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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can I Say.....I'm Freaking Blown Away!!!

Many of you may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I posted the new contest on Jason Evans' blog, The Clarity of Night, with the picture prompt of a black bird in silhouette. It was an awesomely breathtaking picture that spoke to me, but in a way I wasn't sure I'd be able to capture. Well, I gave it my best shot and I'm happy to say I received an honorable mention!! This may not sound like much to a lot of people, but to me, I was awestruck. You see, I love reading and writing, it was always a dream to be able to write, one that I would have never attempted until I found my place in the blogging community. I've received so much good feed back on this story, I knew I could have improved it, but honestly, I tried to put my best foot forward. This is a learning process, right?

Altogether there was 237 entries, mine was the 234th. First, I forgot the date to send my entry in; then, I didn't know if I was happy with my entry; and finally, our internet was spotty and it went down on the last day of the contest and only came back up with only five minutes to spare in the contest. In the last minutes left, I hurriedly sent Jason my entry and hoped for the best. After I sent my entry, I looked at the others and thought, holy crap! How did I ever think I could compete??? There were so many fantastic entries and as I looked back at my own little tale, I cringed. No one was going to like it, it was a pathetic attempt. I guess this second guessing and nervous anticipation is how it's supposed to work. So, I've been sitting today anxiously waiting for Jason's results, knowing I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell, and wouldn't you know it, the internet goes down again and stays down all freaking day!!! I wasn't able to check the results until almost midnight. And as I was scrolling through the winners (all fine stories I must say) and the honorable mentions (which I didn't think I had a chance at), there was my name!! I rubbed my eyes, closed the browser and re-opened it to look again. And I was still there. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Honorable Mention
--Taylor, Dottie, And The Hunt Begins

I'm so honored to be included in such company as those who participated in this contest. Everyone who participated deserves a big pat on the back and a Woo Hoo! To put yourself out before the eyes of so many others is an incredibly hard thing to do. I hardily congratulate you on your most worthy efforts. I didn't make one of the top five entries, but when there were almost 250 entries, I was amazed my story was even noticed.

Thanks Jason for an amazing contest!!! It has to take so much work to have a contest like this, especially with the amount of entries this contest produced. I imagine that exhaustion is reigning in your house tonight. All the participates congratulate you on your worthy efforts!!

I wasn't sure I was going to post my entry, but I'm so happy right now that I'm doing my happy dance. :) So, here's my entry:

Silhouette -- The Clarity of Night Contest

And The Hunt Begins

I raised my face to the night wind. There's the sweet scent I'd caught earlier. I inhale deeply, letting the scent wash over me, through me, heightening my senses.


I run, grinning wildly, as the land glides beneath my feet, almost at a full gallop. I scent the air again, yes, there it is! A hawk calls over head, pointing the way.

At the edge of the brush, I skid to a halt. I'm not the only one drawn by the scent as I hear a growl off at a distance in the waning light. I sat on the cold hard ground, forcing my heart to slow, biding my time. I can wait my turn, I will have my feed.

I open my jaws and yawn a loud whine, alerting others that I too wait to feed.

“Help me.” I hear in the distance as the growl grows closer. The ground vibrates, limping footfalls coming nearer. Damn, it's a helpless thing, groping in the twilight for a savior. A small hand lands upon my flank, curling in my fur.

“Please, I'm lost.” It pleads.

Food, my instincts cry.

Help it, my heart demands.

Shifting is always the worst part, especially when I've been denied my feast. Bones pop as I change, no one feeds tonight.

A child cries in the darkness.

“I'm here.” I reach out, taking the small hand in mine. “I'm here.”


Blanche said...

Hi Dottie!!

I'm jumping up and down and celebrating with you!! How awesome and so very well deserved!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
You absolutely captured that beautiful picture!! You are very talented and need to continue writing!! :)

Blodeuedd said...

Omg Dottie! You're awesome, and loved the shifter piece :D

Amy C said...

Dottie! Wow! That was intense for a short passage. You really painted a vivid scene and you deserve every bit of honorable mentions for that one!

Donna said...

Dottie that is a wonderful story! I can see why your entry was brought to attention. You have a way with words.

Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing this writing piece, I loved it.

Lea said...


WOOT!! Congratulations!!

I'm so thrilled, your entry is quite poetic and definitely deserves the recognition it received!!

Congrats again Dottie!!

You go girl!!


Unknown said...

Hi Blanche!

We can dance together, LOL, I was so excited last night, I accidentally woke up my hubs. Needless to say, at midnight, he wasn't impressed. And I was beside myself. Had to share my excitement with someone!! Poured it all out to my blog, kind of embarrassing, lol!

Thanks Blanche!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi B!

When I read your entry, I knew mine didn't match up, it sucked, I was kicking myself for entering. Your piece was AWESOME!! I loved the idea of continuing the piece from last time. Wish I had thought of it.

