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Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Eye for An Eye---Literally

The news out of Tehran, Iran is grim as usual. I'm sitting minding my own business, when on CNN, comes the picture of some poor woman who has had were face melted off. I feel horrible, she literally does not have a face left, it's a melted, horrific mess. She has lost her vision because that's where the acid hit her face first. Even her eyelids were melted. But, instead of having the government or her attacker pay her a bujillion dollars (she was offered the money and refuse--she said it wasn't good enough), she has instead asked the ruling power in Iran to burn out her attacker's eyes. The government wanted to give her money, but she says she wants to make sure this never happens to anyone ever again. Throwing acid in the face of women is a daily occurrence in Iran, well maybe not daily, but it happens on a regular basis. The problem with her demand is that instead of throwing acid, the men doing such barbaric acts will probably start kidnapping the women, drenching them in acid and watch them suffer and scream, and then kill them to avoid retribution. I can see it happening. What the government officials should be doing is trying to teach their populace that men and women are equals. This man should be in prison for the rest of his life, never to breath free air again. To simply take his eyes will not have any effect, except that his family will seek their own form of retribution. If the government carries out the punish, she had better leave the country, change her name, and live underground, because she will not survive long enough to enjoy her retribution. It should never have happened, it's appalling that it happened to anyone, but with the punishment to be dealt out within the next few weeks, there will be trouble brewing in Iran. I couldn't believe that the government actually was going to harm a man for what he did to a woman, women are second class citizens at best. I also couldn't believe that the woman would ask for this type of retribution. The whole thing is barbaric and unbelievable.


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