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Monday, November 30, 2009

ROD Readers On Deadline #9 at the Deadline Dames

Okay, since my brain is still in lock down mode I mean, I don't even want to read and since I've hardly posted anything in November, I've decided to post the entry I did during the month of November for the Deadline Dames ROD. They'll soon be posting their winner for this ROD. I want to thank all the Dames for their excellent contests, I feel their site has given invaluable advice, not just how to write, but also on what it takes to put the words down. I always imagined that the words would just spring to life, it doesn't work that way at all. If you haven't visited their site, please do.

I had difficulty coming up with something worthy of this image. I loved the style and look, very talented artist.

When Yuki was five years old, she would scream, “Faster, Mommy, faster!” Then she would wait for the peak of the spinning wheel's arc, and leap. Leap with the excitement that would course through her young body before she would come crashing to the ground laughing, dancing with the thrill.

Now, at her twenty-fifth year, the smoky-eyed beauty with just a hint of mischief in her soul, danced around once more. Daringly she whispered the enchantment, feeling the magic course through and around her like electricity filling the air.

“Kimiko, can you see it, can you feel it?” She called giddily, her mind spinning much like the merry-go-round of her childhood.

“The magic runs through us with flashes of color .... blue, violet, red.” Kimiko circled around gazing with amazement as the magic poured forth from her sister's slender form surrounding her like a cloud.

Yuki grinned as she focused her will, drawing on the power, her heart racing as she raised her eyes to the heavens. She was blessed with the magic that had been renewed in her spirit, bringing together her life force with her ancestors of old.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

NaNoWriMo Certificate ------ YAY!!!!

Here is the handy dandy little certificate that the writers receive upon completion of their MS. Isn't it cool???? So pretty, think my kids will think I was crazy if I framed it?? LOL! Just thought I'd share the goodies that NaNoWriMo offers.

I almost freaked out, I uploaded my MS only to be told that I was 31 words short of completion. And there is only one day left in which to upload your MS! I only had to add another sentence or two, but my already fried brain was doubting it had the ability to complete a thought, let alone a freaking sentence, lol. But, my brain came through, after much coaxing, and produced the needed words. So happy I didn't wait until tomorrow to submit.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Relentless by Dean Koontz

Publisher: Bantam Books, imprint of Random House Publishing
Pages: 356

From the Cover: #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense Dean Koontz delivers a mesmerizing new thriller that explores the razor-thin line between the best and worst of human nature—and the anarchy simmering just beneath society’s surface—as a likeable, successful family man is drawn into a confrontation with a foe of unimaginable malice….

Bestselling novelist Cullen “Cubby” Greenwich is a lucky man and he knows it. He makes a handsome living doing what he enjoys. His wife, Penny, a children’s book author and illustrator, is the love of his life. Together they have a brilliant six-year-old, Milo, affectionately dubbed “Spooky,” and a non-collie named Lassie, who’s all but part of the family.

So Cubby knows he shouldn’t let one bad review of his otherwise triumphant new book get to him—even if it does appear in the nation’s premier newspaper and is penned by the much-feared, seldom-seen critic, Shearman Waxx. Cubby knows the best thing to do is ignore the gratuitously vicious, insulting, and inaccurate comments. Penny knows it, even little Milo knows it. If Lassie could talk, she’d tell Cubby to ignore them, too.

Ignore Shearman Waxx and his poison pen is just what Cubby intends to do. Until he happens to learn where the great man is taking his lunch. Cubby just wants to get a look at the mysterious recluse whose mere opinion can make or break a career—or a life.

But Shearman Waxx isn’t what Cubby expects; and neither is the escalating terror that follows what seemed to be an innocent encounter. For Waxx gives criticism; he doesn’t take it. He has waysof dealing with those who cross him that Cubby is only beginning to fathom. Soon Cubby finds himself in a desperate struggle with a relentless sociopath, facing an inexorable assault on far more than his life.

Fearless, funny, utterly compelling, Relentless is Dean Koontz at his riveting best, an unforgettable tale of the fragile bonds that hold together all that we most cherish—and of those who would tear those bonds asunder.

