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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Night Watch (2004) US Release: 2006 ~Movie Review ~

Night Watch is a Russian film that I had to watch through subtitles. And that was the only drawn back, well worth the time it took to read a few subtitles. The film is campy, but no one said campy was bad. The actors were unknown Russian players that increased my interest. In this action packed independent foreign film that oozes with the dark urban fantasy that my body craves, and as the film starts, the battle between good and evil has been raging for centuries. Driving those who see the Light and Dark to near madness.

The battle between the Light and the Dark will continue until an epic battle is waged, one against the other. A cursed virgin will have to chose which side to throw their allegiance. Anton, one of the Light Others, a non-human/human doom to see and fight what humans cannot, the Dark Others, the vampires living off human blood and walks among these humans without their knowledge. He has been called upon to either break the curse or kill the cursed virgin, a woman who's cursed herself by wishing for her mother's death. Or so the Light Others think.

Legend has it that the cursed virgin will cause death with the simple touch of her hand, a woman legend says (doesn't it always say a woman?), will bring death of animals, children, the helpless. What the legend doesn't say is that the virgin may have been cursed from birth. Anton has caused the cursing of an unborn child, the child his young wife was carrying at the time of their marriage. The child of her lover, a child that is not his own. In seeking the help of a Dark Witch, Anton seals his fate, wishing for the return of his wife, but not the child. But, in cursing this unborn child, Anton has unknowingly cursed himself to be an Other as well as the child.

The balance of power between Light and Dark is currently held in place with the knowledge that the Great One is coming and will chose a side, Light or Dark, to help win the battle. Yegori, the unborn child of Anton's wife, is that child. But who will he chose, the Light that has saved him once before from the vampiric death, but also cursed his life and wished his death? Or the Dark, which allowed his birth to occur, but also would have allowed his life to be drained away in a crazed newborn's first vampiric feast? Keep in mind that the Dark never play fair.

(Anton and Olga - partners, each cursed in their own way. She is release from her trapped existed of the snowy owl to help Anton in his quest to save the boy.)

Decisions...decisions.... Excellent viewage on Love Stories With Bite. I loved it.

Here's a taste of the trailer, without the subtitles!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Wow Ingeresting u-tube, Night Watch looks scary!

Thanks for the great post Dottie! I always enjoy your blog.


Blodeuedd said...

I watched this one, and the 2nd, dunno if I got it all though lol

Unknown said...

Hi Hawk!

Thanks for stopping by! Night Watch was very dark, hard to follow, and definitely had the thrill factor going on. But worth the time.


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi B!

I watched this twice before I understood it, but I thought it was trying to keep up with the subtitles which, for a change, I liked. I got to hear the emotion of the actually characters instead of a voice over which can ring false. It did feel like I was missing some of the story, but again that sometimes happens with subtitles. Subtleties can get missed. I'd watch the voice over now to see if I could fill in the pieces, like the head of the Light Others. I didn't like him or understand where he was coming from.

I didn't know there was a second one released, so I'll take a look around for it. Thanks B!

Dottie :)

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