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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog Awards

My friend Lea at closetwriter @ has nominated me for two awards!! Wow, Lea, you are so sweet!!

The first award is the Premio Dardas Award. This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day.

Thank you Lea for the award!

Here are the rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to other 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Okay, I don't think I frequent 15 blogs, so, I hope that's okay!

The Fairy Book Reviews @

Farrah: Wife and mother of Three @

Drey's Library @

Amy @

The Book Muncher @

(maybe I'll come up with others later)

The second award is the Your Blog is Fabulous Award!

Thank you again Lea for this wonderful award!

The rules are:

Write 5 things I am addicted to and nominate 5 other blogs to pass this award on to!

Five things I'm addicted to:

1. My kids (includes my Westie)

2. My husband (though sometimes I question)

3. Books!!

4. Movies of my favorite books!

5. Last, but not least, BLOGGING (this is a serious addiction)

The five blogs I nominate are:

Steph at Just Some Random Stuff About My Life @

Hawk @

Blanche at There's no such thing as too many books @

Barbara at Happily Forever After @

Cindy at Cindy Read Romance @

I love all the blogs that I visit and you guys are the best. Thanks for all the great blogs you give us everyday.

Dottie :))

Marked by P.C Cast + Kristin Cast

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Pages: 306

From the cover: Enter the dark, magical world of the House of Night, a world very much like our own, except here vampyres have always existed. Sixteen-year-old Zoey Redbird as just been Marked as a fledgling vampyre and joins the House of Night, a school where she will train to become an adult vampyre. That is, if she makes it through the Change--and not all of those who are Marked do....

Zoey Montgomery is your average sixteen year old girl with a best friend, Kayla, that never shuts up. Her almost ex-boyfriend is a royal pain in the butt, with his drinking and smoking....most definitely not what she is looking for, and to top it off she's getting some weird kind of flu. When, crap, there's a dead guy or undead guy, however you want to look at it, standing next to her locker. Suddenly, she is Marked by the cresent moon tattoo of the vampyre on her forehead. She is to become a vampyre, one of the undead, if she survives the Change that is about to occur in her body.

So, she has to leave her world behind, but it's not much of a loss--not since her mother married the step-creep, and quit being her mom. Zoey's Grandma Redbird has been Zoey's guiding light. The secrets of the Cherokee have been pasted to Zoey, and she believes in their magic. If anyone can help her, Grandma Redbird can. As Zoey enters her new high school, The House of Night, she is granted a new life with a new name, Zoey Redbird. She has finally found a place where she might fit in, with new friend, Stevie Rae and her friends, and maybe even a new boyfriend, Erik Night.

Zoey is not the average fledgling, and her changes happen before they should, like the bloodlust that she is unprepared for, the way her mark suddenly fills in, and the tattoo that begins to spread across her body as an adult vampyre might have. Neferet, her mentor and High Priestess of the Goddess Nyx--Goddess of the Night, slowly realizes that great power may rest in her new charge. But there are others not eager for Zoey's acceptance, wanting her to be an outcast, on the outside looking in. Will Zoey survive the massive changes her body needs to be vampyre? And, maybe it's just her, but there seems to be something not right at the school, what is her gut trying to tell her?

Marked by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast is the first book in the House of Night Series published in 2007. It is excellent YA urban fantasy. I would highly recommend this book for teens and adults alike. The Casts create a new world where there have always been vampyres, and the People of the Faith, the religious sect that Zoey's step-father belongs to, fear what they cannot understand. Open your mind and enter a new world, the world of House of Night where anything is possible. You can check out all of P.C. Cast + Kirstin Cast's great novels @

Friday, February 27, 2009

Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K. Hamilton

Publisher: Ballentine Books/ Random House Publishing
Pages: 384

From the cover: I am Meredith, princess of faerie, wielder of the hands of Flesh and Blood, and at long last, I am with child -- twins, fathered by my royal guard. Though my uncle, Taranis, King of Light and Illusion, claims that he is the true father since he abducted me from my home, betrayed, and defiled me. And now he has branded my guards as a threat to my unborn children.....

Princess Meredith Nic Essus is the daughter of Prince Nic Essus and wielder of the hands of flesh and blood. Her aunt, Queen Andias, has promised Meredith her throne and court if only she can conceive a child, the first birth in the court for many years. Prince Cel, the queen's son is mad with jealously, it's his court and he will kill to keep it.

Meredith has finally conceived. Her Royal Guards and Consorts are the fathers of her twins she now carries. The Unseelie Court will become her's with their births. But all is not well, not only does she have to contend with her insane cousin, Cel and his followers, her Uncle Taranis, King of the Seelie Court is eager to father a child as well. He attacks Meredith and brings her to the Seelie Court where she is bound and raped. He claims to be the true father of Meredith's unborn twins. While recovery from her ordeal, Merry is called to the Wild Hunt, but will her unborn babies survive?

An unholy war is about to be unleashed on the world of Faerie. The Goddess has all but forsaken their worlds, until the rise of Meredith. She has started to bring life and blood back to all the courts. The ancient artifacts are returning and blessing those whose call they hear and feel. But, will Merry survive her vile cousin Cel's quest for power? How many of her royal guard must be sacrificed before all of Faerie is appeased? Darkness, Galen, Rhys, King Sholto--all of her consorts have vowed their lives before her's. She has already lost her Killing Frost, will she survive the loss of another?

Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K. Hamilton is the seventh book in the Merry Gentry series. Ms. Hamilton website can be found @ where her whole series can be viewed. She also writes the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series. Swallowing Darkness is not the place to start reading this series, Kiss of Shadows is the first in the series and I recommend starting there to avoid confusion. Laurell K. Hamilton weaves a world where the Faerie Courts are very real, and have been as far back as President Thomas Jefferson. Swallowing Darkness is urban fantasy at its best with a dash of romance thrown in; there is very graphic erotica through the story as well as, definitely not a PG13 rating. This series comes highly recommended, but be prepared for the graphic sexual nature the books, it maybe too explicit for some tastes.

Take a Peek at Free Book Friday

I was wondering around cyberspace this afternoon, and dropped Lori's Reading Corner. She was talking about a site called Free Book Friday @ YA is very popular right now, and I believe it's mostly a YA giveaway. (Oops, I was wrong, they offer a YA site and an adult site.) But, here's the link just in case. I know I like YA, but my daughter usually reads with me. Check it out and see if it's to your taste.

Dottie :))

The Loss of Print Media

As someone who loves to write and reading is certainly my passion, I fear that we, the community that loves to read, are going to lose a part of our history. I don't know about you, but I recently discovered e-books, and I love them. No need to carry a book with you, just open your laptop and enjoy the story, or if you're luck enough to own a kindle, I don't need to say anymore. But, there's a special place in my heart for the feel of a book, hardback or paperback. I love the way a book feels in my hands; the smoothness of the cover or the rough texture of the cover art, the texture of the pages as they're being turned, the look of the manuscript, and the smell of the ink. There's just nothing like holding a good book in your hands! I fear this is slowly going to fade away. The amount of writers published is shrinking and the number of books released decreasing. Maybe I'm just being maudlin, but don't worry, I'm reading a good book, and that always raises my spirit!

Dottie :]

Check Out Booking Mama

Well, here's another heads up everyone! Found a new site that I think I'm going to love. It's filled with reviews, interviews, and you all know the best part, contests!

I just happened to be strolling through the online community and sort of stumbled across Booking Mama @ . Right now she's giving away several copies of Drood by Dan Simmons and The Italian Lover by Robert Hellenga. Drood expands on the life of Charles Dickens featuring the underbelly of London society, actually sort of a spooking ghost story as told through Wilkie's eyes. This book is also being feature on The Tome Traveler as well @, so there's a couple of opportunities to win. There has been a lot of speculation about Dicken's life outside of writing and these gaps are filled in. If you like historical fiction, an excellent read. Italian Lover is every romance reader's dream, but not for the faint of heart. The story starts 25 years after discovering an erotic masterpiece. So go check out Booking Mama and enter her great contests.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Robin Burcell

Hi Everyone!