Cubby seems to have it all, a beautiful wife, Penny, and amazing kid, Milo (who may be just a little too amazing), and the best dog in the world, a mutt named Lassie. That is until he comes under the scrutiny of Shearman Waxx.

Waxx finds he's a hack, people had been fooled by Cubby's best selling books. But, once you've been Waxxed, you can never go back.

His editor, Hud Jacklight, thinks that this is the cherry on top of the sundae, but Waxx means to do more than just rip Cubby's book. He means to Waxx Cubby and his family. With the help of their loyal babysitter and super pal, Vivian Norby, and Penny's demolition family, Grimbald and Clotilda Boom, Cubby does the impossible, he survives where many others have been lost.

Relentless by Dean Koontz is classic Koontz' and it doesn't get much better. He's the one writer that I've found who cannot only weave a spellbinding story, but he does it with wit and grace. The story of Cubby, Penny, and Milo is almost idyllic. They seem to have it all. Cubby and Penny are both best selling authors and Milo is brinking on the edge of supernatural genius. Cubby is an inept hero, he can't change a light bulb without a minor catastrophe happening. Penny is super Mom, our heroine, able to fix automobiles and supper in a single bound. Milo is scary smart, one word speaks a sentence. And Lassie is the wonder dog of the story, she is literally able to jump space at will, either naturally or supernaturally, who knows? She just knows where she needs to be.

To say I was enchanted by Relentless would be an understatement. I was not only enchanted, but spellbound, anticipating, laughing so hard my kids thought I was nuts, and amazed. How can one person do all of this in a single book? I was cringing with the thought that Cubby would answer Waxx's critque, then cringing with the thought of what Waxx was capable of, and believe me, it was not only cringe worthy, but duck and cover worthy, hide under the blanket worthy because he is truly evil, beyond redemption. There really are monsters in the dark and Shearman Waxx is one of them. And at the same time it's told with such humor that I was laughing out loud. Koontz shines in this book like he has in so many others, and I'm reminded why I to love his stories so much. Yes, some are scarier than hell, some take place outside the normal bounds of human existence, and some emphasize the loneliness and longing of humanity. But in Relentless, you get all three with a twist, the humor that Koontz employees to make you want more. And I do, and so continues my love affair with Dean Koontz' books. I'll be picking up Breathless, release date 11-24-09, very soon. This is an very quick read and for all the mystery/thriller/supernatural lovers out there, I highly recommend it.

I picked up this book myself for my own enjoyment. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving To One And To All!!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to all of yours!!


It's time to eat turkey
but, I'd rather have jerky.

And pumpkin pie!
Oh my, oh my!

Greet the family without fear,
It only comes once a year.

There's lots football
yet can't go to the mall.

We could have outside fun,
if there was some sun.

Eat way too much,
but you continue to munch.

Pack to go home,
and it's the end of this poem.

Instead of once a year, give thanks everyday
for luck, love, and happiness, celebrated today!

Have fun everyone!!!
Hugs to yours!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am Sooo Chilled and Now the Freaking Holiday Weekend Starts!

I'm Finished!!!

Last night I put my baby to bed at 3 am. The baby being the massive piece of writing that I've been attempting for the entire month of November. It's finished at the bare minimum of 50119 words, but it's finished. Yay!!

It was fun to participate in NaNoWriMo, as to if I'll ever do it again?? I'll have to wait to say. It depends on how long it takes to recover from November, lol. They do have great organization and lots of pep talks to keep the writers going.

In a few days, I'll go back to edit out some of the really bad parts, and believe me, there are plenty. But maybe I can make the good parts stand out a little more. I don't know if it will ever be book length, but it might make an interesting short story one day.

Here's a short synopsis of the NaNoWriMo entry:

Dory, Illinois is a sleepy little town where a family of witches reside. They've lived there since the persecution committed in Massachusetts so many years ago.

But a great evil has come back to haunt the family and with it, the town. Mysterious deaths have occurred and only the witches will be able to confront and stop it.

Necromancy is the ancient art of reviving the dead, but this necromancer uses the dead for revenge. And ultimately, only one can survive: good or evil.

