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Friday, February 26, 2010

Did Everyone Check Out Bitten By Books Today?

Bitten by Books is one of my favorite sites. Why? Well for one thing, they have mega contests, massive book reviews, and great polls.

Today on BBB, they offered a fun little contest where you had to match up a character blurb to a book offered by a small publishing house, Crescent Moon Press. I had a blast, met at least seven new authors, and I know I've added a massive amount of books onto my to be bought list. It was too much fun. So, in honor of some of the great new authors that I had a chance to 'meet', lol, I thought I'd post some of their books. If you haven't checked out Crescent Moon Press, they offer fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy, and scifi all woven together with romance. (The contest is still going on for another two hours, go check it out!)

So here are some of the authors that I'll be picking up in the future:

Louann Carroll - She talks about some of the best ghost stories, haunted hotels, and she likes archeology.
Michelle Picard - fantasy stories, Eden Court sounds so interesting!!
Leanna Renee Hieber - OMG, her books look great!  The excerpt was even better!

S.J. Edward - This book sounds so cool, time travel, assassins, working for the good of mankind.
Raven Corinn Carluk - Vampire fantasy, OMG, I loved her excerpt!!  Talk about vampire love!!

Judi McCoy - Psychic fantasy with a twist, this is a must check out!

Amanda McIntyre - Not a new author for me, I love Amanda!!  And this is one of her books I haven't seen!!  I love fae fantasies (I mean, seriously, you've seen my blog, right?)  Hi Amanda!!!  I'll be looking for this one!

Barbara Romo - SciFi/Fantasy...This series sounds great too, I loved the excerpt! 

Is It June Yet?? (Also known as Twilight Eclipse Time!!)

(Offical Twilight Eclipse Trailer Release Date March 12, 2010 will be shown before Robert Pattinson's new movie, Remember Me - OMG, I hope you've checked this movie out, I'll  be viewing, it gives the viewer another side of Rob Pattinson, and may I say, an extremely powerful and positive one.)

Remember Me:

Here's a little peek into Eclipse:

Official Pictures From Eclipse:





Official Movie Poster:

(all picture and teaser trailer found on and Teaser

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Touch of Scandal by Jennifer Haymore (ARC)

Publisher:   Forever, Imprint of Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group
Pages:  432

(Release Date: March 30, 2010)
From the Cover: The last thing Garrett, Duke of Calton, expects to find while tracking his sworn enemy is the delectable, mysterious Kate. This beautiful servant girl rouses a longing the battle-scarred ex-soldier had never hoped to feel again. But when she turns out to be the sister of the man he seeks, he's convinced he's been betrayed.

Kate knows her duty to her family, yet how can she ignore Garrett's powerful pull on her heart? Or the heady temptation of his stolen-and sizzling-kisses? Scandal has followed the duke since the war. Now the greatest shock of all is on its way-the one that can separate Garrett and Kate forever. 

Garrett has come to Kenilworth to find his errant sister, eloped and married to a scoundrel who while professing his love has lied, cheated, stole, and bargained with the devil to get what he wants, his hands on the fortune that is her heritage. William Fisk is the scoundrel, first damaging the Duke's reputation with calls of madness, then trying to take what he wants, revenge for his brother, Warren dead years ago at Waterloo. With no one left to blame, he tries to exact payment for the Duke, first by pretending to be his friend, and when that doesn't work, he uses Rebecca, first with the sham of a marriage and then to hurt her by taking a mistress to his bed. His ultimate goal could be deadly to both Rebecca and Garrett.

Katherine, William's sister, is happy to see her brother who has been missing, presumed dead for eight long years. But when he returned, it's with a young wife who's used to luxury and himself penniless. She's forced into servitude and silence, Lady Rebecca mustn't find out that he comes from his lowly existence instead of hers. When Kate happens upon Garrett bathing in her favorite pool, she assumes he's a God sent from Olympus to test her, tease her. He's magnificent, toned, bronze, and well muscled.

When Garrett spies Kate watching him, he thinks it's another of William's tricks to send a beautiful long limbed temptress to spy on him. But Kate appears to be guileless. Can this be? Hard learned lessons have taught him to trust no one, not even his closest friends. Can he trust this innocent or is she another wanton witch?