As many of you may realize, I like crime novels--duh--well, almost any kind of novel. I also follow a blog, that many of you may have heard me speak about (okay, rave about) call TLC (The Lipstick Chronicles). This is a blog mystery writers get together and post to everyday (the cast of authors include Nancy Martin, Elaine Viets, Harley Jane Kozak, Michele Martinez, and Sarah Strohmeyer). They all write great mystery novels, I've read most. While visiting their site, I discovered a new author (for me anyway), Robin Burcell. I sent her a comment about her new book, Face of a Killer, and she was so nice, that not only did she answer my comment, but sent an email and casually asked me to let her know if I liked her novel. So, after finishing her book and reviewing it, Face of a Killer, I sent her a return email. I told her how much I enjoyed her book, and I couldn't believe it, she sent me another email, glad that I enjoyed her book and that I had made her night (she even checked out my reviews!!)! The only thing that I can say is that she not only made my night, but my day for taking the time to respond to one lowly fan and showing her appreciation. Thank you Ms. Burcell for the stories you work so hard to complete and giving a part of yourself to your readers. Everyone visit Robin Burcell's site @ and read her books, they're great!


Wendy's Minding Spot---More Contests

Over at Wendy's Minding Spot, she has posted a couple of book contests. Every Demon Has His Day by Cara Lockwood looks so cute, great cover art, and up for grabs. The main character, Constance, sees dead people and at her ex's funeral. Add in a sexy Sheriff and you are set to go. The next giveaway is Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe looks like every romance reader's cup of tea. These are both ARC's. She also has several other great giveaways including Sway--the early days of the Rolling Stones.

Everyone head over and check out Wendy's contests @


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sharing the Love

I know I've already mentioned my new friend Lea at closetwriter @, but I can't begin to say how sweet she is. So, everyone stop by and tell her. Besides, look how cute her puppy is!! Love the little jacket!!

Dottie :-)

Face of a Killer by Robin Burcell

Publisher: Poison Pen Press
Pages: 378

From the Cover: Facts lie . . . Two decades after the murder that shattered her world, FBI agent and forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick confronts her father's killer face to face. But the inmate who's scheduled to be executed for the crime is not what she expected. Heightening Sydney's unease, she receives a photograph sent to her by a man just prior to his suicide, causing her to question everything she believed about her father. Now she wants the truth—no matter where it's hidden, no matter how painful . . . or dangerous......

Sydney Fitzpatrick is a FBI agent and a forensic artist, she helps where others cannot. She draws the faces of kidnappers, rapists, and murderers. She helps victims which are beyond the help of the police and medicine, she reconstructs the dead. She's 33 years old, but has lived a life time. Her one quest in life is to find out what happened to her father twenty years ago, when his pizza palor was robbed and burned to the ground with him inside.

Sydney's mother wants nothing more than for her to drop the whole issue. Syd wants to go to San Quentin to face the man who killed her father. When she does, all hell breaks loose. Johnnie Walker swears he's not the killer, but he saw the man who is. Scotty, Syd's one time boyfriend, wants her to leave the case alone. But as Sydney is drawn into her father's case, she comes to realize that Walker may not be the killer and the killer is out there waiting for her and her family including little sister, Angie--an FBI agent in training at age 12. As things go from bad to worse, Syd comes to face the facts that a long time family friend may be responsible for all of her suffering. If only she can prove it before Walker is executed.

Face of a Killer is the first book in the Sydney Fitzpatrick series published in 2008. It is a turbulent ride from start to finish. As you step on board the roller coaster that is Sydney's life, you go from one misadventure to another. Fighting bad guys in the streets of San Francisco to Baja California to little San Arleta, the action never quits. Again Ms. Burcell gives us a wonderful ride into the life of criminal activity. Visit Ms. Burcell's site @ for more information about all of her great crime novels.

Cold Case by Robin Burcell

Publisher: Avon Books / Harper Collins Publishers
Pages: 273

From the cover: Three years ago SFPD Homicide Investigator Kate Gillespie was in pursuit of a suspect who murdered a hooker in a sleazy motel, and she nearly lost her own life in the process. The shooter escaped into the San Francisco shadows and the trail went colder than the grave. Now Kate's appearance on a Bay Area "crime stoppers" TV show produces new leads that carry her back into the sordid world of drugs and prostitution......

Kate Gillespie is a homicide detective and good at her job. But since being involved in the Twin Palms shooting, she has been regulated to cold case work....Who would have thought cold case work could be dangerous. As she starts to investigate the murder of a local high priced call girl, Fiona Winchester--a cold case relating to the Twin Palms shooting, her relatively safe desk job turns into a case of major criminal activity that involves some high power players.

As Kate get deeper into the case, she realizes drugs, a local crime boss (who has the hots for her), and various other nefarious characters seem to want nothing more than to see her dead. Her long time love interest, Mike Torrance, has joined the forces of the FBI and is even more distant than usual. Could he be jealous of Nick Paolini, does he really think she could be interested in a crime boss? Could Nick Paolini's ex-wife, Lucia, be behind the attempts on her life, the one from three years ago to the recent ones?

Cold Case is the third book in the Kate Gillespie series published in 2004. As the story unfolds, Kate finds herself in one dangerous position after another. It is an excellent crime story that as it unfolds grabs your attention and doesn't let go. To find out more about Ms. Burcell's books, visit her website @

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I know, It's Another Nother Book Contest!

Hi everyone! I know I already blogged about one book contest today, but guess what? I found another!! Stumble across Maymay Memos and she has a real neat interview with Kate Perry about her new book, Marked by Passion. It's an ARC, which I love of course. Maymay's Memos can be found @ It's the first in the Guardians of Destiny series. Who doesn't like paranormal and romance all rolled up in one good book? So, stop by Maymay's Memos blog and catch a glimpse of Marked by Passion.

Dottie :-)

It's Another Book Contest!

Stopped by Lori's Reading Corner @ again, and found another great giveaway. It's an autographed copy of Bookmarked for Death by Lorna Barrett. It's another cute mystery about the death of a bestselling author found in the washroom of Haven't Got A Clue bookstore. Mystery abounds. Go to Lori's Reading Corner and check out her site and the book. Looks like a fun, excellent read.

Dottie :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Bill Maher Right ?

I am sitting here with my laptop, thinking out loud again! I'm sort of watching Bill Maher on HBO. Ron Paul was just on and he has some radical ideas, do away with the government spending, (hence no budget--no social agencies, no social security, no medicare), government regulation on private business (isn't that how we got in this mess), cut taxes (we could all use that), and last but not least, legalize drugs (okay, I can see legalized pot, but legalized heroin, crack, cocaine????--we don't want to open that of worms.) Bill Maher agrees on the issues of legalized pot and the end to constitutionally doing away with people's rights, see the state of California. But, he disagrees with the deregulation, still not sure of his feeling on government spending, he's kind of contradictory. Yes, these are the same issues Ron Paul raised in his failed campaign for President, and I do believe the right person was elected to our highest office. But, he got me thinking. The federal government is spending money like it was water. But, can we afford to do nothing? What will happen to all the people who are loosing their homes, jobs, and basic needs in their lives. What is going to happen to insurance rates without regulations--they're already sky high! The banks were deregulated, look at the problems in the bank system now. Did we not learn anything from the 70's and 80's--all these problems started under Nixon and the Vietnam War (had to look some of these things up, but damn, I couldn't believe history was repeating itself so exactly). Sooo, here we are, all these years later in another war that the American public doesn't support and never wanted. We have suffered through Presidents that believed in the trickle down economics method, I have yet to feel the trickle. I think it's time to see what happens with a President that supports small America, the American families that don't have enough money to pay their bills. I hate to get on my soapbox, but I can't help myself. I hate to think about politics and the mess our country is in, but again I can't seem to stop myself. (Sorry if I'm bringing everyone down, guess I'm not my usual perky self.) What do you think?

Dottie :/

Add. to Post: Okay it's the next morning and I'm doing what I vowed not to do and I'm watching CNN. Some filmmaker(?) made a documentary about Sarah Palin, accusing the media (including the interviewer that was trying to be nice to him--also a woman) had submarined Palin because Obama was the media darling. Okay, maybe Obama was handled with kid gloves, lets just say the media must have hated Palin (?--I find this hard to believe, because was and is treated like a rock star!!--if she's on TV, people tune in). No one put words in the woman's mouth, she failed in those interviews, not the media. Just saying......(BTW feeling more like my old self today!!)

