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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 41

Okay, this is a week late, but I really loved this image, and wanted to write for it!!

 King Once More
By Dottie Taylor
Word Count:  990

Katrina stood behind the angry man who, at one time, she gazed upon with adoring eyes.

As he glared at his court, everyone shivered with anticipation and dread. Katrina wondered who would be next accused? She eased up behind her King and Majesty, gently touching his shoulder. “MiLord,” she breathed with a whisper, “come, MiLord, it is time to rest for the evening.” She hoped to spare those he surveyed one more night.

Without standing, he twisted around, giving her his piercing black eyes. “Do you presume to know the King's mind?” She felt her face coloring.

She glanced down at her feet, willing them to escape his steadfast stare, “No MiLord, I only wish to offer his Majesty the comfort of his bed.” Almost unwillingly, her hand reached out with shaky confidence, offering to take his.

“Aye, MiLady, and is the rarity of the Queen's comfort being offered as well?”

She tried not to shudder, once she had loved this man. She still did, he had to be there somewhere. “Of course, Majesty, I am your willing slave.”

For a moment, she glimpsed the man whom she had wed, had loved, had laughed with, before the sickness of hate and fear stole him away. It had all started with the traveler, the maker of magic, who came to the court to offer an evening's entertainment. Slowly, her eyes lifted and found the man who stood at her husband's opposite shoulder. The evil bastard had the nerve to smile into her steely gaze.

He leaned in, whispering in the King's ear as well, “She means to bring your death, Majesty.”

Thomas's eyes widened, they had been at one time kind, filled with love. He flatly glared back at Katrina. “Be gone, witch, or I'll have your head!” He thundered.

Morgan grinned as he stepped back. His plan was nearing fruition. Soon the Queen would be useless to the court.

Katrina bowed her head, “Your wish, sire.” She stepped back into the shadows. With a nod of her head, her guards surrounded her, each eying Morgan with contempt. Everyone around the King could see the perversion, everyone except King Thomas. As the guard carried the Queen back to her chambers, she said with a sure and steady voice, “Morgan's death must come tonight. To wait may bring certain death to our court members, even to myself. Who knows where he will tempt the King next?”

The Captain of her guards leaned in, “Morgan will be relieved of life this evening, my Queen.”

Katrina took another step, and turned to look at her Captain, “I only hope it isn't too late.”

That evening, after the King had released the court, Morgan prepared the King's nightly elixir. As usual, the fog had started to lift from the King's mind. He wondered why the Queen refused his bed.

“I know not why the Queen meets your requests with refusal, sire,” Morgan said as the elixir swirled in the King's nightly brew. “Only that her eyes are filled with hatred.” He sighed, “I wish I had happier news.” He grinned as he stared at the King's back.

The King spoke in a defeated voice, “I will speak with her myself in the morning.” His response was the same every evening, but soon the elixir would take away his reasoning.

Abruptly, there was a pounding at the King's chamber door. “Majesty, it is the Queen, come quickly!”

In moments, Thomas pushed the elixir away as it slamming it away as it sizzled on the stone floor with it's vaporous cloud. He jumped to his feet, racing to the Queen quarters.

The Queen's Captain now stood with Morgan, his plan for this evening foiled. The Captain drew his blade, and nodded to Morgan. “Sir, it is time you left my King's service.”

Morgan glanced at the long sword in the Captain's hand. “You can't presumed to order me, I service at the King's command.”

“Not tonight.” The Captain replied, and ran the sword to the hilt into the man's board chest. Morgan's eyes watched with disbelief.

He drew a stuttering breath, “You've killed me!”

“Aye, and may you meet the devil on your way to hell.”

The King burst into the Queen's chambers, his heart hammered with dread. She laid upon the satin sheets, still as death. As he rushed to her side, he gathered her hand, bringing it to his lips. “My love, do not leave me.”

The Queen's eyes fluttered open. “My love, I will stay as long as you will have me.” She shifted, lifting her arms. “Come, my King, stay with me tonight.” She breathed weakly, the death serum wearing off, and she smiled. “I'm quite well, now that you are here.”

Once more the eyes of the man she'd married gazed back at her, filled with love. He gathered her close, more precious than life. How had he forgotten the comfort of her arms?

The Queen's Captain returned to his men, and he grinned a sure smile. “It is done, the King's quarters are being cleared.” His men congratulated him on his success. Tomorrow would bring a day with hard answers, but also, a return to sanity, or at least he hoped so, not only for his sake, but for the realm's sake as well. “Let us pray our King's mind has not been lost.”

The Queen didn't have any doubts, and tomorrow, she would prove it to the court. The King was once again her husband, and she would die rather than lose him to a charlatan. Soon, she would bring him an heir. Her King once more restored.

Morgan's body resided in a shallow grave, unconsecrated and unmarked, head separated from it's body. But, sometimes, his ghostly apparition could be seen wandering, mixing it's brew, sure of his desires, even in death.

I know, it's way long, and it feels like something has been left out, or unfinished. But, I'm out of practice, lol. It will get better as I flash a little more.

Have a great weekend!!


Anachronist said...

Sure, that wasn't bad I just thought Morgan would put a fight or run for his life and then captured...oh don't listen to my rambling!

Blodeuedd said...

It was amazing :D And what a sweet ending. Yay for them being happy and together again. That evil Morgan got what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. And I love the happy ending.

Unknown said...

Thanks Guys!

I need to get back into the swing of writing flash fiction... I wanted to tell to much detail, not enough story, lol!

Dottie :)

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