Okay, maybe a little over dramatic, but it's the basic gist of the story. One day after it's cleaned up and I'm more comfortable with it, I might post a little of it.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and offered words of encouragement! I couldn't have made it through this month without you. I very much appreciated all of your thoughts!

Now I have to get ready for the family get together. It will be an incredibly long day, but well worth the trouble.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Review & Giveaway: Immortal: Love Stories With Bite Anthology

From the Cover: In Immortal: Love Stories With Bite, edited by New York Times bestselling author of the House of Night series P.C. Cast, seven of today's most popular YA vampire and contemporary fantasy authors offer new short stories that prove that when you're immortal, true love really is forever.

Rachel Caine (the Morganville Vampires series) revisits the setting of her popular series, where the vampires are in charge and love is risky

Cynthia Leitich Smith (Tantalize) gives us a love triangle between a vampire, a ghost and a human girl, in which none of them are who or what they seem

Claudia Gray (Evernight) takes us into the world of her Evernight series, in which a pre-Civil War courtesan-to-be is courted by a pale, fair-haired man whose attentions are too dangerous to spurn

Richelle Mead (the Vampire Academy series) brings us the tale of a young vampire on the run from the rest of her kind, and the human boy who provides the getaway car

Nancy Holder (the Wicked series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) immerses us in a post-apocalyptic New York where two best friends are forced to make a choice that may kill them both

Kristin Cast (the House of Night series) introduces us to a new kind of vampire: one with roots in Greek mythology, and the power to alter space and time

And Tanith Lee (Black Unicorn) shows us what happens when a bright young woman with some supernatural savvy encounters a misguided (but gorgeous) young vampire

I had read about this book on Rachel Vincent's blog, so when the publisher offered a copy, I snatched up the opportunity to review. I had it on my TBB list and I would have gladly paid the purchase price! Excellent reading!!

P.C. Cast - Offers her views on why there is a fascination with vampyres. Could it be the search for immortality? How do teenagers view lifestyle and does this continues throughout adulthood? Interesting viewpoint, this author stirs my interest with her wit and wisdom.

Haunted Love by Cynthia Leitich Smith (new author for me)
Cody is the only vampire in town ... or so he thought. Come and watch what happens when he buys the local haunted theater. Monsters come in all shapes, sizes, and genders and they aren't always what we think.

Amber Smoke by Kristin Cast
Ever want to meet the furies? If you read this story, not only do you meet them, but their gorgeous son too. He has a mission and he must save her or lose his soul forever.

Dead Man Stalking (A Morganville Vampire Story) by Rachel Caine
What's like to live in a town full of vampires? If you visit Morganville, TX, you won't have to wonder. Vampires, zombies, and a crazy old man make this story come to life.

Table Manners by Tanith Lee (new author for me)
Lel has been sent to find a vampire .... but do you know what a vampire really is?? Only Lel and her father, Anthony Draculian can help with that question .... but wouldn't you like to know??

Blue Moon by Richelle Mead
Have you ever heard the saying 'once in a blue moon'?? Well, Lucy Wade of the Chicagoland Vampire Mob Wades hadn't until her eighteenth birthday draws near. She has to make a choice: leave, escape or her own family's hand. Very blood thirsty.

Changed by Nancy Holder (new author for me)
The day the vampires came, Jilly ran, ran for her life, her love, and away from the death and destruction. But to save her true unrequited love, will she sacrifice herself??

Binge by Rachel Vincent
Andi sings to feed, and feed she must or she will die, all sirens need to feed off the energy of humans. But Mallory is something else all together. She gives to feed. But how do you know when you've given too much??

Free (A Story of Evernight) by Claudia Gray (new author for me)
New Orleans (1841) Patrice and Amos want nothing more than to be together, both are free. But Patrice's mother has other plans, and she'll go to the highest bidder. Until Julien Larroux tries to make her his ... A life for a life.

Each of these little novellas are a tasty treat well worth reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was filled with just the right amount of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I'll definitely be trying some of these new authors.