Dottie :)

Kim Harrison--A Series Review

In celebration of Kim Harrison's new book to be released 2-24-09 (tomorrow), I'm going to attempted a quick review of all of her books. Starting with the one that started it all:

Dead Witch Walking

Pubisher: EOS Books / Harper Collins Publisher
Pages: 432

From the cover: The air blurred before me, and I staggered as I realized the thing had changed again, now into a tall, sophisticated young man dressed in a formal frock and coat. Was it a vamp? A really old vampire? "Perhaps you're afraid of pain?"....

Rachel Morgan is a white witch, an earth witch....her father always told her to be good to the earth....She is a runner for the I.S., and her good friend and vamp, Ivy is one as well. They have tracked their own fair share of magical misuse...but now Rachael has had enough, she would like nothing better than to pay off her contract and be done with the agency. But, you just don't leave the agency, it can kill you. Denon, Rachael's boss, is willing to loose her, but Ivy, the I.S. best runner, Rachael is a dead witch walking.

With Ivy's help, Rachael is able to leave and start her own agency, Vampiric Charms. Another old friend and pixie, Jenks, has also agreed to help them in their new endeavor. His wife, Matlinda, and their numerous children keep the old church in the Hollows where Rachael and Ivy have set of shop, hopping and if that wasn't enough there is a witch's garden and a cemetery in the backyard that ley lines run through, as well as a demon of unknown strength. Now, if only she can survive leaving the I.S....

Dead Witch Walking, published in 2004, was Kim Harrison first book in the Rachael Morgan series. It creates a world of magical reality. Since the turn, when many humans died from eating 'tainted' tomatoes; witches, warlocks, pixies, fairies, shifters, and vamps have all come out of hiding to join the human world. For a really fun read that will fill your mind with magical mysteries, try Kim Harrison's DWW.

The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

Publisher: EOS Books / Harper Collin Publisher
Pages: 464

From the cover: Its a tough life for witch Rachael Morgan, sexy, independent bounty hunter, prowling the darkest shadows of Cincinnati for criminal creatures of the night. She can handle leather-clad vamp and even tangle with a cunning demon or two....

Rachael is a bounty hunter or as her old boss, Denon--a wannabee vamp--like to call them, runners. The FIB needs her help, but the I.S. is suppose to handle all magical crimes. Captain Edden needs an Inderlander specialist, someone who can help with the mysterious deaths that have been occurring. When Edden enters Rachael's world, along with his assistant, Glenn, her world begins to turn upside down and back around.

First, she changes herself into a mink to infiltrate Trent Kalamack's operation. Is he the one killing witches and warlocks? Second, Ivy's dear friend and mentor, Piscary is back in the picture. He would love nothing better that Ivy to accept her fate and become his scion. But, Ivy is hoping Rachael can find of cure for her vampirism before it's too late and she becomes one of the undead, like her mother, to live forever without a soul.

The Good, The Bad, and The Undead is the second book in the Rachael Morgan series, published in 2005. It continues the story of Rachael's world, where magic is real and witches can be good or bad, never mind about the demons and vamps. Try TGTBTU to see what happens next.

Every Which Way But Dead
Publisher: EOS Books / Harper Collins Publisher
Pages: 512

From the cover: Some days, you just can't win. Witch and former bounty hunter Rachel Morgan's managed to escape her corrupt company, survive living with a vampire, start her own runner service, and face down a vampire master....

With Picary in prison, Ivy can breathe a little easier. Her childhood friend and ex-boyfriend, as well as Piscary former scion, Kisten, has taken over in Piscary's place not as a leader, but as a business manager. With Rachael having cursed herself into being Algalirept newest familiar to get his testimony that put Piscary away, she has to be careful using the ley lines that run through her cemetery in the backyard of their church.

Ivy has been forced into becoming Picsary's new scion, but she is refusing to have anything to do with her former mentor as he sits in prison. Ivy wants to become more than roommates, so Rachael has to do everything in her power not to entice Ivy. To make matters worse, since accidentally turning her boyfriend into her human familiar, Nick has left town. Can Ivy and Rachael live together, if not Ivy fears all hope is gone. Can Kisten and Rachael survive together or will destruction follow Rachael?

Every Which Way But Dead, the third in the series published in 2005, is an exciting read that continues the story of the Hollows and Rachael Morgan. EWWBD takes many twists and turns, but it is a must read in the series.

A Fistfull of Charms
Publisher: EOS Books / Harper Collins Publisher
Pages: 544

From the cover: The evil night things that prowl Cincinnati despise witch and bounty hunter Rachel Morgan. Her new reputation for the dark arts is turning human and undead heads alike with the intent to possess, bed, and kill her -- not necessarily in that order....

Life just keep getting better and better for Rachael Morgan. David, an alpha werewolf, has asked her to be his pack, and she has agreed, but with Big Al breathing down her neck; she has to be careful. To top it all off, her boyfriend and familiar, Nick has returned. He has been secretly contacting demons to use their knowledge for his own benefit. He has become as cursed as Rachael herself.

How is Rachael going to keep him alive and on the good side of the ley lines? Nick certainly won't make it any easier. How does she feel about Kisten, who is an important part of Ivy's, and now, her life. And how is she going to stay out of the clutches of Big Al?

A Fistfull of Charms, published in 2006, is the fourth book in the Rachael Morgan series. It shows us more of Rachael's world and those of the vampires that she has come to hold dear, Ivy and Kisten. AFC is the continuing story that keeps you turning pages, hoping for more.

For a Few Demons More

Publisher: EOS Books / Harper Collins Publisher
Pages: 560

From the cover: Despite dating one vampire and living with another, Rachel Morgan has always managed to stay just ahead of trouble . . . until now. A fiendish serial killer stalks the Hollows, and no one living in or around Cincinnati—human, inhuman, or undead—is safe....

Rachael is in love with a vamp of all people, Kisten, Piscary's former scion wants to find a blood balance. He warns Ivy that she too should find her own way to a blood balance with Rachael. Ivy wants more, she wants everything, but Rachael can't or won't. Ivy's old roommate has come to help facilitate Piscary release from prison. Ivy is frightened of loose Rachael, but she is terrified of Picary's return.

Nick has been kidnapped, sending Jax,Jenks' son, to Rachaal, looking for help. He has been selling information about Rachael to demons, demons that would like nothing better than to capture her (Big Al) or kill her. He has also found what the vamps want to keep hidden and the werewolves desire above all else, kidnapping, torturing him until he gives up his hidden treasure, the ancient artifact that holds the balance between werewolves and vampire.

For a Few Demons More is the fifth installment in the Rachael Morgan series, published in 2007. It weaves a more intricate world between vamps and werewolves who are trying to even out the balance where vamps seem to have the upper hand. How will Piscary handle Kisten's way of managing, what will happen if he is released? To have these questions answered and more, try FFDM.

The Outlaw Demon Wails
Publisher: EOS Books / Harper Collins Publisher
Pages: 544

From the cover: When you dance with demons, you lay your soul on the line . . .
In the Hollows, where the natural and the supernatural co-exist—not always peacefully—desperate times often call for unorthodox measures. But bounty hunter-witch Rachel Morgan did the absolutely unthinkable to save the lives of her friends: she willingly trafficked in forbidden demon magic. And now her sins have come home to haunt her....

Rachael Morgan has lost one that she held most dear, Kisten has suffered the real death. Who caused his death haunts Rachael heartbroken days. Jenks and Ivy don't want to look any deeper, why is that? She keeps having flashbacks, it's driving her insane with grief. Her mother holds a deeper secret that is going to change Rachael's life, if she only knew what the past will bring to the future.

As Rachael struggles to hold ley line magic in her mind, spindling magic to use later, and she has also found the blood balance that Ivy needs and desires, if only Ivy doesn't kill her first. Big Al is relentless in his pursuit and now two other demons desire Rachael's company, Newt and her guardian. Newt is dangerous and has forgotten more than she knows, but her knowledge is creeping up on her.

