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Friday, February 13, 2009

My Computer Is Working Again

My computer is computing again!! I installed a gig of ram and installed a new hard drive--twice the size of the one that crashed--(along with having to reinstall Windows Vista for about the hundredth time) and new computer is now functional again. It was very easy to install the ram and hard drive, but it took all day to get the stupid windows to load on the computer again!! If everything installed and worked as well as Macs, we'd all being using Apples instead of PC. Should have bought a Mac, but bought a PC, and now I'm paying for it literally. Found the hard drive on sell for $70.00 and ram on sale for $20.00. They wanted another $130.00 to just reinstall windows, screw that!! After the hard drive and ram install as well as the windows reinstall it was going to cost $250.00 (on top of the $90.00 for materials). I only paid $500.00 for the computer two years. I really didn't want to replace the hard drive, but it was crashing all the time and I knew the ram needed to be larger. So, I could see the $90.00, but $340.00, forget it. Did all the manual crap myself. It hurt a lot less than the extra cash would have and it only took up one day of my time. I guess I didn't have anything better to do anyway.

Going for now, will post more later, have to go to a basketball game.


The cheerleaders did a kinder camp with the grade school girls, the little girls learned a dance, two cheers, and one stunt. It was sooo cute!! The cheerleaders had about 60 grade school girls out on the floor and danced to Hey Mickey! Too unbelievably cute. I'll be glad when the season is over. Kirsten cheered every night this week. There are some real nasty girls on the squad this year and it is good to know they will graduate and NOT be on the squad next year. It's been a long, mean spirited season.

Watching I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Adam Sandler's typical movie, but with a silver lining, but it's just so stupid!! Also watched Demolition Man from the 90's, Sly Stone looked hot for a old dude even back then. Have seen him in anything recent, wonder if he's still hot?



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