, it was sensational. Pretending to not notice how attractive he was, she hissed, “Why must I be chained in here like some damn animal? Who died and made Him God?”

Clause calmly set her things down and sat across from her. She sucked in her breath when his cool eyes settled on hers, “He created us and that includes you. Besides, you know exactly why you are locked up.”

“Ooooh. But I didn't mean to nearly kill that freakin' rabbit. We had a fight and....GAH! Why am I explaining myself to Santa. Hell.” She looked away and kicked away the crows.

“I know....Rabbit had it coming, but you nearly killed him. Just think though...three more years and then you are free. Also every Halloween He lets you have a day of freedom.”

She heaved a sigh “I suppose, but I'm just sooooo lonely,” She grinned as she noticed Clause's ice eyes glazing over her shapely and sexy figure, “Perhaps we could, well, entertain each other.”

Clause lifted an eyebrow, but said nothing. The tick, tocks of the old clocked seemed to go on for an eternity while they looked at each other. She uncrossed her long legs and stood. As if she had forever, she made her way to Clause's lap. With careful and tender movements, she straddled him and wrapped her pale arms around his neck. He, likewise, slowly wrapped his arms around her waist. Before her lips could scrape his, Clause tried to push her away, but she would not be moved, “Relax and enjoy Halloween my dear Santa Clause.”

The end.  

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