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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleepless in Central Illinois

Well, it's one of those days. I was exhausted all day, tried to fall asleep while reading a book, but as soon as I closed my eyes to go to sleep, my ankle let me know it had different ideas. It's almost like restless leg syndrome, but only from my knee down. It feels like I absolutely have to move it, but it hurts to move it enough to make it calm down. My kids took turns trying to massage it, but it just won't relax and they had to go to bed. Even the dog won't come over to me because I get grumpy when I can't sleep because of the darn leg. Oh well, I just need to suck it up, put in a movie, and hope I get sleepy again. I took two leg pills and I hope they start helping soon.

Started a new book and picked up a few others. I have been looking at mysteries, urban fantasy, paranormal, and crime lately to capture my interest. I've been really uncomfortable, sooo sticking with a book long enough to finish as been really hard. I thought I would never finish Scarpetta, and Patricia Cornwell is one of my favorite authors. It was a nice long book and it was interesting, but concentrating long enough to finish was difficult. Makes you want to put the book down, but to do what? I'm baffled, can't figure it out. Been bouncing around the web a lot too, some due to boredom.

Watched Taxi Driver with my son for his film class. Disgusting movie, porn noises in the background, bizarre behavior by the main character in the movie. Filled with hookers, guns, and insomnia. The main character goes kind of crazy at the end of the movie and has a vigilante moment and kills a pimp, a john, and a motel employee/crook. He was hailed as the hero for saving a girl that didn't want to be saved. I know that Martin Scorsese is supposed to be a great director, and I have enjoyed many of his movies, but this one was retched, meaning it made me want to retch. I was not my cup of tea, and I could tell it wasn't Kris' either. It was inappropriate to watch as movie for a class film, but that's just my personal opinion, apparently the professor has other ideas. I thought Kris was going to watch Halloween, but that on next week's agenda.

Did anyone see Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman tonight? He was totally bizarre, hasn't shaved in months from the looks of his beard, and he looked it he was trying to start dreadlocks. You know, that unclean, unbathed look that is sooo popular, not!! He was off the wall, very soft spoken, could barely make out what he was saying when he would consent to answer Dave's questions. Dave made a comment about Joaquin chewing gum while talking, something like 'I'll come to your house and chew gum the whole time'. Joaquin then took his gum out of his mouth and stuck it to the underneath of the edge of Dave's desk. Now Dave will need a new desk, I know I would with sticking, slobbery gum stuck to it....gross. Ewww!! Double gross, he just peeled his gum back off when his segment was over, and put it back in his mouth!!! How many people have touched that desk?? The gross out factor just went over the top!!

Going to go for now, going watch a movie or maybe try to read some more, anything to get the image of Joaquin Phoenix out of my head. Anyway, it might make me sleepy again.



sssalad said...

You need to dip into Kevin's meds to get some sleep! LOL Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Love the blog and all the book reviews! Awesome. I see you like fairies...come visit me on my blog this's all about fairies.


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