The Outlaw Demon Wails is the sixth book in the Rachael Morgan series, published in 2008. The grief that Rachael feels for the loss of Kisten continues, and with Piscary's death, a new leader has come to town. As Rachael learns to twist curses, only Cerie can help her survive. Will Ivy survive, and more importantly, will Rachael. TODW is a page turner from start to finish, to find out more come by and give it a try.

White Witch, Black Curse
Publisher: EOS Books / Harper Collins Publisher
Pages: 504

From the cover: Some wounds take time to heal . . . and some scars never fade.
Rachel Morgan, kick-ass witch and bounty hunter, has taken her fair share of hits, and has broken lines she swore she would never cross. But when her lover was murdered, it left a deeper wound than Rachel ever imagined, and now she won't rest until his death is solved . . . and avenged.... Whatever the cost....

White Witch, Black Curse is the seventh book in the Rachael Morgan series and is due to be released February 24, 2009. To take a peek inside see sidebar gadget.

Well, follow bloggers and book reviewers, I think I've completed the impossible. Quick little reviews to just give you a taste of Rachael Morgan's world. I can't wait for the release of Kim Harrison's new book and I hope these reviews will help everyone decide to give them a try. To find out more information on all Ms. Harrison books, visit her website @ or you can visit Harper Collins to peek inside or buy @ . Ms. Harrison also has several anthologies including Dates for Hell, Holidays are Hell, Hotter than Hell, Prom Nights from Hell, and Unbound (due to be released August 2009). She also has a new young adult series with Once Dead, Twice Shy to be released May 2009.

Thanks for reading and keep on blogging,

Dottie :)))

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pink Panther 2 starring Steve Martin

Well, hubby got his wish, and we went to the movies today. The weather was beautiful and the drive was great. The movie that we decided to check out was the Pink Panther 2. It was pretty funny, but I have to say, I missed Kevin Kline's portrayal of Clouseau's boss, Chief Inspector Dreyfus. John Cleese takes over the role in the Pink Panther 2. There is one amazingly funny part where Clouseau sneaks into Avellaneda mansion (a fence working with the master mind criminal--The Tornado). It was pretty much slap stick comedy as Clouseau has one blunder after another, supposedly sneaking around, but cameras catch his every move. Avellaneda would have been alerted to his movements without Ponton (Jean Reno) and Nicole's (Emily Mortimer) quick distrations. It gets pretty predictable quick though, until the end of the movie when Vicenzo (Andy Garcia), Pepperidge (Alfred Molina), and Kenji (Yuki Matsuzaki) end up with cake all over their face, pretty big tickle there! If you'd like to check out the movie site @, it has a couple of cute pink panther games or if you'd like to take a peek at the trailer. I can't give a rave review, but it was okay. Wouldn't pay full price to see it, but may rent the DVD.

Dottie :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Book I Could Put Down--Never Thought It Would Happen

I know I promised everyone a post on Stephen King's newest novel, Just After Sunset. I tried, I really, really did!! I got half way through the book, even tried reading ahead. Tried skipping over some of the short stories that didn't spike my interest. Nothing worked!! I love a good scare, but it just wasn't there for me. Now, don't get me wrong, there was a couple of really good short stories in the book, but overall, I just couldn't get into the book. I don't know. I found the best part of the book was the background information in the foreword that Stephen put in the book. It was about the struggle that all writers seem to go through, balancing family and work (and usually a second job as writing doesn't pay off for a year or three). Some of the stories such as Rest Stop, Willa, and Anaya were excellent. Captured my attention. Maybe I just don't like short stories, no I liked Skeleton Crew. Maybe it's just me, I'll go back again later, after I let the stories settle out a little bit, have time to gel. I'm sure it's a good read, but, right now, not for me. Don't be mad at me, I promise I'll do better next time, really. Remember, in the words of Winston Churchill, Don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up (Martian Child--haven't gotten around to reading Churchill books--way existential).

I have read a couple of books that I haven't review yet, Cold Case by Robin Burcell being one, but I post about it soon. My TBR stack is growing by the day, have many mysteries, paranormal, a few romance, and scif in the stack. I wish Karen Marie Moning would release another Highlander book, just thinking about those today after reading closetwriter's review of Scandal by Carolyn Jewel. Moning's new Fever books, Dreamfever (due out August 25, 2009) and Shadowfever (due out 2010?) will be excellent reads, but I'm missing those darn MacKelters--Dark Highlander--evil and good all wrapped up together in a sweet tasty package, yummy. She's been posting on her blog, The Lady Lies, a book that publishers told her wasn't good enough--way back when--she should try publishing it again--first four chapters aren't too bad--rather good actually, spruce it up and send it out. We need more romance in our lives, don't we?

Hubby wanted to see a movie, but the weather turned bad, so I guess I'll get to read after all, almost finished with The Face of a Killer by Robin Burcell. So far, really a good read. Soon, I hope to post some pics for my daughter cheering, waiting for the end of the season, so there will be NO repercussions from said fat cow from earlier posts. They've now regulated her to the end of the back line in the squad, all because she wouldn't be mean to another team member. The teachers have all been supportive as well as most of the other parents. I actually had other parents come up to me and say 'Don't they know she the best cheerleader on the squad?' Even I was a little embarrassed. She couldn't believe that the other parents were coming over and patting her on the back, she was a little more embarrassed than I was. Oh well, you're only a teenage once, might as well be as chagrined as possible, right?

We went to Champaign to visit one of the gymmoms who is in the hospital right now. She has been really sick, her kids are worried about her, and her oldest texted my daughter with her mom's hospital room number, so made a quick trip (her kids are all at a cheer meet this weekend). She seemed to be doing better, but the surgery was hellacious. I told her we would be back, but she's hoping to be released before next weekend. My daughter spends a lot of time with her kids, so she wanted to go visit.

Well going for real this time, have to go to the store before they roll up the sidewalks and go to bed.

See you on your blogs,


White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison

The Book Faery Reviews is giving away a free copy of Kim Harrison new book--check out my sidebar gadgets for a preview---very excellent book. Kim Harrison is one of my favorite authors--can't believe there's a giveaway of her book, not only do you get the book, but you get the tour t-shirt and a packet of her turn tomato seeds. Excellent giveaway!! Check out the Book Faery's site at and hurry to enter. It is a great book, believe me!!

I also have come across a blog that has excellent book reviews, my new friend, Lea, can be found at closetwrtier @ . Come on, we all love to read, and closetwriter has sooo many excellent reviews, so check it out.

I also found a really cute giveaway, Lori's reading corner @ . Yes, it's a book giveaway, but the storyline looks really cute. The book is called Simmer Down by Susan Conant and Jessica Conant-Park, about a bludgeoned club owner and object of bludgeoning--food processor, (I knew there was a use for those darn food processors). Now, I ask you, who would or wouldn't want to bludgeon a club owner!?! haha! Sound like something I'd really like, especially the food processor part, you don't want to know, really. Check out Lori's Reading Corner for more information.

Temple Book Reviews has an excellent blog of book reviews @ and in his blogroll he has a site listing all kinds of giveaways, so check out Harry's site--Temple Book Reviews--and then check out for all kinds of great giveaways. Hurry, they're limited time giveaways.

Blog again later,


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blood of the Muse

Blood of the Muse is giving away an entire set of the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn. I've only read one, so I'd love to read the rest. Blood of the Muse also has other contests running right now, so check it out @

Interesting blogs with lots of good book, comic, and movie reviews. As always--love a good read, but free books are the best.