A Touch of Scandal by Jennifer Haymore is the second book in this historical series. A Hint of Wicked (Sophie and Tristan's story) was the first book, and the third book, A Season of Seduction (Rebecca and Jack's story) is next to be released. I haven't read A Hint of Wicked, but I wish that I had, because I could have related to Garrett better, felt his heartache and learned why he has such his distinct distrust of people. It's not necessary to read the first book though to enjoy this one. Kate is a strong willed but an innocent at life. She's lived her whole life taking care of someone, younger brother Reggie, her mother, twins William and Warren. She's always known something wasn't quite right with William and Warren, she caught them torturing a rabbit and no animal should be mistreated or harmed for pleasure. Since William's return from Waterloo, he seems a changed person. But who is the real Willy, the one she's known her entire life or this changed person with a new wife? He's still the manipulator, but with the loss of Warren, his twin and better half, he seems even more distant and there's something distinctly changed, and maybe not for the better. Garrett is on a mission to find his young sister who was stolen away in the dark of night by the manipulator, William Fisk who professed his love, but he had professed so many thing that had been lies. Though he's a Duke by birth, he's lived for the past eight years in the deception of poverty all due to William Fisk's lies. But he's learned his lessons well, trust no one, let no one close to you, and pain will cease to exist within your soul. When the vixen in rough clothing snakes her way into his heart, he wonders if he can trust, love, believe in this woman or is she there to rip him apart one more time?

A Touch of Scandal is a fun historical romance taking me back to my youthful reading of the dastardly evil vying with the goodness of one pure soul. Only in this case, the evil comes in the form of brother Willy and the goodness resides in the ever suffering Kate. Garrett is the one between the ultimate evil and the ultimate good. Garrett and Rebecca have been pawns in Willy's deception as is Kate, her mother, and younger brother Reggie, all pawns in his bid for wealth and revenge. I recommend this book for lovers of classic historical romance with a hint of seduction as well as just a touch of erotic romance, and a twisting, winding tale. You will surely enjoy this one. The only tiny niggle I had was the pure innocence of Kate, she is totally unschooled in the way of men. Garrett is also in reality an innocent, misused in childhood and as an adult, he hasn't learned the hardest lesson in life. Hearts maybe broken, but heal to learn to love again.

I received this book from Donna at Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings, for review from Hachette Book Group. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

To Sin With A Scoundrel, Book One, Circle of Sin Trilogy by Cara Elliott (ARC)

Publisher:  Forever, Imprint of Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group
Pages:  384
(Release Date: February 23, 2010

From the Cover: A reclusive widow known for her scientific scholarship, Lady Ciara Sheffield is shadowed by rumors that she poisoned her husband . . . A rakehell rogue notorious for his devil-may-care antics, Lucas Bingham--the Earl of Hadley--is not accused of murdering anything--save for the rules of Polite Society. The only thing they have in common is seeing their names featured in the lurid gossip columns of London's newspapers. Until an ancient manuscript draws them together.

Ciara needs a titled fiancé to quell the slanderous speculations which may send her to the gallows. Lucas needs brilliant scholar to help his elderly uncle decipher the secrets of the mysterious manuscript. So when her friends urge her to accept the earl's proposal of a temporary alliance, Ciara decides that she has no choice but to make a deal with the Devil. And so begins a seductive dance of sinful pleasures and hidden desires as the two of them waltz through the mansions of Mayfair. Lies, intrigue, treachery, sex. They find themselves facing slanderous whispers, unscrupulous relatives-not to speak of their own simmering passions, which quickly ignite into dangerous flames. It's a potent mix and the result may be explosive-and perhaps deadly-if they don't watch their step.

The wastrel of the ton, Lord Hadley is after one escapade or another, never failing to find his name splashed across the gossip pages for all of London to see. Not that he cares, it's all good fun, but he fears his latest escapade may not only embarrass himself, but Lord Henry, his long enduring guardian as well and his health isn't what it used to be and after he promised Henry a visit as well. It's time for him to cut short his carousing and see to the needs of Lord Henry, he asks so little of the man he raised from a boy.

Lady Sheffield is herself splashed across the gossip columns as well, but for a different reason altogether. Her husband who drank himself to death and his wicked family are to blame, spreading rumors of pure poison as to the truth of Lord Sheffield's death. She has been portrayed as the Wicked Widow, Witch of Pont Street. Her only desire is to be left alone to raise her son, but the Battershams are trying to prove her unfit for motherhood, seeking custody of the young Perry, not out of love, but in a mad dash to grab with his title, land, and money. Greed is the only love of her mother-in-law and Cousin Arthur.

