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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Destiny's Past by Patricia C. Lee

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Pages: 280

 (Released: June 7, 2011)

From the Cover:

No-nonsense medical examiner, Kelly Richards, relies on the familiar comforts of science and scalpels to get her through the day. So when a not-so-dead guy who claims he's from the past lands on her autopsy table, she considers calling the men in white coats to escort him to a padded room. But Jarek's old-world ways and hot gaze trick her heart into falling for him—a mistake she swore she'd never make again.

When Jarek, Prince of Leisos, discovers someone he trusts has been slowly poisoning him, he travels to the future in search of a cure. Driven by vengeance, he enlists the help of an impudent scientist to return him to his time. Caught between his growing desire for Kelly and the need to expose his would-be assassin before he strikes again, Jarek must either forfeit his ticket home or lose the only woman he's ever loved.

When Kelly Richards gets the shock of her life, a moving supposed to be corpse lands on her autopsy table, she does the only thing she can think of... she wonders who's crazier, her or the guy who's supposed to be dead? And why isn't he? Next, before she has time to think, she's covering for him when the police show up. Has she lost all of her senses? But, there something about this man who says he's stepped out of the long ago past, and maybe he's part of her future, as yet untold.

Jarek only knows he's being sent to the future, to find the cure for the poison ravishing his body. How far he must travel or where he'll be, he has no idea. He does know that someone he's trusted wants to see him dead, and in his place on the throne. He begs this doctor from the future to help save his life, so he can return to have his vengeance, but he wasn't counting on falling for the doctor or helping her pick up the fractured pieces of her life. He become her protector, her redemption, her lover.

Destiny's Past by Patricia C. Lee is a bit of sci-fi paranormal romance all wrapped up in a story of loss, redemption, and someone willing to sacrifice it all for the person he loves. That's what happens in Destiny's Past. Kelly has left her previous employment to come and hide out, hoping she's been lost and unable to be found. With the loss of her sister, she seems to lost her way, and until Jarek falls into her life, she isn't sure there's a way back. But, with him, she starts to feel like a real life might be possible again. The only problem is, Jarek isn't from now, he claims to be from the past, and her logical brain has trouble getting around this fantasy he's created, until one day, she finds herself considering the possibility. She realizes that, somehow, he's gotten under her skin and he's there to stay.

Destiny's Past, at least to me, is part science fiction/time travel fantasy read, with an excellent romance to tie up all the loose ends. Jarek is an alpha male who has stepped out the past in need of a doctor's help, and not just any doctor, but Kelly Richards who's life needs saving almost as much as his. She saves his life, but in the process, he helps her put back the pieces of her own. Patricia Lee writes a moving story of loss and redemption, of love found and almost lost again. Jarek saves Kelly, but almost at the loss of his only way home. Destiny's Past blends Jarek's world and his ability to move through time with Kelly's sensible and logical real world life. Paranormal romance lovers and fans of time traveling romance might like to give this one a try, it's definitely worthy of a read.

4.5 fairy kisses out of 5 for this reader

I received this ebook from the author, Patricia C. Lee, for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Carole Rae said...

Wow a nice blend of genres! :D Great review!

Pat Lee said...

Thanks Carole. Yeah, Destiny's Past does have a bit of everything: mystery, romance, humor. Book 2 will be coming out in January.

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