An Eye for An Eye---Literally

The news out of Tehran, Iran is grim as usual. I'm sitting minding my own business, when on CNN, comes the picture of some poor woman who has had were face melted off. I feel horrible, she literally does not have a face left, it's a melted, horrific mess. She has lost her vision because that's where the acid hit her face first. Even her eyelids were melted. But, instead of having the government or her attacker pay her a bujillion dollars (she was offered the money and refuse--she said it wasn't good enough), she has instead asked the ruling power in Iran to burn out her attacker's eyes. The government wanted to give her money, but she says she wants to make sure this never happens to anyone ever again. Throwing acid in the face of women is a daily occurrence in Iran, well maybe not daily, but it happens on a regular basis. The problem with her demand is that instead of throwing acid, the men doing such barbaric acts will probably start kidnapping the women, drenching them in acid and watch them suffer and scream, and then kill them to avoid retribution. I can see it happening. What the government officials should be doing is trying to teach their populace that men and women are equals. This man should be in prison for the rest of his life, never to breath free air again. To simply take his eyes will not have any effect, except that his family will seek their own form of retribution. If the government carries out the punish, she had better leave the country, change her name, and live underground, because she will not survive long enough to enjoy her retribution. It should never have happened, it's appalling that it happened to anyone, but with the punishment to be dealt out within the next few weeks, there will be trouble brewing in Iran. I couldn't believe that the government actually was going to harm a man for what he did to a woman, women are second class citizens at best. I also couldn't believe that the woman would ask for this type of retribution. The whole thing is barbaric and unbelievable.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Patrice Michelle's Book Contest

According to Lisa @ Urban Fantasy Land, I'll soon be the proud owner of Patrice Michelle's new book Scions: Revelation. I can hardly wait as Urban Fantasy is one of my favorite things to read. Can't wait to get the book! Paranormal romance is so much fun! I have soooo many new reads that I should be busy for quite some time. I just love to read a good book, and I can't emphasize enough to everyone out there in blog land to stop and pick one up, you don't have to spend any money, go to your local library or do as I did, find a book you think you will like and enter the contest to win one. It's fun and easy, and it feels good. The publishing industry needs all the support it can get right now with the economy in freefall, there are going to be fewer and fewer authors published in the future. You can check out Patrice Michelle's website @ All good reads!!

Blog again later!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulus Packages

Well, Obama signed the new stimulus package today. I don't know a lot, but I do know that an $800 check isn't going to help a lot. Watching Obama on television right know and I'm sure I have an email from his campaign fellows. I'm all for doing my part and making sure there is a country for my kids, if we can get everybody in the country to agree that something needs to be done, Republican are sill in denial. We're soooo far in debt from the Bush administration, don't know if we can get out. And it is nothing that can be fixed in the next few years. Unemployment is going to keep rising, mortgages are going to keep failing until Americans are put back to work. Unless you have a salary coming in every month, how can anyone expect the economy to improve. What this country needs is jobs, jobs, jobs! Anyone that doesn't understand that has been living under a rock for the past eight years. Anyway, just had to make a quick post, have to go to a basketball game to make sure my daughter isn't abused because the coaching staff sure isn't going to watch out for her. I really hate getting involved in all of this, but the coach is afraid of this senior girl, even admitted to the other teachers today that she should have been benched, apparently can't bench her tonight because it's SENIOR night. So glad this season almost finished, hope this doesn't effect my daughter's chance of getting on the squad next year. Tried all day to get a hold of the principal, but he has been conveniently absent--first with students and then with meetings--all day long. Think he's ducking me?

Talk to you soon,


Surprise, Surprise!! We won the basketball game and the fat cow stayed away from my daughter!! I'd tell you her name, but for sure it would get back to her, then there would be trouble. We're still in last place as a team, but we beat the top seated team for our region. Enough about the basketball season, ONE more game and it's over!!

Did anyone hear about the guy that beheaded his wife???? Out of New York, Bridges TV, owns his own television station. They are Muslims and the police think it was because she filed for divorce. I can't believe that anyone in America would do something so horrendous. It is the type of thing that may happen in third world countries, but not the United States!! I'm sickened by the thought that her husband could be so cold and brutal, he attacked her while she was talking to her sister in South Africa. I'm horrified that he could even conceive of the idea of beheading his wife.

Can't watch the news anymore, it's making me sick. Going for now, blog again tomorrow.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

Publisher: Hyperion Books
Pages: 320

From the Cover: Schuyler Van Alen has never fit in at Duchesne, her prestigious New York City private school. She prefers baggy, vintage clothes to the Prada and pearls worn by her classmate. But when she turns fifteen, Schuyler's life changes dramatically. The death of a popular schoolmate haunts her in unexpected ways. And the strangest of all, Jack Force, the most popular boy in school, is showing a sudden interest in her.....

When Schuyler shows her grandmother, Cordelia, the blue marks running up and down her arms, she is freaked out by Cordelia's relaxed manner. She tells Schuyler that it's time to see Dr. Pat. Who's Dr. Pat? Schuyler's mother has been in a coma almost since Schuyler's birth. She has no one, other than Cordelia, except for Oliver, her tried and true friend since second grade who always has had time for her. He, like Schuyler, is an outcast at their prestigious school. Mimi and Jack Force have been the bane of her existence, but now Jack Force has noticed her, even knows her name. What is happening in her life? Oliver is hurt by Jack's interest, she can't afford to lose his friendship.

Now, suddenly, the Committee has asked her to join their exclusive social club. When she attends the first Committee meeting, they try to tell her that she is turning into a vampire, and will eventually desire the Red Bloods as a food source. Vampires don't die, but are reborn generation after generation, by implanting DNA. But, suddenly, a vampire is killed, Aggie was only 16 years old and will never live again. Cordelia warns Schuyler of the Silver Bloods, their ancient enemy, which she believes has returned. But there are secrets, some that Schuyler's is keeping and some that she doesn't know, with Cordelia's death; who will help and protect Schuyler now? Who are the Silver Bloods and what does it have to do with the Mayflower crossing? Who is killing the Blue Bloods?

Blue Bloods was an excellent read and a great young adult urban fantasy novel published in 2006 We've all suffered Schuyler's doubts and fears. It was an easy read and interesting take on the Mayflower crossing and why. Currently the follow-up book, Masquerade is available. If you want to try a new take on vampirism, try Blue Bloods, you won't regret your decision. Visit Ms. De La Cruz's site @ for more information about the books and to see the trailer.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Valentine's Day From Hell

I've had bad Valentine's Days before, you know, like the times when all your friends but you had dates, boyfriends, or secret cards from unknown admirers. But this one should have been good. My hubby and I were going to a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, we don't go there very often, only on special occasions. Last time we were there it was for our anniversary. Soooo, we get to the restaurant, shown to a decent booth (it's a western restaurant). They have peanuts on the table to munch on before your food arrives, so we were happily munching away.

About half way through the time it takes to get your meal, my head started to pound, uh oh, migraine time, and sick to my stomach. I manage to fight off the nauseousness and I know if I can eat before the headache gets to bad, I might fight it off too. I asked for extra rolls, anything to avoid the headache. While waiting for the rolls, our food comes, but by now I'm truly sick to my stomach. Eat anyway, the food's always good. On the way home to change (we were suppose to head out to the basketball game in the evening), I started to feel really sick, you know, like you're going to ralph. Didn't though, just left like crap. Now, I beginning to it's the peanuts, because of the icky feeling in the bottom of my stomach.

On top of all that, my daughter calls me from the basketball game as we're getting ready to leave (I know, stupid to have a game on Saturday, especially Valentine's Day). I can tell she's upset, but she won't tell me what's wrong. Soooo, I'm still feeling pukey, and we have to drive all the way to Neoga to see what's going on. When I get to the game, I know something's up because everyone's giving me weird looks. My daughter won't talk to me to tell me what's up. Just getting weird stares from other parents, like you should have been here earlier. I have to endure this until the end of the game, when the cheerleading coach comes up to me and says, look there's only three games left, how hard can it be? What's up with that! Soooo, as I'm sitting there waiting for my daughter to change out of her shell and skirt, more parents are coming up to me and commiserating with me, about what I don't know, because my daughter still won't talk to me!!

Finally, in the car on the way home, she starts to tell me what has happened. Apparently one of the seniors, who by the way is a fat cow and has been the biggest beeatch since the begin of time (or at least start of high school cheerleading) dropped my daughter not once, but twice on the gym floor because she didn't feel it was her job to catch her. If you're going to put someone in the air, you'd better be ready to catch them if you or they screw up. Well, my daughter didn't screw up, just leave it at all, so you can figure out who to blame. Not only did she dropped my daughter, but backed completely out of and away from the stunt. The same senior then preceded to scream at my daughter, who has been trained and competed for gymnastics, dance, tumbling, and cheerleading, that she is the worst cheerleader ever and should be kicked off the squad, in front of the audience, the opposing team, all the other cheerleaders and coaches for both teams, and God. My daughter said everyone was looking from the senior to her, embarrassed for her. The cheerleading coach handled it really well by saying, gee, she'd make to other girl apologize, but it would be half-hearted anyway.

