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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Valentine's Day From Hell

I've had bad Valentine's Days before, you know, like the times when all your friends but you had dates, boyfriends, or secret cards from unknown admirers. But this one should have been good. My hubby and I were going to a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, we don't go there very often, only on special occasions. Last time we were there it was for our anniversary. Soooo, we get to the restaurant, shown to a decent booth (it's a western restaurant). They have peanuts on the table to munch on before your food arrives, so we were happily munching away.

About half way through the time it takes to get your meal, my head started to pound, uh oh, migraine time, and sick to my stomach. I manage to fight off the nauseousness and I know if I can eat before the headache gets to bad, I might fight it off too. I asked for extra rolls, anything to avoid the headache. While waiting for the rolls, our food comes, but by now I'm truly sick to my stomach. Eat anyway, the food's always good. On the way home to change (we were suppose to head out to the basketball game in the evening), I started to feel really sick, you know, like you're going to ralph. Didn't though, just left like crap. Now, I beginning to it's the peanuts, because of the icky feeling in the bottom of my stomach.

On top of all that, my daughter calls me from the basketball game as we're getting ready to leave (I know, stupid to have a game on Saturday, especially Valentine's Day). I can tell she's upset, but she won't tell me what's wrong. Soooo, I'm still feeling pukey, and we have to drive all the way to Neoga to see what's going on. When I get to the game, I know something's up because everyone's giving me weird looks. My daughter won't talk to me to tell me what's up. Just getting weird stares from other parents, like you should have been here earlier. I have to endure this until the end of the game, when the cheerleading coach comes up to me and says, look there's only three games left, how hard can it be? What's up with that! Soooo, as I'm sitting there waiting for my daughter to change out of her shell and skirt, more parents are coming up to me and commiserating with me, about what I don't know, because my daughter still won't talk to me!!

Finally, in the car on the way home, she starts to tell me what has happened. Apparently one of the seniors, who by the way is a fat cow and has been the biggest beeatch since the begin of time (or at least start of high school cheerleading) dropped my daughter not once, but twice on the gym floor because she didn't feel it was her job to catch her. If you're going to put someone in the air, you'd better be ready to catch them if you or they screw up. Well, my daughter didn't screw up, just leave it at all, so you can figure out who to blame. Not only did she dropped my daughter, but backed completely out of and away from the stunt. The same senior then preceded to scream at my daughter, who has been trained and competed for gymnastics, dance, tumbling, and cheerleading, that she is the worst cheerleader ever and should be kicked off the squad, in front of the audience, the opposing team, all the other cheerleaders and coaches for both teams, and God. My daughter said everyone was looking from the senior to her, embarrassed for her. The cheerleading coach handled it really well by saying, gee, she'd make to other girl apologize, but it would be half-hearted anyway.

This girl is 18 years old, should have learned manners by now, and should have been taken out of the game. To show what a good sport my daughter is, she went ahead and did the build with the stunt, just with a different side spot. Now, I've got the call the stupid cheer coach or the principle because if I don't, I'm going to keep having parents feel sorry for my daughter and think what lousy parents she has!! I wasn't even there for all of the happenings, how could I have missed it!!

To top off what has been a fantastic day, the cheer coach asked each of the non-senior cheerleaders to please bring $5.00 dollars to the next practice to get the same senior cheerleader a graduation gift. I'm supposed to give her money so she can drop my daughter on her back (scoliosis and all) and then scream at her because my daughter couldn't do the senior's job too. Isn't life just too good to be believable. Hope everyone had a grand Valentine's Day!!

Talk to you soon,

Dottie :)


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