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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulus Packages

Well, Obama signed the new stimulus package today. I don't know a lot, but I do know that an $800 check isn't going to help a lot. Watching Obama on television right know and I'm sure I have an email from his campaign fellows. I'm all for doing my part and making sure there is a country for my kids, if we can get everybody in the country to agree that something needs to be done, Republican are sill in denial. We're soooo far in debt from the Bush administration, don't know if we can get out. And it is nothing that can be fixed in the next few years. Unemployment is going to keep rising, mortgages are going to keep failing until Americans are put back to work. Unless you have a salary coming in every month, how can anyone expect the economy to improve. What this country needs is jobs, jobs, jobs! Anyone that doesn't understand that has been living under a rock for the past eight years. Anyway, just had to make a quick post, have to go to a basketball game to make sure my daughter isn't abused because the coaching staff sure isn't going to watch out for her. I really hate getting involved in all of this, but the coach is afraid of this senior girl, even admitted to the other teachers today that she should have been benched, apparently can't bench her tonight because it's SENIOR night. So glad this season almost finished, hope this doesn't effect my daughter's chance of getting on the squad next year. Tried all day to get a hold of the principal, but he has been conveniently absent--first with students and then with meetings--all day long. Think he's ducking me?

Talk to you soon,


Surprise, Surprise!! We won the basketball game and the fat cow stayed away from my daughter!! I'd tell you her name, but for sure it would get back to her, then there would be trouble. We're still in last place as a team, but we beat the top seated team for our region. Enough about the basketball season, ONE more game and it's over!!

Did anyone hear about the guy that beheaded his wife???? Out of New York, Bridges TV, owns his own television station. They are Muslims and the police think it was because she filed for divorce. I can't believe that anyone in America would do something so horrendous. It is the type of thing that may happen in third world countries, but not the United States!! I'm sickened by the thought that her husband could be so cold and brutal, he attacked her while she was talking to her sister in South Africa. I'm horrified that he could even conceive of the idea of beheading his wife.

Can't watch the news anymore, it's making me sick. Going for now, blog again tomorrow.



Lisa said...

Hi there,

This is Lisa from Urban Fantasy Land and you won the signed book from Patrice Michelle.

Could you email me with your details so I can get your book to you?

Thanks much and congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Jobs are indeed what we need. I've been unemployed since last March and unemployment does not even pay out half of what I was making. Not only that bu sadly even working in retail won't even give me as much once you put driving and childcare into consideration. It's insane! I've been job hunting for nearly a year now.

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