When Lord Henry begs Hadley to seek out Lady Sheffield to inquire about her expertise in regard to a secret code and scientific matter that he discovered in an old manuscript, it brings a scowl to his face. The last thing Bad, Mad, Had-ley needed was to seek out the company of the Wicked Widow, but upon making her acquaintance, he can't image anyone further from his imaginings than the Lady herself. But, without help, Polite Society and the Battershams will surely bring the downfall of Lady Sheffield, and Lord Hadley is requested to provide assistance, but will his help ensure her safety and will he, the raffish rake, be able to escape his Lady's charms?

To Sin With A Scoundrel by Cara Elliott was a quick fun read for all lovers of historical romance. I was enthralled by Ciara and Lucas' story, richly told by Ms. Elliott. Ciara Sheffield has received the short end of the stick time and time again, first with her unfeeling family, then her abusive husband. She has learned to keep to herself and her small circle of friends. Society has shunned her as rumors of her husband death plague her. Lucas Hadley is the wolfish rake with only one desire, to satisfy his carnal needs, but is his mischievous deeds hiding a deeper secret? He has had struggling childhood bereaved of parents though with the love of his Uncle Henry, but the young man discovered it was easier to be a hellion than ridiculed. His destructive behavior harms no one but himself or so he thought. When Lucas and Ciara come together, it's as if a perfect match as been made, each having something that the other needs.

To Sin With A Scoundrel is a perfect read for a historical romance. It has a perfect blend of seduction, eroticism, adventure, and action. The characters are well developed and engaging, making the reader want to know more about them. I fell a little in love with each of them and hoped that the dastardly Battershams received their deserved due. The next book in the series, To Surrender To A Rogue, tells Lord James Jacquehart "Black Jack" Pierson and Marchesa Alessandra della Giamatti story, whom we've been introduced to through Lucas and Ciara's story. I'm already intrigue to Alessa's mysterious background and to her impish daughter, Isabella, she has already won my heart with her deeds with the young Perry. As reader of few historical romances, I have to say, I will be picking it up Book Two, I can't hardly wait to read about the fiery Italian beauty Marchesa Alessa's story and that of the devilish Black Jack who has already found a place in my heart as well.

(Release Date: June 2010)

From the Cover: An expert in antiquities, Lady Alessandra della Giamatti arrives in Bath to excavate newly discovered Roman ruins-only to find herself caught in a web of evil intrigue by a blackmailer threatening to expose her scandalous past. The one man who can help her is Lord James "Black Jack" Pierson, a fellow member of the expedition and a sinfully handsome rogue whose tempting presence ignites a different sort of danger.

Jack has clashed with Alessandra in the past, so when she suddenly surrenders her body he can't help being suspicious. Is she a scheming temptress? Or is she truly a lady in trouble? As desire and deceptions swirl around them, Alessandra and Jack must find a way to win each other's trust. For if they don't work together to uncover a shocking truth, their enemy-and their own simmering passions-may destroy them and everything they cherish.

I received this book from Donna at Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings, for review from Hachette Book Group. All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Book Boyfriend **** Holy Gaucamole!! ****

I've been tagged by Lea @ closetwriter, to do a Book Boyfriend Meme! I get to "BUILD" my own book boyfriend!

"We all have our favourite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz below, post a picture of a sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same. Don't forget to pop to their blogs as let them know they have been tagged! Once tagged... you have to do the same, grab the button, answer the questions, and keep it rolling! But don't forget the picture of the sexy man! It doesn't have to match your fantasy man, just a little eye candy for the rest of us... heheheee!"- The Gutter Girls-

* Hair Color and Style*
Hmmmmm, do I have to pick only one???  

I likem' all, lol, blond, brown, black, wavy, straight, long, short. Thick, I like thick hair, and not so long that I have to pull it away from my lips at inopportune moments.

*Eye Color and Facial Features*

Brown, green, blue, gray, violent -- it's all good!  I like the way eyes are used more than the color.
I like strong features, not too rough, but soft either,*g*, ah hell, I can handle rough too.

*Height and Body Type*

They just have to be taller than me (I'm short at five foot), but not tall enough than they can dunk a basketball without jumping. When I'm standing next to him, I don't want my view to be of his belly button.

I have to say, I'm partial to skater boys, but that said, I like muscular skater boys, lol, nice shoulders, good arms, great hands, but loose limbs, lol. Just not muscle bound, or in love with their own body. They shouldn't spend more time on their body than they do mine. I like well defined abs, just a brush of hair, a trail is nice, makes my imagination work harder.*g* As far as tongues go, just enough to get the job done.*wink* (piercing is another story altogether, ick) Strong masculine thighs and a nice butt (squeezable), I like to watch him walk, in fact I just might make him strut around for me.