Jennifer at Ben Bella Books has generously offered a copy of this fabulous book for giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment. For an extra entry post somewhere, please let me know where. For another try, follow and if you already follow, just let me know. This giveaway is open to US and Canada, but as always, for those of you across the big pond if you have a friendly US address to use, please feel free to enter. Contest will run until the end of the month, 11-30-09 midnight anywhere, winner announced December 1, 2009. Thanks and Good Luck!!!

I received this book for review from the publisher, Ben Bella Books. The views I have expressed are my own.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Promo ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon ~ Born of Ice

It's time for another installment of The League Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon!! I can't wait to take a peek!!

(Release date: December 1, 2009)
From the cover: In the Ichidian Universe, the League and its ruthless assassins continue to keep rule. But at what cost? Welcome back to the future…and a whole new world.

Devyn Kell spent his life in service to the League until he learned of the double dealing and backstabbing that was costing innocent people their lives. Refusing to play those politics, he became a Runner—someone who makes sure planets get the weapons, medicine and supplies they need to survive. May the gods have mercy on any who get in his way, because he definitely won’t.

Alix Garran is a woman on the run from a past she can’t escape. Signing on to work for Devyn as a System’s Engineer, she finds a cause she can fight for—and a man she can respect. But as Alix’s past catches up to her, and Devyn’s old enemies turn lethal, they have to fight together…or fall alone.

For more information about Sherrilyn Kenyon's The League and all of her other great books, please go to her website.

The Evil Iguana Is At It Again!!!!

Okay, I'm stuck, bored, bothered, whatever, I know I should be working on my word count (35000/50000 15000 words - 30% - left to go until the finish line) instead I checked my email, and this is what I found...... I can't freaking wait for this movie!!! I got a big chuckle out of this, the end is priceless!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just A Wee Bit Stressed Out ---- Or How I Spent My November

EEK!!! It's Friday the 13th!!!

Okay, some of you have noticed that I've been AWOL for a bit. I hope I have more time for blogging soon.... I'm trying the NaNoWriMo this year for the first time. I'll still be blogging, but at a slightly slower rate. NaNoWriMo is organization that encourages all writers of all types, fledgeling writers like myself or even the published authors that we all love to read, to write. Write a complete book in one month, granted it is a short book at 50000 words, but it's still a massive piece of writing in 30 days. So from November 1st through the 30th, you're encouraged to write everyday. I started with an idea of what I wanted to write about, but it took three different attempts before I could come up with something that I thought I could carry through to the finish line. It's now the middle of November and I've passed the halfway point at 52 percent completed. I hope I can keep going to at least complete the challenge. It's so much harder than we as readers think it's going to be. And as I quickly read through what I've written so far, a lot of it is crap and will have to be edited. But, it's a satisfying feeling to see 50 pages of something that could one day work it's way into being a book or a novella. Thanks everyone for your support and patience!!! It is more than appreciated!

Now, some fun stuff from around the blogosphere.

Laurell K. Hamilton's newest entry into the Anita Blake Vampire Series is being display, shown off, etc. I personally can't wait for the next installment. I enjoyed Skin Trade as LKH creeps back to the roots of the Anita Blake Saga. The necromancer is back and just as good as before. I only hope that this entry brings us closer to those roots once again. (But I'd read just for another taste of Jean-Claude, lol!) Released Date: February 2010

The next entry into the Merry Gentry Series, Divine Misdemeanors, will be released December 2009. I hope this series follows Laurell K. Hamilton's need to find her roots as well. It a magically fun series of light and dark fae.

From the Cover: You may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie. Or perhaps as Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye. In the fey and mortal realms alike, my life is the stuff of royal intrigue and celebrity drama. Among my own, I have confronted horrendous enemies, endured my noble kin’s treachery and malevolence, and honored my duty to conceive a royal heir—all for the right to claim the throne. But I turned my back on court and crown, choosing exile in the human world—and in the arms of my beloved Frost and Darkness.

While I may have rejected the monarchy, I cannot abandon my people. Someone is killing the fey, which has left the LAPD baffled and my guardsmen and me deeply disturbed. My kind are not easily captured or killed. At least not by mortals. I must get to the bottom of these horrendous murders, even if that means going up against Gilda, the Fairy Godmother, my rival for fey loyalties in Los Angeles.

