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Monday, February 2, 2009

Blood Sins by Kay Hooper

Publisher: Random House
Pages: 304

Blood Sins is Kay Hooper's newest book and part of the Bishop Series, and the second in the Blood Series. She usually writes in a three book series, of course she has stand alone novels and the Quinn Series. The story revolves around The Church of the Everlasting Sin and Rev. Samuel who has had repeat performances in Kay Hooper's books. Noah Bishop works as an FBI operative and head of SCU (Special Crimes Unit) and he's psychic as are most of the people who work in his unit. His unit handles the crimes that fall outside of norm of criminal behavior. His specialty is telepathy and he is extremely strong with his wife, Miranda. As he positions his people, (including Haven, a civilian organization he started that can work outside the FBI confines), inside and outside Rev. Samuel's church, the killing begins. First with unknown subjects and then with some unfortunate church members, one of which is a Haven operative. This allow Bishop to find a deeper way into the church, but Rev. Samuel has been making changes of his own. Since the trauma of being born to an abusive prostitute mother, (he has been loosing time), the traumatic events leading to his mother's death (at his own hand, though richly desired),his psychic abilities began to emerge; but because of the trauma, his is a negative energy. He was struck by lightning and learned to absorb the magnetic and electrical energy. Gathering more energy increases his psychic abilities and he soon learns that he can steal another psychic's abilities. As Samuel's psychosis grows (Godlike cult leader qualities), Bishop gets closer to setting his trap, if he can only strike before more people are killed. Senator LeMott is also becoming more involved in the investigation than is wise, but who could blame him, after his daughter's murder. With the help of Tessa, the trap is sprung. The only question is who will walk away. Blood Sins is an exciting supernatural read. Crime novel with paranormal attributes. A great read!! Visit her site @


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