This girl is 18 years old, should have learned manners by now, and should have been taken out of the game. To show what a good sport my daughter is, she went ahead and did the build with the stunt, just with a different side spot. Now, I've got the call the stupid cheer coach or the principle because if I don't, I'm going to keep having parents feel sorry for my daughter and think what lousy parents she has!! I wasn't even there for all of the happenings, how could I have missed it!!

To top off what has been a fantastic day, the cheer coach asked each of the non-senior cheerleaders to please bring $5.00 dollars to the next practice to get the same senior cheerleader a graduation gift. I'm supposed to give her money so she can drop my daughter on her back (scoliosis and all) and then scream at her because my daughter couldn't do the senior's job too. Isn't life just too good to be believable. Hope everyone had a grand Valentine's Day!!

Talk to you soon,

Dottie :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Computer Is Working Again

My computer is computing again!! I installed a gig of ram and installed a new hard drive--twice the size of the one that crashed--(along with having to reinstall Windows Vista for about the hundredth time) and new computer is now functional again. It was very easy to install the ram and hard drive, but it took all day to get the stupid windows to load on the computer again!! If everything installed and worked as well as Macs, we'd all being using Apples instead of PC. Should have bought a Mac, but bought a PC, and now I'm paying for it literally. Found the hard drive on sell for $70.00 and ram on sale for $20.00. They wanted another $130.00 to just reinstall windows, screw that!! After the hard drive and ram install as well as the windows reinstall it was going to cost $250.00 (on top of the $90.00 for materials). I only paid $500.00 for the computer two years. I really didn't want to replace the hard drive, but it was crashing all the time and I knew the ram needed to be larger. So, I could see the $90.00, but $340.00, forget it. Did all the manual crap myself. It hurt a lot less than the extra cash would have and it only took up one day of my time. I guess I didn't have anything better to do anyway.

Going for now, will post more later, have to go to a basketball game.


The cheerleaders did a kinder camp with the grade school girls, the little girls learned a dance, two cheers, and one stunt. It was sooo cute!! The cheerleaders had about 60 grade school girls out on the floor and danced to Hey Mickey! Too unbelievably cute. I'll be glad when the season is over. Kirsten cheered every night this week. There are some real nasty girls on the squad this year and it is good to know they will graduate and NOT be on the squad next year. It's been a long, mean spirited season.

Watching I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Adam Sandler's typical movie, but with a silver lining, but it's just so stupid!! Also watched Demolition Man from the 90's, Sly Stone looked hot for a old dude even back then. Have seen him in anything recent, wonder if he's still hot?


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleepless in Central Illinois

Well, it's one of those days. I was exhausted all day, tried to fall asleep while reading a book, but as soon as I closed my eyes to go to sleep, my ankle let me know it had different ideas. It's almost like restless leg syndrome, but only from my knee down. It feels like I absolutely have to move it, but it hurts to move it enough to make it calm down. My kids took turns trying to massage it, but it just won't relax and they had to go to bed. Even the dog won't come over to me because I get grumpy when I can't sleep because of the darn leg. Oh well, I just need to suck it up, put in a movie, and hope I get sleepy again. I took two leg pills and I hope they start helping soon.

Started a new book and picked up a few others. I have been looking at mysteries, urban fantasy, paranormal, and crime lately to capture my interest. I've been really uncomfortable, sooo sticking with a book long enough to finish as been really hard. I thought I would never finish Scarpetta, and Patricia Cornwell is one of my favorite authors. It was a nice long book and it was interesting, but concentrating long enough to finish was difficult. Makes you want to put the book down, but to do what? I'm baffled, can't figure it out. Been bouncing around the web a lot too, some due to boredom.

Watched Taxi Driver with my son for his film class. Disgusting movie, porn noises in the background, bizarre behavior by the main character in the movie. Filled with hookers, guns, and insomnia. The main character goes kind of crazy at the end of the movie and has a vigilante moment and kills a pimp, a john, and a motel employee/crook. He was hailed as the hero for saving a girl that didn't want to be saved. I know that Martin Scorsese is supposed to be a great director, and I have enjoyed many of his movies, but this one was retched, meaning it made me want to retch. I was not my cup of tea, and I could tell it wasn't Kris' either. It was inappropriate to watch as movie for a class film, but that's just my personal opinion, apparently the professor has other ideas. I thought Kris was going to watch Halloween, but that on next week's agenda.

Did anyone see Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman tonight? He was totally bizarre, hasn't shaved in months from the looks of his beard, and he looked it he was trying to start dreadlocks. You know, that unclean, unbathed look that is sooo popular, not!! He was off the wall, very soft spoken, could barely make out what he was saying when he would consent to answer Dave's questions. Dave made a comment about Joaquin chewing gum while talking, something like 'I'll come to your house and chew gum the whole time'. Joaquin then took his gum out of his mouth and stuck it to the underneath of the edge of Dave's desk. Now Dave will need a new desk, I know I would with sticking, slobbery gum stuck to it....gross. Ewww!! Double gross, he just peeled his gum back off when his segment was over, and put it back in his mouth!!! How many people have touched that desk?? The gross out factor just went over the top!!

Going to go for now, going watch a movie or maybe try to read some more, anything to get the image of Joaquin Phoenix out of my head. Anyway, it might make me sleepy again.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane Kozak

Publisher: Doubleday / Randon House Publishing
Pages: 336

From the cover: Los Angeles greeting card artist Wollie Shelley is dating forty men in sixty days as research for a radio talk-show host's upcoming book, How to Avoid Getting Dumped All the Time. Wollie is meeting plenty of eligible bachelors but not falling in love.....

Wollie's store, Wollie's, Welcome! Greetings sells greeting cards, she also personally designs some of the better stock available. But, Wollie has a problem, her store has to be upgraded to Wollie's, Willkommen! Greetings or the Welcome Corporation will close the store and move the stock to different stores, and her life's dream and ambition will be gone! When Mr. Bundt, corporate big wig, pays a visit, everything must be perfect, instead everything seems to fall apart. P.B., Wollie's schizophrenic brother, calls with news of a murder at local mental hospital and a great need for aluminum foil, to block alien transmissions. Dr. Cookie's book deadline has been moved up, pushing her dating schedule into over drive. Uncle Theo's poetry club readings are not approved events at any Welcome! store.

To make matters worse, when Wollie sneaks P.B.'s aluminum foil into Rio Pescado, not only does she find the murder victim, but the man of her dreams (who kidnaps her and who she can only think of as Doc, even without shoes), and right in the middle of her Dating Research! Not only does she need the $5000.00 Dr. Cookie is paying, but now she has to worry that P.B. is involved in a murder! But, can she let Doc or Gomez, or whoever he is, slip out of her life? Why is he at a mental hospital in the middle of the night anyway? And, last but not least, why does he carry a ferret in his pocket?

For a really fun read, give Harley Jane Kozak's Dating Dead Men a try. It's funny, sweet, a laugh riot, and it has a good mystery begging to be solved. It's fun and easy to read, laughing until the end as Wollie gets herself into one tight spot after another. Dating Dead Men is the first of Ms. Kozak's Dating Series, written in 2004. Her newest novel A Date You Can't Refuse is set to be released in March 2009. You can visit her site @ where you can check out all of her fun books.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

You know, I've been thinking...(no cracks about how dangerous that can be)...have to wonder what is going on in our country. Oil drops below $40/barrell, yet gas prices are up. I ask, What's the deal? Here in central Illinois, we're paying almost $2/gallon. Doesn't make sense. I know the oil companies are saying that cost of production has increased, but maybe if the energy cost went down, then it would be cheaper to produce gas. Who controls cost of energy at the present time? Oil Companies!! Is this a self-fulfilling proficiency or what?!? Oh well, just had to get this off my chest, so to speak.

