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Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Bill Maher Right ?

I am sitting here with my laptop, thinking out loud again! I'm sort of watching Bill Maher on HBO. Ron Paul was just on and he has some radical ideas, do away with the government spending, (hence no budget--no social agencies, no social security, no medicare), government regulation on private business (isn't that how we got in this mess), cut taxes (we could all use that), and last but not least, legalize drugs (okay, I can see legalized pot, but legalized heroin, crack, cocaine????--we don't want to open that of worms.) Bill Maher agrees on the issues of legalized pot and the end to constitutionally doing away with people's rights, see the state of California. But, he disagrees with the deregulation, still not sure of his feeling on government spending, he's kind of contradictory. Yes, these are the same issues Ron Paul raised in his failed campaign for President, and I do believe the right person was elected to our highest office. But, he got me thinking. The federal government is spending money like it was water. But, can we afford to do nothing? What will happen to all the people who are loosing their homes, jobs, and basic needs in their lives. What is going to happen to insurance rates without regulations--they're already sky high! The banks were deregulated, look at the problems in the bank system now. Did we not learn anything from the 70's and 80's--all these problems started under Nixon and the Vietnam War (had to look some of these things up, but damn, I couldn't believe history was repeating itself so exactly). Sooo, here we are, all these years later in another war that the American public doesn't support and never wanted. We have suffered through Presidents that believed in the trickle down economics method, I have yet to feel the trickle. I think it's time to see what happens with a President that supports small America, the American families that don't have enough money to pay their bills. I hate to get on my soapbox, but I can't help myself. I hate to think about politics and the mess our country is in, but again I can't seem to stop myself. (Sorry if I'm bringing everyone down, guess I'm not my usual perky self.) What do you think?

Dottie :/

Add. to Post: Okay it's the next morning and I'm doing what I vowed not to do and I'm watching CNN. Some filmmaker(?) made a documentary about Sarah Palin, accusing the media (including the interviewer that was trying to be nice to him--also a woman) had submarined Palin because Obama was the media darling. Okay, maybe Obama was handled with kid gloves, lets just say the media must have hated Palin (?--I find this hard to believe, because was and is treated like a rock star!!--if she's on TV, people tune in). No one put words in the woman's mouth, she failed in those interviews, not the media. Just saying......(BTW feeling more like my old self today!!)

Dottie :)


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