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Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Flash Fiction Challenge: Week 109

Happy Monday everyone! I'm really excited, but slightly nervous about my first post on this blog.  

Halloween is right around the corner and I simply LOVE this holiday and this time of year. You can be anyone you want for Halloween. It's a great way to express yourself through the clothes of another character. Plus the candy eating is always grand ^.^.  What are you guys dressing up as? Or, for all you parents, what are you dressing your kids up as? Personally, I'm dressing up as Marie Antoinette's ghost for the Halloween party I'm attending. At work...well....I can't wear my dress because it'll get destroyed. I might just wear my light-up devil horns. We shall see.

Without further ado here is the first picture I'm posting for the Flash Fiction Challenge, so dust off your keyboards and get your creative juices flowing for this Halloween inspired picture (it is Halloween time of course!):

I found this at this wonderful wallpaper website over HERE.

I just now noticed the chain around her ankle....I wonder what she did. Mhmmmmmm.

Go ahead and share your link in the linkie collector below. On Friday (or Saturday), I'll repost the linkie collector! We'll see how well this works. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!


Blodeuedd said...

Cool pic :) I'll try :)

Raine said...

Good luck with the costume! I think I'm going to pass my costume. I did thought of being one of the Weeping Angels but I wasn't able to get a cloth sewn ready or maybe go as Toph in Avatar: The Last Airbender :D Oh well. I hope to check back the MMFFC pictures I haven't left too. :D

Unknown said...

Hi Carole!

Thanks for finding such as awesome image! I'll be looking forward to read was great entries. The image is so cool, I may have to give this one a try to warm up for NaNoWriMo!

Great first post!


Dottie :)

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