Back to the important stuff!! It is BEAUTIFUL today!! The bank temperature thingy says 62 degrees, last week, I remember one day where the low was -2 degrees. I want to say just one thing-----GET OFF THE COUCH-----GO PLAY OUTSIDE!! I did, it was great!! Well, maybe not played, but I stayed outside and enjoyed the beautiful temperature, who knows how long it will last. It's only February 9th after all.

Watching the news, they're talking about the woman who just had octuplets (my computer just tried to tell there's no such word as octuplets--haha!). Let me get this right, she has had two sets of babies, both batches by artificial insemination. The first batch in which she had six babies was apparently too small. Sooo, she tries again, this time she has a batch of eight babies...who's paying all these hospital/doctor's bills? I hope she has good insurance, because otherwise, it will be the paying public responsible for those whopping bills. By the way, what doctor in their right mind lets someone conceived fourteen babies, wasn't six enough, she is trying to repopulated some part of our country? I only have three, and I have my hands full 24/7. The house is never clean, laundry constantly needs done and never have it all put away, and groceries cost a fortune. I can't image how she manages!! Definitely not for me, has she passed the lastest psych tests, I wouldn't have with fourteen kids to tote around. Presently, I would be in a padded room somewhere enjoying a vacation in lala land. I guess this is a mean spirited post, but really FOURTEEN kids, I can't get over it. Oh, she just said on TV that she doesn't expect any help from anyone, but her mother, who has been helping with the sextuplets says she needs help!!

Kirsten's at a basketball game tonight, as she will be on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Going to be a long week of basketball!! She'll be totally burned out by Sunday, will have to do nothing to recuperate after so much cheerleading.

I hope Obama gets something done in the economy. He has my total support, but the republicans don't want to see it happen, already thinking about 2012. Wonder who they put up for president, I can already see the tiny wheels churning, hmmmmm....can you say Palin......for the love of Pete, I hope not! Enough about politics and on to better topics....Have one quick thought, why does the Senate have to vote to stop the debate on the Economic Stimulus Package...just pass it now before more people lose their jobs or don't, the American economy needs help now!!

I've been trying to read some of my new books, but the cold medicine I'm taking, had to finally take a leg pill too, is interfering with my comprehension skills, even having trouble spelling. Sooo, re-read a favorite...Dating Dead Men...will post a review later. Something new on the use of medicinal pot. Got to go watch, may be useful for my leg (oh yeah!!).

Dottie :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell

Publisher: Penguin Group
Pages: 512

From the cover: Leaving behind her private forensic pathology practice in Charleston, South Carolina, Kay Scarpetta takes up an assignment in New York City, where the NYPD has asked her to examine an injured patient on Bellevue Hospital's psychiatric ward.......

When Benton calls Kay to make an unexpected trip to New York, at the request of a suspect, Kay is baffled. She deals with the dead, Benton deals with the living. Also in New York is her niece, Lucy, who hasn't been communicating with her. Pete Marino is also there, after a stay in rehab and with Benton's help, working for D.A. Jamie Berger. Kay hasn't seen Marino since South Carolina and physical abuse she endured at his hands. She hasn't been doing too much since the death of Rose and her marriage to Benton. With her new job, CNN, and John Jay College, she just hasn't had the time. Now, she is involved in an investigation that may lead to her own destruction, both physical and professional. Someone is leaking stories about her to Gotham Gotcha, an online gossip site. The story unfolds with the murder of a young woman, Terri Bridges, and with her boyfriend, Oscar Bane, the only suspect in the murder. Oscar claims his innocence to Kay but she doesn't know if he's truthful or misleading. Bane is clearly paranoid, has caused his own injuries, and rambling almost to the point of being random. Who could know his thoughts, follow his movements, and make it look like he killed Terri? Detective Morales also works for Jamie Berger, although how she became saddled with him is unknown. He's rude and answers to no one. Berger has also been in contact with Lucy to use her new forensic programming to help with cybercrimes, as well as to confront the attraction between them, but as time will tell, Lucy may be the answer to all their problems. Can Lucy help save her aunt Kay, Jamie Berger, or even herself? And who is killing seemingly unrelated persons?

Patricia Cornwell, as always, has written a great crime novel. Scarpetta is the sixteenth book in the Scarpetta Series. She brings all of her reliable characters back into the story to tackle these mysterious deaths. It is a gripping, spellbinding read that keeps you turning pages right until the end of the last page, and leaves you wanting more. Visit Ms. Cornwell's site @ for more information about all of her great books.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Lipstick Chronicles -- Book Tarts

Okay, I know I already posted today, but I just want to ask everyone to check one of my favorite blogs that I follow. The Lipstick Chronicles @ is soooo great!! Please, if you a fan of fun, check them out. I know I've mentioned them before, but really, go ahead and give them a try.

The weather here is really starting to get nice. The snow is melting, cats and dogs are outside playing together (well, maybe not together). Rabbits are frolicking and birds are chirping. Has Spring finally started to come to the midwest? I can only hope!!

Has anyone seen the movie Mamma Mia, (again check out TLC)? I love hearing the ABBA songs, even if Merle and Pierce are the ones singing them! I'm so glad it's finally the weekend, I know I'm being kind of random, I think it's the cold medicine talking. I didn't take any of my leg pills because cold medicine and mind altering medication aren't a good mix. Leg is going to kill me tonight, but I have to have some sinus relief.

Been blogging quite a bit lately, almost like nervous energy. I'm sooo ready for the weather to change and get nice, that I'm starting to get stir crazy!! Sorry if this blog doesn't make sense, having one of those days.


The New EOS Books Are Here, The New EOS Books Are Here!!

Well, I got my first installment of books from the EOS contest. Seven New Books!! I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

Here are the titles I received today: The Domino Men, The Sharing Knife Series- Books three and four, Royal Exile, Spiral Hunt, Hunter's Run, Blood Blade--Book 1. So cool, I love, love, love free books!!!! The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

I've already had several people ask me if they can borrow them after I read them, and as always, I'm happy to share.

I think I'm catching a cold, or I should say, I think a cold caught me. I'm feeling a little miserable, but getting all the books helped lift my spirits. If you're not a big reader, I just want to say, decide what kind of movie you like to watch best, then go the your local library and ask them what type of books they have that are similar. Reading a book, it's like watching a movie in your head, and if you miss a scene or don't understand something, no worries, all you have to do is a gentle re-perusal of the pages. Don't have to miss a beat. So, pick up a good book, you won't regret it.

See you in the blogs,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finally the Night is Unwinding

This day is finally over. It doesn't seem like I did that much today, but I'm exhausted. Let's see, I picked up the house, watched a tiny bit of TV, read some more of Scarpetta (still not quite done, but it's a really good story). Picked up a couple of Harley Jane Kozak's books I haven't read, and ran around to do errands. Pat had a band thing tonight and just got home from school at 9:00. This weekend has NO basketball games (yay!), but next week there are four, can you believe it, FOUR games. I hope the teachers go easy on the homework or Kirsten will be having a fit.

Stuart has been especially lovable today, I wonder why? Should I go check to see if he has chewed all my shoes up or maybe he has done something more dastardly, don't want to think about that. Killer was over quite a bit today, ate a whole can of food, wanted to come in the house and sit in the sun. He's so sweet, but I can't let him come in the house or he will think that he's really supposed to live here.

Well, going to cuddle up with my book and read until I pass out. Skipped supper tonight, but now starting to get hungry, don't think about, maybe it will go away. Nope, still starving. Maybe I can find some tasty diet food to eat, you know, like cardboard, all fiber and no calories.

Bye for now,


Is It Email or Spamail?

