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Friday, January 13, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 75.... The Friday Post

It's been another loooong week here at Taylor ranchero..... yes, it's been that kind of week.... *sigh*

Without further ado or circumstance... The Friday Post...

And the lovely image provided by Ana!!

Of Fae and Men
by Dottie Taylor
word count: 610

Galen moved with the big cat, his eyes reflected the panther's. It's hunger, it's need. When it roared into the blackness of the night, he felt his own vocal cords stir with the rumble of a growl.

“Where is she?” Galen gazed down the corridor of darkness, the panther glanced back. “Come, my pet.” And the cat turned at his words, and slinked back to his side. “Maybe another night, hmm?” His hand found the thick fur between the big cat's ears, and rubbed it's silken softness. “Another night.” His eyes glowed like the cat's, and again he growled.

Together, the man and beast strolled through the streets, the cat's nostril quivered with a scent, but not the one they sought the most. Her scent, her heat. Suddenly, the cat's head swiveled around, a shadow followed. Galen reached down, and stroked it's fur. “I know, my friend, we're being followed.” The cat growled deep in it's throat. The only sound that echoed in the night was the click of powerful nails and the soft footfalls of Galen's leathered souls. Whatever followed was silent as death.

They rounded a dark corner, and waited, man and beast, breath held. Their helpless prey continued, stumbling into their shadows with a small yelp. It was a woman, but not the one they searched for, it was another. But, maybe, she would do.

The big cat roared back, and the woman brought her hands up to cover her face. “Please, sir!” She begged even as she imagined the claws of the beast burrowing through her flesh. “Please, I've been told only you can help.”

“Blackspell, calm yourself, you're frightening our young charge.” Galen smiled at the cat, and it snarled back, a great tongue swiped across it's piercing fangs. The young woman shivered, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

Galen bowed and offered his hand, “Galen Reunalt. And you are?”

She curtsied, and offered her own. “Lisbeth Rigley, and I've been told you help those in need.”

“And who would have presumed to tell you that?” He asked irritation in his voice.

“Sir, it is common knowledge.” She replied, stepping into the light.

Galen's heart stopped, before his stood an exact duplicate of the woman he searched for, only younger, and he inhaled, sweeter. He peered carefully into her bright blue eyes, and purer, no infection of the darkness whatsoever.

“Who are you, my dear?” He questioned again, circling her body.

“Mademoiselle Elizabeth Marie Rigley, Monsieur.” She returned, “and I think you know my mother.”

Galen let out the breath he'd been holding. So, the woman had a daughter? Letting her roam the streets was a foolish mistake. “Many search for her, the Fae aren't known for taking prisoners.” He scowled, “What do you think you're doing out here, and alone?”

“Same as you, I imagine, sir. Searching for my mother. She must be found, as you say, the Fae take no prisoners.”

Again he scowled, the silly young thing was going to get herself killed or worst, mistaken for her mother. Her bounty was high, set by the Unseelie King himself. “You'll not find her this way.” He growled, and the big cat growled too.

“Ah, but you will, won't you sir? It's imperative I find her, she's holding the secret to my brother's release.” She sighed, Lord Galen was her last hope.

“There's more of you?” He shook his head, not believing his ears.

“Yes sir. And if she doesn't return what was stolen, his life is forfeit.”

Well.... that's all I have for today.... tune in again Monday morning, same bat time, same bat channel for another edition of......

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge!!!

Ciao bella!! 

Have a great weekend!!


Anachronist said...

Blackspell - I liked that name! I am happy you decided to use one of my pics again!

carol said...

I was worried for the girl there for a minute. Nicely done.

Raine said...

At first I thought Galen was probably a serial killer on the hunt instead a person good at finding people. I also like the name Blackspell, could this suggest the man practices magic. :D I forgot about the Friday Fiction picture. I'll add that. :D

Blodeuedd said...

Yay, good story and I agree with the rest. Great name you created there

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