*Visible Age*

I don't mind a little age, makes him wiser and better (at least in my personal opinion), a few years are great by me. Somewhere around late 30's to late 40's would be sweet, older upon approval only, and yes, some would meet with my approval.

*Bangability (kinky/bi/size)*

Hmmmm, fun and games are okay, no whips, scary foreign objects, nothing dangerous or hot wax, nu-uh, not happening. Lots of fun foreplay. No groups, it's too hard to tell what belongs to who.

Size..... hmmmm, another interesting question..... big enough and long enough that I'm not thinking about it, is the best answer, rofl, but, not so long that I'm scared, lol. As long as he's well versed in the use of his length, I won't have much to complain about. *g*

*Human or Other*

I'm open to all possibilities, pheromones and their usage are great. Some paranormal creatures are just plain hot!!

I can handle that. Human is nice too.

 (okay, maybe I've gone too far,lol)

*Paranormal Skills*

Telepathy, empathy, ability to move quickly through time and space would be nice. Mates for life, knows what I crave or need, surrounds me with his warmth, and knows when to let me have book time, lol, better yet likes to read to me.


Likes kids and animals, no furs needed.
Tells a good joke, great sense of humor, likes to laugh with me
I would say long walks, dancing, playing, but with my leg, I just like to watch now.
Fitness pursuits are great as are beaches as long as he carries me across the hot sand *g*
Wants to spend time with me, romancing or playing.  He's where he needs to be when he needs to be.
Reading, writing, poetry... I could get used to that....


Borrowing Lea's ideas, lol, because damn, it's what I want too!!

Self possessed and poised
-knows how to wear a pair jeans, kilt, or damn, leather

-can drive and fix anything
-loves to cook and he's good at it

-must give great back, neck, leg and foot massages (great hands)
- strong and knows self defense

These are just some of the guys that I think are super hot and would make excellent book boyfriend material.

I'm not tagging anyone right now.  But don't worry, I'll be back!!

Release by Nicole Hadaway

Publisher: VampLit Publishing
Pages: 290

From the Cover:


That’s the response Ben Gongliewski receives, when he asks Miranda Dandridge how long she’s been a vampire. He doesn’t expect the word “forever” in her reply, but then again, Ben never imagined meeting vampires, let alone demons and werewolves, during his time in the Polish Resistance during World War II. Far from being horrified, Ben discovers that Miranda and her friends have very useful … talents … especially when it comes to saving children from concentration camps. After all, in these desperate times, while the line between good and evil is clear, the one between heroes and monsters is very, very blurred.

The last thing Miranda wants at this point in her immortal life is a human lover, but as she and Ben perform rescue after daring rescue, she can’t help but be drawn to his passion to save his fellow Jews. As the War draws to a close Miranda must choose her love for Ben or her duty to her race. Ben is blindsided by a betrayal that no one sees coming, which leads to a danger where all hell is about to break loose … literally.

The year is 1944, the setting Poland in the mist of German occupation. Nazis are routing out the last of the Jewish sympathizers, resistance fighters, who have been doing their best to save the last few Jewish survivors that are left in hiding, mostly children. The war is coming to it's fateful conclusion that the resistance is struggling to prevent, the destruction of more people anyway it can. And some of Hitler's followers want even more devastation.

Miranda, Vanessa, and Rose have been working for the resistance, Miranda with the strength of a vampire, Nessa as a demon escaped from Hell and it's masters, and Rose, born with the cursed werewolf gene. Children are the only ones left that they can help, moving them through the darkness of night with a subtle calmness that only a true creature of the night can contain. The children never cry, are obedient, even calm. When Ben, a Jewish doctor pretending to be Polish meets the eclectic group of women, he is first struck by the strength, the beauty, and finally the unprotesting children who walk with the women through the dark forests to safety.

Gertrude, with her witch's blood and connections with the SS has also been working secretly with the resistance, together with her lover, Helen, combining forces with the trio of women and Ben to work as hard and quickly as possible. Father Ott helps places the children, Gertrude alerts the network, the ladies guides them to Ben, and Ben takes them to the families willing to take a chance. It all works perfectly until the unthinkable happens and Father Ott isn't who he appears to be. When Father Ott, a disciple of Himmler and the occult, starts looking for the Brides of Dracula, Cray (Miranda's brother) and Denny (a similar escaped Demon) come to their rescue. But will it be enough to save them? Or is it too late? Will the gates of Hell be flung open?

