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Monday, February 9, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

You know, I've been thinking...(no cracks about how dangerous that can be)...have to wonder what is going on in our country. Oil drops below $40/barrell, yet gas prices are up. I ask, What's the deal? Here in central Illinois, we're paying almost $2/gallon. Doesn't make sense. I know the oil companies are saying that cost of production has increased, but maybe if the energy cost went down, then it would be cheaper to produce gas. Who controls cost of energy at the present time? Oil Companies!! Is this a self-fulfilling proficiency or what?!? Oh well, just had to get this off my chest, so to speak.

Back to the important stuff!! It is BEAUTIFUL today!! The bank temperature thingy says 62 degrees, last week, I remember one day where the low was -2 degrees. I want to say just one thing-----GET OFF THE COUCH-----GO PLAY OUTSIDE!! I did, it was great!! Well, maybe not played, but I stayed outside and enjoyed the beautiful temperature, who knows how long it will last. It's only February 9th after all.

Watching the news, they're talking about the woman who just had octuplets (my computer just tried to tell there's no such word as octuplets--haha!). Let me get this right, she has had two sets of babies, both batches by artificial insemination. The first batch in which she had six babies was apparently too small. Sooo, she tries again, this time she has a batch of eight babies...who's paying all these hospital/doctor's bills? I hope she has good insurance, because otherwise, it will be the paying public responsible for those whopping bills. By the way, what doctor in their right mind lets someone conceived fourteen babies, wasn't six enough, she is trying to repopulated some part of our country? I only have three, and I have my hands full 24/7. The house is never clean, laundry constantly needs done and never have it all put away, and groceries cost a fortune. I can't image how she manages!! Definitely not for me, has she passed the lastest psych tests, I wouldn't have with fourteen kids to tote around. Presently, I would be in a padded room somewhere enjoying a vacation in lala land. I guess this is a mean spirited post, but really FOURTEEN kids, I can't get over it. Oh, she just said on TV that she doesn't expect any help from anyone, but her mother, who has been helping with the sextuplets says she needs help!!

Kirsten's at a basketball game tonight, as she will be on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Going to be a long week of basketball!! She'll be totally burned out by Sunday, will have to do nothing to recuperate after so much cheerleading.

I hope Obama gets something done in the economy. He has my total support, but the republicans don't want to see it happen, already thinking about 2012. Wonder who they put up for president, I can already see the tiny wheels churning, hmmmmm....can you say Palin......for the love of Pete, I hope not! Enough about politics and on to better topics....Have one quick thought, why does the Senate have to vote to stop the debate on the Economic Stimulus Package...just pass it now before more people lose their jobs or don't, the American economy needs help now!!

I've been trying to read some of my new books, but the cold medicine I'm taking, had to finally take a leg pill too, is interfering with my comprehension skills, even having trouble spelling. Sooo, re-read a favorite...Dating Dead Men...will post a review later. Something new on the use of medicinal pot. Got to go watch, may be useful for my leg (oh yeah!!).

Dottie :)


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