I don't know about anyone else, but I seem to be get a lot of spam in my email. I went to 'edit settings' thinking something that needs turned on got turned off. Not so. It basically say you can have it on or you can have it off. I check my email several times per day, never know what someone is going to send, right? But when I opened my email to day, I had offers to stop foreclosures and offers for listing for foreclosures. Look, I can either afford to keep my house or I can look at the foreclosed homes to buy a new home (not that I would, in today's economy, we need to help people stay in their homes, not increase our homeless population!), but I can't do both. This has been bothering me for quite a while and decided to get it off my chest, so to speak. These offers used to just be dumped into my spam box, but now they're sneaking into the legitimate email from colleagues, friends, online interests, and family. What's the deal? I also have to check the spam box because I've noticed that some of the legit mail is ending up there! Going through the spam box is a pain in the rump. Used to just empty it. Well, just thought I'd share this with everyone else.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is Winter Ever Ending

It's just a bit frosty today in rural central Illinois. The nice gentle breeze is rather crisp as well, by gentle I mean 20 mph. My hubby was going to go for an evening stroll, and was only out for about 10 minutes (trying to walk off the carbs from a late dinner). The bank temperature thingy says it's 9 degress outside (supposed to have a low of -2), if it gets into the 40's this weekend, like the weather readers have been predicting, we'll think it's a heat wave and have to break out the shorts. I just wish the heat would stop running continually (utility bills--yikes!). The snow has even frozen over here and unless you're me and using crutches to hobble around, you can walk across the snow without sinking into the snow banks, now their snow chunks. The snow kind of crunches when you walk on top of it. Stuart tried to roll around in the snow, and instead, he rolled off of it; he also slid off the steps and driveway. This year seems like the longest winter of all time. Friends from Kentucky finally have their power back on after six days without. They sent all the these pictures of the ice; they don't have any trees left in their yard. Can't wait for warmer weather. Tomorrow's weather: 34 degrees - woohoo! Take a peek at these pics!

The ice looks kind of cool!

Look at all the ice!

Can anyone say brrrr!

Soooo glad this is Kentucky and not Illinois!

Did anyone get to watch Blagojevich on David Letterman last night, he's still pleading his case. I thought Dave was rather gentle on him, only asked a couple of times if all those tapes were taken 'out of context'. You have to feel sorry for him, he just does not know when to quit and he will never be Governor again. It was kind of unfair to impeach him before his criminal trial, but Illinois is famous for it's shady Governors, just ask George Ryan and Dan Walker. He is the first Democrat to get caught, but who would say all those things over their phone. Dave's still talking about him tonight.

My son is taking a film class at LLC. I've been sitting around with him watching all these old movies. He's watched The General with Buster Keaton which was surprisingly funny. It's an old b/w silent movie that uses the action of the characters in place of words (no talkies in the 1920's). Then, he watched The Treasure of the Sierre Madre, which was surprisingly scary. It's an old b/w about a man and his paranoia, and the lust for gold. Today, he watched Singin' in the Rain, which was surprisingly good. Tells the story of the transition from silent movies to talkies, with comedic relief. I can image that many of the people who were in silent movies could not make the transition to talkies because 1) Couldn't memorize lines, B) Had a crappy voice or sounded crappy of the records, and 3) Only had to be beautiful or funny to be in silent movies, not bright or vocal. Next week, he has to watch an old favorite, Halloween. I remember seeing this movie in the theater when I was a wee one, screamed and almost peed my pants, scared me so bad. Now it will probably seem hokey.

Getting to the end of basketball season, only about a month left to go!! Yay!! Then, try outs for next year's cheerleaders are the next week. This is almost more stressful on me than it is on my daughter. There will be hysterics, fits of fear, swearing that she'll never make the squad--she's the only one who can tumble, need I say more? I dread this time of year each and every year since her sixth grade year!!

Still trying to finish Scarpetta, probably will finish it tonight, I hope. Going to go for now. Talk to you soon,


Harper Collins, who owns EOS, is offering Kim Harrison's first book, Dead Witch Walking online. I put the browse gadget in my sidebar. Excellent book if you haven't read it. Check it out, the whole book is supposed to be available online on the EOS Books - The Next Chapter blog @

See you on your blogs,

Dottie :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I know I just posted, but I can't help myself!! I was on The Lipstick Chronicles blog ( ), you know I love this blog (they're quite prolific bloggers too--always something new and interesting going on, please check it out), and Harley Jane Kozak (a favorite author) is offering a 'Virgin Contest' for new her book, A Date You Can’t Refuse. No, this contest is not only open to virgins, she is the virgin because it's her first contest. This blog just cracks me up, the comments that some of the readers leave are outrageous. I love it!!

My daughter also cracks me up, some of the stories she comes home with just have to be true. She's in high school and the only thing I can say is, I feel sorry for her teachers. See, she has this health teacher and the students are always giving him a hard time. It's his own fault, but I have to feel sorry for him, I don't know why I feel sorry for him, he tries to be such a hard ass. Maybe it's because I've taught high school and know she's describing actually events. She won't let me blog about them, but she comes home each day with a new tale.

Well, going to go for now, but I'll probably post later today. I seem to always want to post in the wee hours of the morning, probably because it's the only time I have to relax and don't feel too guilty about sitting in front of the computer. Talk to everyone soon,


My Life and Is It Ever Going to Slow Down?

Well, follow bloggers, it has been a stressful week around my house, which is still a mess. I spent the better part of today hobbling around,trying to pick up the mess, at least now it doesn't look filthy. Laundry still needs put away, but the dishes are done, and as soon as one of the kids gets home from school, the vacuuming will be done, even if I have to bribe someone. Hope Kirsten doesn't have cheerleading practice after school. Need to get some errands done too. My hubby is starting to recover from a tiny hospital visit, but he picked up a cold or the flu while there and he's been a bit of a crab. He doesn't handle being ill very well. Kris and Patrick are getting over their cold. Kirsten took a fall at the last basketball game and bruised her arm pretty good, kind of wondered if I should get it x-rayed, but she swears she'll never speak to me again if I make her go back to the doctor, what with being diagnosed with scoliosis and having to have about a million x-rays done of her back just two weeks ago, as well as having an eye infection last week. When it rains, it pours. Like I said, there's been just a little too much excitement at my house since the end of December. It sure as been a long January. I sure could use a break, not gonna happen anytime soon though!! I think I'm just a little worn out.

I started reading Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell, but it's a fast read and I'll be moving on to Cold Case by Robin Burcell pretty quick. Face of a Killer by Robin Burcell is suppose to be here soon. I hope I start getting some of the books from the EOS Contest that I won. Supposed to get each and every book they publish this year (2009). Can't wait to start getting books. Kim Harrison new book, White Witch, Black Curse was just released by EOS, so I'm trying to wait for my free copy.

Still having to use my son's computer, I haven't had time to go and look for a new hard drive for my computer, my hubby said to just buy a new one, but I really can't afford it right now and I really don't want to get a different one. They're just too expensive to have to replace every two years. Well, need to get other things done besides blogging, so better go for now. See you on your blogs,


Blood Sins by Kay Hooper

Publisher: Random House
Pages: 304

Blood Sins is Kay Hooper's newest book and part of the Bishop Series, and the second in the Blood Series. She usually writes in a three book series, of course she has stand alone novels and the Quinn Series. The story revolves around The Church of the Everlasting Sin and Rev. Samuel who has had repeat performances in Kay Hooper's books. Noah Bishop works as an FBI operative and head of SCU (Special Crimes Unit) and he's psychic as are most of the people who work in his unit. His unit handles the crimes that fall outside of norm of criminal behavior. His specialty is telepathy and he is extremely strong with his wife, Miranda. As he positions his people, (including Haven, a civilian organization he started that can work outside the FBI confines), inside and outside Rev. Samuel's church, the killing begins. First with unknown subjects and then with some unfortunate church members, one of which is a Haven operative. This allow Bishop to find a deeper way into the church, but Rev. Samuel has been making changes of his own. Since the trauma of being born to an abusive prostitute mother, (he has been loosing time), the traumatic events leading to his mother's death (at his own hand, though richly desired),his psychic abilities began to emerge; but because of the trauma, his is a negative energy. He was struck by lightning and learned to absorb the magnetic and electrical energy. Gathering more energy increases his psychic abilities and he soon learns that he can steal another psychic's abilities. As Samuel's psychosis grows (Godlike cult leader qualities), Bishop gets closer to setting his trap, if he can only strike before more people are killed. Senator LeMott is also becoming more involved in the investigation than is wise, but who could blame him, after his daughter's murder. With the help of Tessa, the trap is sprung. The only question is who will walk away. Blood Sins is an exciting supernatural read. Crime novel with paranormal attributes. A great read!! Visit her site @

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