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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Exhale, Just Breathe Book 2 by Kendall Grey

Publisher: Kendall Grey/Howling Mad Press
Pages: 344

(Released: June 3, 2012)

From the Cover:

Her dreams brought them together, but reality could tear them apart…

The man of Zoe Morgan’s dreams isn’t only real, he’s interested. In her. But her boss wants her too, and is leveraging his unsolicited advances with the threat of blocking the huge promotion she's after. When he places a spy on her research team, the intense stranger discovers more than he should, and Zoe fears hiding a relationship with Gavin Cassidy from her boss is the least of her worries. The whale she must protect has been marked for death, and Zoe's old enemy Scarlet is eager to deliver the killing blow. To both of them.

Australia’s Sentinels must find and lock the door into the Dreaming before Fyre Elementals launch another attack on innocent dreamers. But corruption and distrust abound, and Gavin believes someone on the Sentinel council is in league with the Fyres. As he reluctantly embraces his new role as council leader, Gavin must not only keep Zoe safe from Scarlet's vengeful clutches, but organize a Sentinel defense strong enough to prevent a full-blown Elemental war—with a traitor fighting by his side.

*This book contains graphic language, sex, and some violence. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

**The author will donate all profits from the sale of the JUST BREATHE trilogy to programs that educate people about whales and the challenges they face.

Zoe has become entwined in the sleep world, the Dreaming, discovering her true purpose and her ability to communicate with whales, becoming one with the world that has meant so much to her life. Then, her dream lover comes to life, and not only is he real and a rock star, but he wants her as much as she wants him. But along with the discovery of the real life rock star, comes the knowledge of the Elementals, in particular, one Frye Elemental that would like to burn her to the ground, along with her love for Gavin. She'll stoop to any level to destroy his love and crush Zoe under her heel.

Gavin suffers the loss of his mentor, but at least he has Zoe in his life, if he can keep her alive, because his one-time user and want-to-be lover, Scarlet, Frye Elemental, wants Zoe out of his life, and if she has to kill Zoe to do it, she will. But, maybe she only has to kill their love. It becomes a desperate chase to keep the love growing inside Zoe and Gavin.

Exhale by Kendall Grey is the continuing story of our hero and heroine, Gavin Cassidy and Zoe Morgan. Zoe has discovered her true purpose, but her boss keeps trying to step into the picture, he won't let her be. And, he's decided that he has to have Zoe for himself. But, Zoe has grown up a lot since the days when she thought herself in love with him, she's found real love with Gavin, and she doesn't want anyone else. Gavin struggles through his new responsibilities, the Sentinels need a new leader, and he's it. Not only that, but the Frye Elementals are trying to take over the Dreaming and an Elemental War is looming. The only thing keeping him sane is Zoe.

Exhale is an excellent addition to the Just Breathe trilogy. Zoe is a kickass heroine who has come into her own rights, and Gavin is the rock star of her life, if she can keep their love alive and herself breathing. The Elementals want to use Zoe and if they can't, they'd just as soon see her out of the picture. But, maybe, she's the one person who can stop the looming war? Gavin is drowning in a sea of need, the Sentinels need him, the Dreaming calls to him, the Wyldings need a savior, but what about what he needs, Zoe? And Scarlet will do anything to have Gavin back in her demented clutches. If you want an exciting, heart pounding ride that will be you turning pages well into the night, pick up Inhale and Exhale, both are excellent additions to the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance  realms. Warning, hot spicy sex that's hard to stop reading!! Kendall Grey is a gifted storyteller, loud and proud, outrageous in her tales at times, but it makes the reading all that much better. Could not put Exhale down!!

Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I picked this book up for my own reading pleasure, and loved every minute of time, reading it in record time, thanks Kendall Grey for another excellent read and continued support of the whales! All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge

A weekly meme created by Dottie. Every Monday we shared a picture and on Friday you post a tale or story to go along with the picture. 350 words at minimum. 

Happy early Monday you guys. I'm sitting here an anxious mess waiting for Steve (my mechanic) to finish looking at my car and call me. There is something wrong with my car and I'm dying waiting. It doesn't help that I'm a worry-wart and I am impatient. Gah. At least they invented the internet for people like me to waste time and try to keep my mind off of my car.

Anwyays, how are you guys doing?

Here is the picture for the week:

I found this painting and it was painted by Alfredo Dagli Orti.