But even stranger things are happening. Mortals I once healed with magic are suddenly performing miracles, a shocking phenomenon wreaking havoc on human/faerie relations. Though I am innocent, dark suspicions of banned magical activities swirl around me.

I thought I’d left the blood and politics behind in my own turbulent realm. I had dreamed of an idyllic life in sunny L.A. with my beloved ones beside me. But it becomes time to wake up and realize that evil knows no borders, and that nobody lives forever—even if they’re magical.

New Moon Love!!!

In exactly one week, (please, if you haven't already, mark your calendars), Stephenie Meyer's second installment in the Twilight Saga will be released on the silver screen. I can't wait to gaze upon the characters one more time.

Release date: November 20, 2009
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
Directed by: Chris Weitz
Written by: Melissa Rosenberg
Synopsis: Bella Swan is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen, but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black. Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and finds her loyalties tested.
(I never knew so many guys to leap through one window, but damn, Bella's window gets a workout!!)

I can't freaking wait!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dust by Susan Berliner

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Pages: 205

From the cover: While unloading groceries in her Rock Haven condo, Karen McKay notices a strange swirl of red, green, and blue dust. The swirl follows her inside, lifts a porcelain ballerina from her wall unit, twirls it in the air, and throws it to the floor, shattering it into pieces.

The following evening, Karen hears her neighbor's dog barking loudly. Upon investigation, she finds her neighbor, Marion, at the bottom of the stairs—dead. At the top of the stairs, a colorful whirlpool of dust circles ominously.

Now the feisty librarian must consider the unthinkable: Could the dust be responsible for her neighbor's death and, if so, would it kill again? Karen turns to her ex-husband, Jerry, for help and together they bravely confront the mysterious dust. But will their daring actions cost them their lives?

Karen first see the dust while putting her groceries away. It's unique from anything the librarian has seen before and she's a research librarian, so she's seen a lot. After smashing her porcelain ballerina, she can feel the violence emanating from the swirling red, blue, and green dust.

She contacts her ex-husband, Jerry, because though they're divorced, he's still her best friend. She needs someone to believe her and see the dust too. Soon the mysterious dust is making itself known around the condos in Karen's neighbor.

Her elderly, but spry neighbor tumbles down her steps, a baseball player ends up on life support, and a young teenage girl is literally cut down while driving. All die from their injuries. And the suspicious dust is wreaking havoc where ever it goes, multiple injuries have occurred.

As Karen and Jerry try to unravel the malicious dust, they wonder where is has come from and how to kill it.

Dust by Susan Berliner is a first novel from this author. It was an incredibly quick read that kept the reader wondering about the dust. Is it intelligent? Where does the dust come from? There's a vehemence in this dust that fills the story and makes the pages easy to turn. I was intrigued by this deadly dust. Could it be toxic dust? Pollution driven? But as violent as the dust is, the most important questions of can it be killed and how to kill it are answered.

Dust is an excellent first attempt for this new author. I very much enjoyed this actioned scifi/mystery/thriller. There are elements of the paranormal in that the dust is out of this world, dangerous, and murderous. I was also intrigued by the relationship between Karen and Jerry. They divorced because of their differences, he's rock and roll, she's ballet. Karen wants to start a family and Jerry's not ready for that step, but neither one will be satisfied with another partner. Fighting the dust brings them closer together, making them realize that maybe they've made a mistake. I'll be watching for the next book from this author. If you'd like to find out more information about this author, please visit her website. Look out Stephen King, this lady may be on your tail!

I received this book from the author and publicist as part of Susan Berliner's Pump Up Your Book Tour. All the opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Firelight and Another SNL Skit That Crack Me Up

Snl Harry Potter Skit - Entertainment Video via

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How Not to Make a Wish, Book 1 of the As You Wish Series by Mindy Klasky

Publisher: Mira Books
Pages: 329

From the Cover: While cleaning an old lantern, Kira Franklin releases a genie. But this gender-morphing, appearance-bending creature doesn't do "big" wishes. So forget stopping world hunger or ending war. And still heartbroken from the jerk who dumped her, Kira doesn't believe in the perfect man.