Release by Nicole Hadaway is a character drive novel, capturing the hopelessness of the Nazi occupation, combining it with the paranormal creatures that make the novel work. Miranda is a vampire unwilling to accept her destiny and heritage of a vampire needing to carry on the vampiric line of their family, strangely drawn to these humans and their struggle against the war.  She's helping Vanessa and Rose as well to adapt to their Earth bounds constraints and cursed existence. Ben is enthralled by the beauty and strength of Miranda without ever knowing what or who she is. And he's one of the rare humans able to accept what she is, and love her, which is all she was looking for unknowingly. She's drawn to Ben's humanity, something they share only distantly while Ben is drawn to her preternatural strength and abilities, both hoping for love, but a love that can never work.  Everyone around them knows, but neither Miranda or Ben will hear the truth.

Release is an involving read, taking the reader through some of the aspects of the war, touching upon the hardships that the people have to endure, and all the while telling a vampiric love story of a doomed love. It's told from the different characters viewpoints, so if you don't like character driven novels telling the point of view of the various characters contained within the story as well as the subplots that allows each character to tell their own story, then pick something else to read. It's a complicated tale with many twists and turns as are most character driven stories. If this is your cup of tea, give this book a try. It's different telling of the vampire love story, a world where if a vampire turns a human, that made vampire then becomes the monsters who are the senseless creatures killing whoever and whenever they desire. Vampires are born as sets of twins, one male and one female, psychically bound and with the ability to carry on their race. Though fairly a short book, be prepared to experience several stories going on at the same time as well as shifts in the point of view and setting. It's a story that captures your attention. I enjoyed it and recommend it to lovers of character driven paranormal.

I received this ebook from the author for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton

Publisher:  Berkley
Pages:  320 (maybe more)

(Release Date:  June 1, 2010)

Another book to long for....can't wait to see what LKH has in store for Anita this time!

Here's what Laurell said about Bullet in her blog posting (

"I’m happy with the book, and it’s certainly got a lot of things in it that you, the fans, have been asking about for awhile. We get to see Monica Vespucci and her son, Matthew, on stage. Yes, the baby she was pregnant with in book six, The Killing Dance. Since that’s in chapter one I don’t feel like I’m giving to much away. We see a lot of Jean-Claude on stage. A lot of Richard on stage and he was more fun to write than he has been in ages. Asher gets some very nice screen time. Micah and Nathaniel get some really good scenes with Anita. Jason gets that visit from J. J. who we last saw in Blood Noir. Even Stephen and Gregory, and Stephen’s live-in girlfriend Vivian get some good scenes. Okay, Gregory gets on stage but Stephen and Vivian has some good scenes. If they were real life actors they’d be happy with the script and the character growth. Yes, we have Damian on stage. Claudia gets to demonstrate that size matters in a fight and she’s got the size. More wererats, werelions, weretigers, and vampires, vampires, vampires. There were a lot of furry and vampy politics for this book."

Well, there you have it folks, straight from Ms. Hamilton's blog, a taste of Bullet.

I'll be adding this one to my wishlist, hoping Ms. Hamilton has once again moved closer to the root of the series, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Zombie Raiser, kick-ass heroine extraordinaire.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Suvudu and Round Table With Great Authors (Picked This Up From Absolute Write) And Suvudu Giveaway -- Would you look at that....Mind Games is part of the Giveaway!!

Paranormal Roundtable on Suvudu!

Need a remedy for the late-winter blahs? Suvudu announced they’ve got your cure. They’ll be hosting a live round-table discussion of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy. See the website for details:

"On February 17 (at 4pm EST), we’re bringing in some of the hottest voices in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy for a round-table discussion and we’re going to be bringing it live! Use the quick form above to sign-up for a one-time email reminder for the event, then sit back and prepare for the heat!"

Here’s a list of participants; Suvudu’s roundtable will host some of the hottest writers in these enormously popular genres:

Kelley Armstrong - |@kelleyarmstrong on Twitter

Diana Rowland – |@dianarowland on Twitter

Jenna Black – | @JennaBlack on Twitter

Lucy A. Snyder – | @LucyASnyder on Twitter

Carolyn Crane – |@CarolynCrane on Twitter

(For all the US viewers, Suvudu is having a major giveaway!! To enter, go the Suvudu and set a reminder for the round table. That's it, set a reminder, get entered into the contest! How easy is that???? Check it out!!)

I'm SQUEEING here, do you all see Carolyn Crane's Mind Games as part of this awesome prize pack???