Since I'm bored and have nothing else to do, I'll share my FFF from Friday. ^.^

by: Carole Rae

Screaming your name, I removed my heels and stumbled up the slippery stones in search for you. The moors rushed in front of me, but all the love I had for the moors vanished because I could not find you. Where are you? Where are you my love? I set my lamp down and looked up towards the opening sky and I heard your voice. I called your name again, but your voice stopped. HER voice, or what I think would be her voice, took place. She laughed and she whispered among the wind, “His heart belongs with me.”

Tears began streaming down my face and fell onto the already wet stones, “No. He hates you. I will NOT let you take him away from me.”

She laughed and laughed, “He will be mine again.”

“I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN!” I yelled back.


I winced, but I still declared,“I WILL WIN! HE WILL LOVE ME!”

The wind blew and whistled louder then anything I've ever heard.

I snapped awake. Sweating was dripping down my face and I was shaking. I sat there on the couch a moment before I realized where the loud whistling was coming from. My tea was going off. I sighed and looked down at my trembling hands. What none sense that dream was. However...I could still feel the lingering jealousy that heated my blood. What if my dream was right? What if he still loved that bitch? That whore? I had never felt the sting of jealousy and despair before.

I pulled myself from the couch and went over to the kitchen and grabbed myself a cup of tea, before sitting down back on the couch. I sighed and took a sip. With a sigh, I set down my tea and grabbed my writing pad. I began writing...writing always relieved my emotions and removed them from my body.

Just outrageous of me to compare myself to her.
Everyone says that she is a bitch and a whore
A fact is a fact, but that doesn't mean you still don't
Love her
Or wish I was her.
Usually I don't care, but I can't stop thinking about it.
So it is true you are with me...for now.
You may think me nuts, but if she wanted you back badly enough she will....she will.

I slammed the pen down as I finished writing these words. Rage, menace, and most of all...longing burned through my veins. I stared out the window and took a deep breath. It was not my greatest work, but I could feel the emotions slowly draining. Thank God.

My phone rang and I knew it was him. I picked up, “Hey.”

“Hey Rebecca.” Whispered his velvety voice.

“Whats up?”

There was a moment of silence and then he replied, “Guess who showed up at my place earlier?”

“She did...didn't she?” I could feel the emotions spilling back into my veins. That whore was going to get it.

“Yeah,” He laughed, “She was all dolled up and was trying to seduce me. I just slammed the door in her face.”

That should have contented me, but my veins was running with every bad emotion, “You should have just fucked her, Jack. I know you still love her.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“C'mon. We've only been dating four months and you still love her. She wants you back. You should have taken that ship when it came.”

“I can't.”


“Because....because I love you Rebecca.”

My heart stopped a moment, “Oh, Jack. I love you too.”

I could hear the smile in his voice, “Thank God. I was terrified you wouldn't say it back.”

“I've loved you since I met you, Jack.”

“Same here.”

~The End.~

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Inhale, Just Breathe Book One by Kendall Grey

Publisher: Kendall Grey/Howling Mad Press
Pages: 463

(Released: April 20, 2012)

From the Cover:

Strangers in reality, inseparable in dreams…

After years of suffocating under her boss’s scrutiny, whale biologist Zoe Morgan finally lands a job as director of a tagging project in Hervey Bay, Australia. Success Down Under all but guarantees her the promotion of a lifetime, and Zoe won’t let anything—or anyone—stand in her way. Not the whale voices she suddenly hears in her head, not the ex who won’t take no for an answer, and especially not the gorgeous figment of her imagination who keeps saving her from the fiery hell of her dreams.

Gavin Cassidy hasn’t been called to help a human Wyldling in over a year, which is fine by him. Still blaming himself for the death of his partner, he keeps the guilt at bay by indulging in every excess his rock star persona affords. That is, until he’s summoned to protect Zoe from hungry Fyre Elementals and learns his new charge is the key to restoring order in the dying Dreaming. He never expects to fall for the feisty Dr. Morgan…nor does he realize he may have to sacrifice the woman he loves to save an entire country.

*This book contains graphic language, sex, and some violence. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

**The author will donate all profits from the sale of the JUST BREATHE trilogy to programs that educate people about whales and the challenges they face.

Zoe Morgan is following her dream as a whale biologist and finally out from under the thumb of her one time lover and boss, she finds the freedom she needs. It's never been hard for Zoe to bring the whales to her, making her tagging job a little easier to complete. Sometimes, it almost seems as if Zoe can "talk" to the whales and they can talk back. Her problem is that to do her job, she's shut herself off from the rest of her life, can she continue to live this way?

