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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prom 2010......Let's Get Ready to Rumble.....!!!

Okay, Kirsten's prom 2010, it was freaking scary... LOL... First she had a prom date, then she didn't, then she did, and then he brought a date with him on their date.... I know, and these are the days of my life....

Kirsten "pinning" (she cheated, it was a magnet) on Zach's buttoneer.

Kirsten and Zach
Aw.....  Pretty
I think she could take him, look at those muscles...his...not there, LOL

Heather (favorite senior cheerleader and prom queen - yay!) and Kirsten (other favorite cheerleader)

And...just because I wanted to.....

Patrick... rockin out in the real world


Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

Glad everything worked out for the prom - she looks like she's having fun! (Looking at your son's picture - my brother was/is a drummer. How many pr of earplugs do you own, LOL?)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

OH Dottie, thanks for sharing! You are better than me.. I am not sure I have even seen my SD card that is still in her camera, lmbo!!!! But I know she has uploaded them to her pages, lmbo!
As soon as I can, I will have some up for her!
Kristen looks gorgeous!!! And she seems like she was having a blast!!!
Oh the days of our lives huh....
What a ride this is!!!!!!!
Hope all is well honey!

Blodeuedd said...

What, brought a date on the date, hm, kids today :)

That dress rocks, I hope all went fine

host said...

I really like her dress - it very pretty! I hope she had a great time :)

Erotic Horizon said...

Beautiful kids - I hope they had a great time at the prom..

P.S.- I think she could take him as well... a left hook and it would be all over..

Have a great week hon..


Cherry said...

Oh! My! God! Kirsten is a brunette Tinky!! Beautiful, Dottie, beautiful!!

Michelle Greathouse said...


She is beautiful..and that dress is gorgeous. :)

I hope she had a blast.


Amy C said...

Oh Dottie! That is awesome :D. Kirsten's dress is beautiful!

Ladytink_534 said...

Aw she's pretty! I love her dress!!!

Teddyree said...

Kirsten looks gorgeous, stunning dress. Glad it all turned out, thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Doesn't time fly :-)

Anonymous said...

What great photos! And I love her dress - beautiful.



Lea said...


Kirsten looked just gorgeous. Her dress is beautiful as is the young lady inside it.

(I think she should have pinned the bouttoneer into Zach's skin. Too bad it was a magnet.. *g*)

Thanks for sharing, she looked so happy..

Mary G said...

Hi Dottie.
Kirsten is beautiful & she looks like a movie star in that dress.
Your son even has rock star hair. Love it!!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for all your good wishes and yes, she had a blast. I'm going to do a post prom post to show everyone what when on there, lol, it's too funny!!

On the bright side, even though her date kept ducking out on her to visit with his girlfriend who keeps him on very short leash, she met a bunch of people from the neighbor school district as well as ran into a couple of kids that moved to the other neighboring district that she hadn't seen in forever. She really did have a good time.

Patti: no ear plugs yet, but they're on the shopping list as he gets louder and louder, lol!

Cecile: Hope Brooke had a blast at her prom too. I'm glad it's over!

Blodeuedd: Yep, brought a date on their date and she insisted on having pictures with them. And Zach kept leaving to sit in the parking lot with Paige.

Host: I loved her dress, but she insists that next year, straps are imperative. LOL

EH: I told she should have knock his lights out for ditching her constantly at prom, LOL!

Hi Cherry: She's gorgeous isn't she (or at least she tells me she pretty LOL)

Michelle: It's it amazing how quick they grow up? She did have fun though!

Hi Amy: I'm glad she had a good time, LOL, it was trying getting her to prom, that's for sure.

LadyT: I loved her dress, but she said people kept stepping on it and dragging it out her body, LOL!

Teddyree: I couldn't believe she was going to prom. LOL The time does fly!

MsM: She ended up having the best time, LOL, after all the false starts and stops that is!

Lea: I could Kirsten about pinning the buttoneer onto his skin, we both had a good laugh at that one!!! LOL

Mary: My son's hair is a constant battle for us. LOL He insists that he never needs a hair cut, I insist that he at least get it trimmed, lol.

Thanks again everyone!!

Dottie :)

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