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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cold Case by Robin Burcell

Publisher: Avon Books / Harper Collins Publishers
Pages: 273

From the cover: Three years ago SFPD Homicide Investigator Kate Gillespie was in pursuit of a suspect who murdered a hooker in a sleazy motel, and she nearly lost her own life in the process. The shooter escaped into the San Francisco shadows and the trail went colder than the grave. Now Kate's appearance on a Bay Area "crime stoppers" TV show produces new leads that carry her back into the sordid world of drugs and prostitution......

Kate Gillespie is a homicide detective and good at her job. But since being involved in the Twin Palms shooting, she has been regulated to cold case work....Who would have thought cold case work could be dangerous. As she starts to investigate the murder of a local high priced call girl, Fiona Winchester--a cold case relating to the Twin Palms shooting, her relatively safe desk job turns into a case of major criminal activity that involves some high power players.

As Kate get deeper into the case, she realizes drugs, a local crime boss (who has the hots for her), and various other nefarious characters seem to want nothing more than to see her dead. Her long time love interest, Mike Torrance, has joined the forces of the FBI and is even more distant than usual. Could he be jealous of Nick Paolini, does he really think she could be interested in a crime boss? Could Nick Paolini's ex-wife, Lucia, be behind the attempts on her life, the one from three years ago to the recent ones?

Cold Case is the third book in the Kate Gillespie series published in 2004. As the story unfolds, Kate finds herself in one dangerous position after another. It is an excellent crime story that as it unfolds grabs your attention and doesn't let go. To find out more about Ms. Burcell's books, visit her website @


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