Gavin Cassidy is a rock star, real life. He's been shying away from his life in the Dreaming, wanting to refuse his destiny... but until he finds Zoe's escape into the Dreaming. Can this Wylding be exactly what he needs? From the first time together, he realizes she could be something more. Then, when she lets herself go in what is her dreamland, and his reality, she turns out to be the lover he can't live without, she can put out the fire that burns within his soul. But, what will happen if she finds out that her dreams was really reality?

Inhale by Kendall Grey tells the story of the Elementals, earth, fire, water, air, and how it's all interconnected with life. What Zoe doesn't know is she is going to play a bigger part in this Dreaming that just as an imaginary dream lover whom she finds harder and harder to live without. How can she become so dependent of her dream life? And when she discovers her dream lover is real, and not only real, but a rock star, she's blown away. How can all this be possible?

Inhale starts out as a story about Zoe's need to save the whales, to protect them from the hunters, it's the driving force in her life. Then, she meets Gavin, her dream lover, and her life changes. Her drive to save the whales is just as strong, maybe stronger, but so is the need for her dream lover. Inhale starts out as a hellacious ride into the unknown and end up being a burning hot romance between a rock star and a whale biologist that only gets better the further you get into the storyline. If you like a rocking hard romance, Elementals in all their various shapes and forms, then pick up Inhale, you won't be sorry.

Five out five fairy kisses for this reader.

I picked up Inhale after meeting Kendell Grey at RT2012, she was awesome and I enjoy supporting her efforts to help our extra-large cousins. All proceeds go whale programs, what a great cause. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Very Late Monday Flash Fiction Challenge

Sorry this is very, very late. I had it all typed up, but I forgot to share it. >.< Sometimes life is pain and there is not enough time in the day. 

Well here is this week's writing challenge:

Got this from Olof Erla

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with. ^.^


Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Flash Fiction Challenge

Happy Monday everyone. It's rather dreary over here in Michigan, but the snow is melted away so I am okay with it. ^.^ How is everyone else doing? How is weather on your side of the pond?

Well, I forgot to post my story on Friday for last week's challenge, but if you click HERE then it will transport you to my tale. Along with my story, I also want to let you guys know that I'm hosting a giveaway over at my blog for my blog's 2nd birthday. There's a bundle of books involved *waggles eyebrows* Click HERE to get there. Technically it ends in a couple days, but I think I'm going to extend it another week. *contemplates*. Head on over...its open to everyone!

Anyways, here is this week's picture:

This is a picture of the Tunnel of Love in the Ukraine. Really cool picture of it. I love how the sun is shining through the trees. Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner (aka Thursday) I found this oddly appropriate for this week's challenge. Can't wait to see what you all come up with!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Awesome 'A Stiff Kiss' One Year Anniversary Contest

Today, I'd like to share Avery Olive's post! It's a super awesome contest! I hope everyone participates because 'A Stiff Kiss' was one of my favorite reads for 2012! See MY review of it HERE.

Welcome... Welcome! Please stick around and read today’s post ‘cause it’s a Winner! Hehe. Okay, so I thought about trying something a little different for this next contest.

My goal is to try and get everyone involved more, while spreading the word about A Stiff Kiss. I know many of you might prefer the simple enter your email Rafflecopter, or leave a comment on a post... but I think, if people get involved, this will be a huge hit!

As an A Stiff Kiss Anniversary Participant, your goal is to get as many points as possible so that you can win the massive prize package I’ll be giving away.

But wait, I’m all about a pat on the back for participation, so I will be giving two smaller prize packages away to two random entrants, and... And... for everyone else, you’ll get a little something something too. So, if this works, everyone has the potential to receive some kind of goodie!!
Grand Prize includes:
1 signed and personalized paper copy of A Stiff Kiss (with a special note to the winner)
1 ASK Canvas Tote Bag
1 ASK T-Shirt
1 ASK Coffee Mug and set of coasters
1 ASK Mousepad
Signed Bookmark, postcard and mini poster

2 Participation Prizes include:
1 ASK Coffee Mug filled with Hersey’s Kisses
1 Set of ASK Coasters
1 ASK Mousepad
Signed Bookmark, postcard and mini poster

To see a picture of the prizes being offered, click HERE
Alright, let’s get to the fun stuff. I’ve created a list of activities, given each of them a point value and tried to come up with simple, easy to do and like I said, most importantly, fun things for you to accomplish. You will need to copy and paste this form, and fill it out in order to entered. All forms must be sent to no later than February 28th!
  1. Tweet about A Stiff Kiss. I’ve created a few tweets that you can copy and paste, or create your own.
Tweet 1: Who knew kissing a corpse would change everything? #AStiffKiss out now!