Come join me, I'll be checking in (even if they weren't offering these awesome books up for prizes!!)

******   I hope everyone was able to stop by to hear some of the thoughts of the great authors who participated in the Round Table today.  I just lurked, lol, but so interesting.  If you didn't, the chat is still available of Suvudu site.  ******

Night Watch (2004) US Release: 2006 ~Movie Review ~

Night Watch is a Russian film that I had to watch through subtitles. And that was the only drawn back, well worth the time it took to read a few subtitles. The film is campy, but no one said campy was bad. The actors were unknown Russian players that increased my interest. In this action packed independent foreign film that oozes with the dark urban fantasy that my body craves, and as the film starts, the battle between good and evil has been raging for centuries. Driving those who see the Light and Dark to near madness.

The battle between the Light and the Dark will continue until an epic battle is waged, one against the other. A cursed virgin will have to chose which side to throw their allegiance. Anton, one of the Light Others, a non-human/human doom to see and fight what humans cannot, the Dark Others, the vampires living off human blood and walks among these humans without their knowledge. He has been called upon to either break the curse or kill the cursed virgin, a woman who's cursed herself by wishing for her mother's death. Or so the Light Others think.

Legend has it that the cursed virgin will cause death with the simple touch of her hand, a woman legend says (doesn't it always say a woman?), will bring death of animals, children, the helpless. What the legend doesn't say is that the virgin may have been cursed from birth. Anton has caused the cursing of an unborn child, the child his young wife was carrying at the time of their marriage. The child of her lover, a child that is not his own. In seeking the help of a Dark Witch, Anton seals his fate, wishing for the return of his wife, but not the child. But, in cursing this unborn child, Anton has unknowingly cursed himself to be an Other as well as the child.

The balance of power between Light and Dark is currently held in place with the knowledge that the Great One is coming and will chose a side, Light or Dark, to help win the battle. Yegori, the unborn child of Anton's wife, is that child. But who will he chose, the Light that has saved him once before from the vampiric death, but also cursed his life and wished his death? Or the Dark, which allowed his birth to occur, but also would have allowed his life to be drained away in a crazed newborn's first vampiric feast? Keep in mind that the Dark never play fair.

(Anton and Olga - partners, each cursed in their own way. She is release from her trapped existed of the snowy owl to help Anton in his quest to save the boy.)

Decisions...decisions.... Excellent viewage on Love Stories With Bite. I loved it.

Here's a taste of the trailer, without the subtitles!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A New Reason To Heart Valentine's Day and Giveaway On Closetwriter!

Lea @ Closetwriter is having a fabulous Valentine's Day giveaway!!! It's for Julie James new novel, Something About You. What a great giveaway and wonderful review!  Check it out on Lea's blog!
 - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

My pick for the role of V'Lane in the movie adaption of the Fever Books!  Jude Law......

Jude Law
Jude Law Pictures

Karen Marie Moning..... Happy V'Lane Day!!(want a chance to win a copy of BloodRush, retweet @KarenMMoning)

And for a taste of dark urban fantasy poetry......

My Bloody Valentine

I've tried to forget
My love oh so sweet,
that thunder crashed by chance when we meet.

I've tried to forget
the lingerings of your taste
bodies throbbing, lips together, and limbs laced.

I've tried to forget
you're face, scent, and lips
but I can still feel you, taste you, on my fingertips.

I've tried to forget
the promises you made.
Even with your goodbye and I became afraid.

I've tried to forget
the feel of your mouth on mine.
As you pierced me through with your point sharpened tines.

I've tried to forget
that last night of my life
but the feelings run as deep as the cut of a knife.

I've tried to forget
as I haunt my bloody valentine.
But I can't, so together we'll stay and you'll remain mine.

Fun Fact:

Bela Lugosi's Dracula was released on February 14, 1931. Nothing says I love you quite like a bite!

Here's a small bit(e) of the trailer for Dracula (1931)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I've Been Thinking.... I Know.... That's Scary

I almost didn't post this. I wasn't going to get involved in the issue, because for me, it is a non-issue. Several books that have been written about characters of color have had covers depicting the character with a lighter skin tones that the character being portrayed. I don't often use the word color, I prefer differences of culture or cultural diversity. It's how I think, but I digress. First of all, unless you a very well known author or an extremely powerful one, very little input is allowed in cover art design. Don't be upset with the author, they have little control, even if they protest the cover art, it's the publisher who makes the final decision. The publisher basically puts together a cover that they think will sell, even if they're wrong. They're in a business that wants to make money, we just receive pleasure from that business, much like movies, TV, or CDs; it's all about the entertainment value, escapism at its best. If you don't like what a publisher, producer, executive is doing, let them know. I always do. Eventually, they'll get the message.

