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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finally the Night is Unwinding

This day is finally over. It doesn't seem like I did that much today, but I'm exhausted. Let's see, I picked up the house, watched a tiny bit of TV, read some more of Scarpetta (still not quite done, but it's a really good story). Picked up a couple of Harley Jane Kozak's books I haven't read, and ran around to do errands. Pat had a band thing tonight and just got home from school at 9:00. This weekend has NO basketball games (yay!), but next week there are four, can you believe it, FOUR games. I hope the teachers go easy on the homework or Kirsten will be having a fit.

Stuart has been especially lovable today, I wonder why? Should I go check to see if he has chewed all my shoes up or maybe he has done something more dastardly, don't want to think about that. Killer was over quite a bit today, ate a whole can of food, wanted to come in the house and sit in the sun. He's so sweet, but I can't let him come in the house or he will think that he's really supposed to live here.

Well, going to cuddle up with my book and read until I pass out. Skipped supper tonight, but now starting to get hungry, don't think about, maybe it will go away. Nope, still starving. Maybe I can find some tasty diet food to eat, you know, like cardboard, all fiber and no calories.

Bye for now,



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