Tweet 2: Have you checked out @AveryOlive #AstiffKiss ?Happy one year book anniversary!

Remember to use @averyolive or the hashtag #AStiffKiss so that I can track your tweets! International readers may tweet in their own language, so don’t worry

1 Point per Tweet and no more than 2 Tweets per day! Enter how many tweets you did here...
Number of Tweets:

  1. Post to your blog or other social media (Website, Tumblr and Facebook)
You’re goal is to share something about A Stiff Kiss. It can be posting a review, doing a simple cover and blurb spotlight, it can be asking me to do an interview (send an email to if you’d like my help) You can re-use an old review, post or interview, however it must be imbedded into a NEW POST. You’re imagination should be put at use here, being extra creative is awesome!) Can be posted in your language of choice.

5 Points per Post. You can post a maximum of 3 times, at least one week apart but each post must be different. One post review, one post cover and blurb, one post something random like sharing with me your personal favourite cemetery...

Please include links to your post!

  1. Spread the love by sharing your A Stiff Kiss Review. Most people forget that there are dozens of places to share reviews. Posting one in a new place can help spread the word. Find a new place (like Goodreads, Barnes & Nobel,, YaCentral) and post your review!

5 Points for each new location you post your review! Please include links to your reviews
Enter Links Here:

  1. Candid Camera! Take a photo of you (and others if possible) holding a copy of A Stiff Kiss, your e-reader with the cover (or opening page). If you see A Stiff Kiss in your bookstore, library, or own a copy, get as many people as you can into a picture!
Don’t have a copy or ebook of A Stiff Kiss? That’s Okay! If you’ve been lucky enough to receive ASK Swag in the past, take a photo with that or print out this handy 8 ½ X 11 POSTER (colour or black and white) and use that for your picture!

10 Points for each photo, plus 5 points for each additional person within the photo! Follow me on Instagram—tag me in your photo—post it on Facebook, post it to my wall, share it on twitter with @AveryOlive or #AStiffKiss or send me links.

  1. Poster, poster, read all about! Print out this handy dandy 8 ½ X 11 POSTER (colour or black and white) and post it all around your town. Tape it up anywhere you are allowed to—libraries, school bulletin boards, telephone poles, get creative!

10 Points for each poster you put up (with photo proof, see activity 5 guidelines on how to make sure your photo is seen if you are not sending me links)

  1. Get your Library to get in on the fun! Many library websites have a “request a book form” so, fill it out and request to have them purchase a copy of A Stiff Kiss for their shelves or go directly into the library and fill out a form or talk to your librarian!

10 Points for each request (take a screen shot of your screen when making the request (screen shot how to info HERE)

  1. Stage a spooky photo! Since A Stiff Kiss’ main character is all about cemeteries, I want you to go out and stage a photo next to a tombstone. I know, it’s a little morbid, but Xylia will love it. Use your book, ereader, poster or swag and capture it along with a tombstone, creepy statue—anything you can find at your local cemetery!

15 Points for each spooky photo (with photo proof)

  1. Buy a Copy today! Don’t own A Stiff Kiss? Buy a copy (print or ebook) today for yourself, your friends, to donate to your library or giveaway as a gift. I recommend Take a screen shot of your order confirmation or a picture of your receipt.

25 Points for each book (or ebook) purchased—don’t forget that photo proof.

  1. Write an article! This is a big one, it might be nearly impossible to accomplish, but I have faith in you! Write an article about A Stiff Kiss (or me, Avery Olive) and have it printed in your school or local newspaper. The article can be a review, an interview, whatever you can come up with!

30 Points for each article printed. Send me links or get photo proof!

The Wild Card! This is for you wild ones out there. Show me what you’ve got! This is activity is strictly for you to think outside the box! If you can come up with a fun, creative way to spread the word about A Stiff Kiss, show it to me!

50 Points I’ll need photo proof, links—anything you can throw me!

Just a little extra. 
Can I personally use your pictures and post them on the internet? Yes or No
Can I include your name when announcing prizes or thank you’s? Yes or No

Don’t forget to include your full name and mailing address because in my eyes, everyone is a winner!