I've read books written about a Victorian era where the cover art is misleading, depicted another place or another time. Characters who are not slender, slenderized. And yes, characters who are culturally diverse, portrayed with light skin tones. I always ask myself why? I hate it when the cover art is misleading. But that being said, it's the story inside the covers that captivates me. I can ignore the cover, in fact I usually do. I don't really see the cover while I'm reading because I don't care about the cover, it's the story I need. I'm always surprised when I finish a book and close it to see that cover doesn't look like the picture I've created, but it's my creation that sticks with me, not the publisher's cover. Covers are important and I wish publishers were more careful with their depictions. But it's not the deciding factor for me.

I do tend to see the characters in my mind's eye, very visual as a reader.  And not just the characters, but the world the author creates. You see, for me it's not just letters on a page forming words into sentences that will eventually tell you a story. I have to become one with the story, live with the characters, feel their emotions, and become part of the story that I'm reading or telling.

I've read many books with diverse characters, and when the character is uniquely described, I find myself living as I rarely see myself, being diverse within the character. But, unless the author takes the time to point out these diverse characteristics, and unless it's important to the characters frame of mind and sometimes they're not, the reader doesn't have a frame of reference.  We end up seeing the character as we see ourselves, which is our own reference point, no matter the culture.  We may find out through the story's telling and adjust our images as needed, but isn't that what we're doing throughout the story, realizing the characters? When developing a character who has skin tones described as "a warm shade of creamed coffee", I become one with the warm creamed coffee shade the author has described. If they're "as pure as the driven snow", I become one with the pure as snow.  If it's a raven haired beauty, it's raven hair for me too. Am I anything of these things in everyday life? Probably not. For me, it's all about becoming one with the characters. Can I live and breath with the characters, are they someone I'd like to be or want to be friends with, are they so evil that I want to cry out, are they redeemable, can I fall in love with them, do I want to or will my heart be shredded by these characters? These are the questions I find myself asking when I'm first starting to turn the pages of an unknown author or book.

I guess it's the reader that makes the difference, because I can become one with an alien race, far far away from our Earth bound constraints, hair like tentacles, three eyed, spell casting, well over six foot tall, fingers that have razor sharp tips, fangs that blossom from bloodless gums, or bones that pop, shift, change into a wild creature that runs with the pack and hunts for the glory of the feed. Reading is fantasy for me, all reading, not just "fantasy" books, because it's our imagination that lets the character come to life and bloom within our souls. I romanticize characters, even if it's not strictly a romance. Isn't it all about fantasizing? I've become a notorious dancer, a beaten down slave on a ship longing for revenge, a pilot rocketing through space, a blood drinker and a creature of the night. I've run with the pack, I've had dalliances with lovers, I've let myself live through the plague and many hardships. I've even sailed a ship with Captain Jack Sparrow, Long John Silver, scurvy and all. It's about leaving my world I live in everyday behind and being something I'm not. I guess it's the adventurer in me, the fantasizer, the imaginer, the storyteller. It's not that I have a bad life either, I like my life, I love and am loved, which is all that really important in this life. Material things are just that, material things easily disposed of, lives and loves are not.

I didn't start blogging to judge and be judged. I started blogging because I wanted to share my love of the printed word, whether if it's in a printed page or digitally reproduced; whether I've had to spend my dollars or if I've received it and asked for a review. It's because I love to read, to discover new authors, to tell stories as I've seen them and even then, one person's picture of the story may not be the same as mine.  They may even quarrel me, disagree venomously. Does that bother me? Hell no!!! It provides me with another opportunity to see the story through someone else's eyes. I freaking love that!! It's awesome!!

I try extremely hard never to be derogatory towards an author, they've poured their life blood into a book, it's their dream of what a story should be. And not all books are going to be my cuppa. But that's okay too. Someone loved it or it wouldn't have become published, even if it was just the author and they've self published. I've discovered books that were self published and wondered why a publisher didn't pick it up. I've read books from well known authors that have been acclaimed and wondered why. But it's all good for me, it makes reading fun, and for me, as long as I have breathe in my body, it will be fun. I grew up in a diverse community, so I guess I've always seen past things like color; I don't see a color, I see a person with hopes and dreams, and don't we all share those? I hope I've raised my children to be just like me, strong willed, willful even, determined to make their own way, and with the ability to live, love, and enjoy life.

