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Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 82

Good Monday Morning Flash Fictionados!!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I got to go prom dress shopping Saturday. Found my son's girlfriend the most gorgeous dress at a little shop in Decatur IL called "It's A Girl Thing". It's a great little boutique, I love it!! This will be my daughter's last prom, her boyfriend graduates this spring. It's my son's second prom... he's a junior this year, but I don't think his girlfriend will let me shop for her again next year... only this year because my daughter needed a dress. I was able to find her an amazing deal, the gowns in It's A Girl Thing are beautiful, breathtaking. It's where we purchase that gorgeous gown my daughter wore last year to prom. I wish I'd found it sooner and that I had more reasons to shop there!

On the downside, my daughter got up Sunday morning with pink eye!! After we went shopping, she went to her boyfriend's house. He had pink eye last week, but he stayed home until the infection was gone. Unfortunately, his nephew must have been infected because she hugged and kissed the little guy who also got up Sunday with pick eye. It's been a really long weekend, lol! Now cleaning everything, wiping door knobs, and making her stay in her room. And lots of hand washing!! Hope no one else picks it up... I so tired of trying to kill off the flu now pick eye...

Anyway, since it's Monday, it's time for another edition of....

The image for this week will hopefully shake up what we've been doing with our flashes!! LOL I've only attempted a flash with this type of image once. I really liked doing it, but it was really difficult for me to write. If anyone wants to see how I wrote mine, click here. I hope I have time for write for this flash, because I think the image is freaking awesome. And I know what I'd like to write. I just need more minutes, lol

It's a fantasy anime image, and I'll let you decide how to proceed, what the image means....

And for an alternative...

Dragons! (We could see more dragons next week, I found some gorgeous images!!)

Dragons are always great for the imagination, and I found some wonderful images. This one is fantastic with the huge dragon filling sky. Hope everyone finds something appealing with one or both of the images.

Have a great week!!



Blodeuedd said...

I might be going for the dragon instead of the hugging samurais ;=D

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I think I can work the dragon image to the story I have going a lot easier than the men. We'll see what comes up. :)

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