Thanks B!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Amy!

I wish you had participated with me this time, I missed seeing you there. You're a wonderful writer, emotion pulling.

I just wrote how I interpreted the picture's meanings. I hope it was effective in showing others that I saw.

Thanks Amy!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Donna!

Thanks for your encouragement Donna. I don't think I would have tried again if I hadn't had people like you to encourage me. It's really scary to enter these contests, it's kind of like sharing secrets with the world instead of just your best friend.

Thanks Donna!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

Thanks Lea, after I started reading the other entries, I began to think that I had missed the point of the picture. I mean, there were some really awesome entries, and with 237 of them, it amazes me that mine was even noticed. Jason did a fantastic job judging, how he did all of this is beyond me. I would still be there, struggling to read through the entries and wavering.

Thanks again Lea!!

Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Aww thanks Dottie *hugs*
I really like hearing that since I didn't even made the 40s club and thought that nope no more for me

Unknown said...

Hi Blodeuedd

Please, please try again with me next time. I think it was the sheer volume of entries that decreased the 40's club this time, your story was excellent. I loved the mythology theme. (I also thought your entry over at the Deadline Dames was fantastic, that must have been some nightmare!!) I'll be your critique partner for the next contest!! Pretty please?? :( You're so talented, don't quit!!

Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Ok when you say it like that, yes I will enter :) And I am sure sticking with fantasy and mythology, I do think it is the only thing I can write these days ;)

It will be fun, and thanks again!

Oh yes, some nightmare

Unknown said...

Hi B!

Glad you're going to participate again with me! Please keep writing, you have some much talent and a great voice!!


Dottie :)

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Hey Dottie!

You did a fantastic job with your're my "neighbor" in the contest -- I was right behind you at #235 ("Body & Soul"), and I'm happy for both of us for making an Honorable Mention and for inclusion in the Forties Club!

I was very last minute, too...but so glad I went forward with it! What a great opportunity this was, and Jason did an awesome job. I don't know where he found the time to do it all!

By the way, your blog is beautiful!


Unknown said...

Hi Kathleen!

Nice to see you, being neighboring entries and all, lol!

I loved you piece, so poetic and painted the picture of life so beautifully.

Is this the first contest you've entered at The Clarity of Night? I entered the one last summer, made the forties club, but this contest really threw me. Didn't think it had a chance to stand with the other entries posted there.

Congrats to you again, richly deserved!!

Dottie :)

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Hi Dottie,

Thanks for all of your kind words ~ I appreciate it.

This was my first "Clarity of Night" contest. I had read about the last one just before the deadline, and I couldn't get around to it. I heard about this one "on time" and I blogged about it...then didn't work on one of my own. One of my blogmates was inspired to write one, and she prompted me to write one as well. I still didn't get around to it until the last minute, and even then, I started and stopped several stories, but in the back of my mind I knew what I should be writing about ~ I couldn't help it considering the theme of "silhouette."

Congrats on making the Forties Club during the last contest, too.

Don't let other entries ever prevent you from entering a piece! I understand how "self-doubt" can plague writers ~ but you must have faith and go for it!

I will definitely try again during Jason's next contest ~ and you should, too!

Unknown said...

Hi Kathleen!

You've got a beautiful voice, so glad you shared it with us on The Clarity of Night.

I've only entered The Clarity of Night contest twice, and the one Deadline Dames holds occasionally. There's another writing contest going on right now called Another, Another Faust contest where you write on the Faustian idea (a deal with the devil). It ends on 1-31-10, up to 3000 words. I finished a short for it, but not anymore sure about it than I was for The Clarity of Night. It was written very quickly in the last two days.

This is nothing like I've ever done before, but at least I'm having fun.

Thanks again!

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Dottie this is awesome! Honorable should have won with this!

OMG! Girl, you can write! So....why aren't you writing??????


Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Hi Dottie,

Thanks for the info on the "Faust" contest, I don't know if I can come up with something so quickly before the deadline, but I might consider it...I have been working on another piece I'm about to submit for Six Sentences...they're looking for submissions for their next publication. Their deadline is 1/31 also. Here's the link:
Good luck with your Faust entry!
Thanks for your kind words.
Keep having fun!

Best regards,

Unknown said...

Hi Hawk!

Thanks sweetie, the winning pieces were awesome, as were the other H/Ms. In fact, I thought everyone who entered did a great job, I would have never been able to choose. We'd still be there, waiting for the winners.

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Kathleen!

Thanks for the information about the Six Sentence submissions, I'll check it out, haven't seen anything about it. Don't know if I can come up with anything so quickly, but I'll look at it. And thanks for the link!

I'll try and you keep having fun too! Here's the link for the Faust contest if you're interested:


Dottie :)

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