So she wishes for her dream job. Stage manager at the hottest theater in town, the Landmark. And presto: she's running Romeo and Juliet. Except, like everything else these days, this is one crazy production. And now Teel, the genie, insists she finish her wishes so "he" can move on.

Her second wish is about her appearance, which isn't exactly catching her third wish's eye. And there's the rub.

Because that old saying about being careful what you wish for is so spot-on. And Kira is about to discover that moxie, not magic, is what can make all your dreams come true.

Kira is a stage manager down on her luck. A year ago, TEWSBU (the ex who shall be unnamed), dumped her at the alter, and she's been slowly eating her way to oblivion. She works at a small dinner theater in Minneapolis that is one step away from disaster. And her boss has all but given her her walking papers. The theater is broke. Her next check could be her last.

That is until she finds an old lamp and tries to gloss it up. And what appears before her wondering eyes? An age old genie, Teel, who agrees to make her wishes come true.

But wishes should really come with a warning, be careful what you wish for because it just might come true. And not all wishes turn out to be what you were wishing for.

How Not to Make a Wish by Mindy Klasky is a fun piece of chick lit that has magical qualities. Kira's life has been in turmoil for the last year, but finding Teel seems to be the answer to all of her problems. She can solve all of her problems if she just using her wishes correctly. She can't solve world violence, cure all the ills, or feed all the hungry. Big wishes aren't allowed. But maybe, she can take care of a few of her own small problems, if she words her wishes just right. She doesn't want to make a wish that backfires on someone else. But while she's concerned with her own problems, she almost misses out on what could be her one true love that is right before her eyes, and she doesn't even need Teel to make it happen.

How Not to Make a Wish is the perfect read to grab as you're heading out to the beach or as your curling up for a nice winter read. I felt sorry for Kira at first, but she keeps going back for more and instead of solving her problems, she just makes them worse. Her father want to commandeer her life and he almost does. When she finally grows up and finds herself on her own two feet, she has the ability to grab onto her out of control life and put it on the right track. Maybe for success and happiness, or maybe not, but at least she'll be making her own decisions. I had fun with this book and I'll be looking to try Mindy Klasky next book, When Good Wishes Go Bad, Book 2 of the As You Wish Series coming April 2010.

I received this book for review from the author. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Samhain Publishing Is Having A Birthday Party

Got this in my mailbox today and thought I'd share with everyone!

Friday, November 6, 2009 - 10:00 A.M. to 10 P.M. (EST)

Samhain Publishing’s 4th Birthday!!

Please join Samhain in the Samhain Cafe to chat with authors, play games and win yourself some SWAG! eBooks, Print titles and an eBook reader will be given away during this event so be there or be talked about.

I haven't join their yahoo group, but maybe it's not necessary, anyone who'd like to have a chance at books and swag, looks like this is the place to be.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chiller TV ~ November is Vampire Month

Chiller TV was picked up by our cable company about a year ago, so I'm relatively new to the Chiller programming. But it has declared November 'Vampire Month' and some of my favorite series are being re-broadcast. They will also be showing all types of vampire movies including Bram Stoker's Dracula, Bitten, The Vampire Effect and many others. They be also showing scifi related shows like Millennium, Poltergeist The Legacy, and Tales from the Darkside. I've recently discovered a British show called Hex which is witchy fun! They also have an anni-Monday currently. If Chiller TV is available in your area, you might like to take a peek.

Here are the series that will be re-broadcasted:

Kindred, The Embrace (all 8 episodes will be broadcast)


Forever Night

Also available on

Dark Shadows (remake of 1960's show - Johnny Depp considering movie possibilities.)
Dark Shadows (1991) is also available of

I found this interesting picture from Dread

Sorry to all of you Blood Ties lovers, the only place to catch these episodes is on Lifetime Channel.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teens Read and Write is having a contest

Teens Read and Write is having a Mega-Giveaway. As more followers are added, more books get added too. Hurry over to enter at or click the pic under my banner. The pic is just a partial list of books being given away. Multiple winners!! Hurry over, contest ends 11-15-09.

Good Luck!!

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