Many may not approve of what I say or even like it, but that's okay too. We're all entitled to our own opinions. When we can't accept another's opinion and see it as we'd like our own opinion seen, then it's saddens me. I've seen bloggers put down, ripped to shreds on some sites, so I feel like I'm taking a big chance here. I want those bloggers to realize that they've done nothing wrong, except express themselves. In humble my opinion, life is a learning and growing process that doesn't end until it's over. I've never met a person who knows it all and if they think they do, I feel sorrow for them. Life wouldn't be worth living if we were all born if the innate knowledge of a lifetime. What would be the point? No one wants to be ridiculed, and I'm striving not to be. Please don't be mad at me for who I am, but if you do, I understand. I'm not everyone's cuppa either.

Well, that's my two cents, my wandering ramblings, worth only what they appear to be. I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

((((Hugs)))) to all my buddies throughout and within the blogosphere, and to even those who aren't.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mockingjay Cover Art Has Arrived!! ****UPDATED****

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pages: 400

(Release Date: 8-24-10)
Synopsis from B&N: Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she’s made it out of the bloody arena alive, she’s still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss. And what’s worse, President Snow has made it clear that no one else is safe either. Not Katniss’s family, not her friends, not the people of District 12. Powerful and haunting, this thrilling final installment of Suzanne Collins’s groundbreaking The Hunger Games trilogy promises to be one of the most talked about books of the year.

I've been waiting rather patiently for the next installment of The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins to arrive.  I mean, I've been drumming my fingers quietly, hardly disturbing anyone else in an anxious effort to strive for patience. It's only 194 days to the release of Monkingjay, Book Three..... I know I can make it, only a little more than six months. I've just discovered today that I can pre-order it on Amazon for the low price of $8.50, less that half of the original price!! YAY! So, in about six months, this like gem should be winging it's way to my door and I can't hardly wait.

While I was searching to see if I could pre-order the book, I came across Rue's Lullaby. It's so sweet. This is fanmade by Kimmy on MOCKINGJAY.NET. If you've read Hunger Games, then you'll know the importance of the lullaby and why Katniss sang it to Rue.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Fang by Susan Blexrud

Publisher: DCL Publications
Pages: 65

From the Cover: A sexy vampire with an infected fang falls in love with his dentist. Dental drills whir and hearts pound as this unlikely pair struggles to find happiness. Will he come to terms with his 500-year-old guilt and grief? Will she trade her fear for a set of fangs?

Dr. Lauren Marsh has had her share to odd patients, but a patient with an infected fang is a new one on her. But, being the night owl that she is, seeing patients after hours works well for her and she has no problem squeezing John Wright into her schedule.  And he turns out to be great, cute, funny, sexy, and just a little quirky, who could resist?

John Wright has no intention of becoming involved with any women, dentist or not, if only his fang would quit throbbing. When his assistant, Doreen, suggests seeing a dentist, he can only imagine the blacksmith he saw a very long time ago. He wants no part of that, it's nothing he wants to repeat.  But upon meeting Dr. Marsh, the tables turn, and maybe it time he becomes part of the world again.

Forced to deal with his throbbing fang, John realizes an immediate attraction to Lauren who turns out to be better than any prescription.  Lauren is immediately struck by his wit, who even remembered blacksmiths were the local dentistry? Together, they seem a perfect match, but dating a human is almost impossible, especially with the attraction John feels for Lauren. A blood exchange is a lifetime commitment. Can Lauren imagine her existence as a vampire? Can John risk his heart to another woman?

Love Fang by Susan Blexrud is a fun short story and a quick read.  It is uniquely told as the old world vampire meets a new world modern woman.  The ever chivalrous John won't force his ever increase magnetism on Lauren and Lauren isn't sure she's ready for a lifetime commitment to a vampire, even if he's a feast for her eyes and makes her body and heart sing.  And it's been a long time between songs.  She didn't even know that vampires really existed and now one wants to claim her as his.  John has been burned before, so before he commits, he has to know it's for a lifetime, and vampires lead exceedingly long lives.  As Lauren realizes that John is part of her life for better or worse, there can only be one answer.  Ms. Blexrud gives a perfect blend of humor, romance, and action in this short story.  Her book released in print form on February 2, 2010, and is now available on various book sites.  I'll be looking to pick up her other short stories.

I received this short story from Ms. Blexrud as a prize in a contest.  All opinion expressed are my own.

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