Send completed form to
That’s it, that’s all. I know, some are easier than others, but I think with a little planning and a little motivation, anyone out there can rack up the points!
Remember, for the ones that require proof, I need links provided or to be tagged on Facebook or Instagram, it posted on my wall or use @averyolive or #AStiffKiss so that I can see all your hard work!

For full contest details, rules and regulations, please visit HERE otherwise, get to work and spread the love of A Stiff Kiss!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Not Your Average Fairy Tale by Chantele Sedgwick

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Pages: 224

(Released: August 1, 2012)

From the Cover:

Ash Summerland has it all-good looks, popularity, and the best grades at The Academy of Magical Beings.

Ready to complete his last assignment in order to graduate, Ash is confident he will get the apprenticeship he wants. but when he opens the letter from the Council, he is shocked to discover he has been assigned to apprentice Lady Shenelle, Keeper of Happy Endings - aka the head fairy godmother.

Ash is forced to grant three wishes to a troubled human girl named Kendall, and ultimately give her a "happy ever after". But Kendall turns out to be more than he bargained for. Still grieving over her father's death, she doesn't want anything to do with Ash. And worst of all, she doesn't believe in happy endings.

Ash Summerland thinks he's going to have it all, graduating at the top of his class, his dream job as a Sandman... until it all crashes down, and he can't believe his luck. When he rushes to see his mentor, the head Sandman, he's told it's all for his own good. But, how can being a fairy godmother be a good thing? And what's worse are the gossamer wings that suddenly want to sprout from his back. Now, he's forced into becoming... a fairy... with wings, a wand, and everything, and not only is he a fairy, but a fairy godmother (or whatever you want to call the only guy fairy godmother... what would that be? A guy fairy wish granter?) Lady Shenelle forces him into facing a challenge he doesn't want, granting wishes, giving a happy ending. It can't get any worse. He'll just hurry through this final hurdle AND then all his dreams will be realized. But, he isn't counting on Kendall.

Kendall wants to hide from the world, it's all her fault that her father died. And she survived, she doesn't believe in happy endings, having wishes come true.... not since she lost her father. Now, she had to deal with her mother's depression, her sister's forced cheerfulness, and everyone in the school knows what happened, and she has the scar to prove it. She can't believe in fairytales anymore, not even when some gorgeous guy pretends to be a genie or whatever, a fairy godmother, her fairy godmother, and determined to grant her three wishes. If he would just go away and let her be.... but Ash has other plans, and one of them is getting Kendall to believe him and what he is, and now. He somehow starts to change her life...even if she doesn't want it to. Kendall wasn't counting on Ash either or his wish granting or maybe even what her heart feels.

Not Your Average Fairy Tale by Chantele Sedgwick is just as the name implies, it isn't your average fairytale... Ash Summerland isn't counting on how becoming a fairy godmother and everything that goes along with it. This one crazy assignment has ruined his chances of stepping into a Sandman apprenticeship, and his worst enemy, Dax, has his dream job, at least temporarily. Kendall Corrigan has closed herself off, she doesn't hang out with friends, she isn't on the drill team anymore, and she's self-conscious of the scar that trails down her cheek to her neck, another reminder of the accident that took her father's life. Mostly, she hides in her bedroom, hoping it all goes away and hiding. Then, Ash walks (or flies) into her life, trying to change everything. Kendall isn't what Ash is expecting either, he recognizes the pain in her eyes, and he wants to protect her, as well as get her to speak her three wishes... the soon the assignment is over the better.... or is it?

Chantelle Sedgwick tells an engaging story, a top notch tale of what might be and what is. I could not put her book down! Ash can't believe he's being forced into being a fairy godmother, and Kendall can't believe there's really anything like a fairy godmother, but she sees it with her own eyes. I love the twist of fate that Ms. Sedgwick brings to her story, a guy fairy godmother who's mad about his whole situation and a girl who's slightly fractured, but maybe she can be 'fixed' with a little help from her new friend. If you're looking for a Not Your Average Fairy Tale story, you might want to pick this one up, it's anything but average. Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I received my copy of Ms. Sedgwick's ebook, Not Your Average Fairy Tale, for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday Morning/Evening Flash Fiction

Happy Monday everyone. It's chilly and I'm freezing my little toes off. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and I hope the weekend comes sooner rather then later! Remember, if you guys find any picture you  think would be a wonderful FFF go ahead and connect either Dottie or me at

I utterly forgot last week to participate. >.<  I really want to join in on this one though. Why? Look at him! He's so AWESOME! He looks so ruthless and tough, but oddly...he looks sad. Mhmmm....Can't wait to read your tales!


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