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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Unattainable by Leslie Garcia

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 243

 (Release Date: March 18, 2013)

From the Cover:

Unreachable. Dell Rosales gained her nickname, “inalcansable,” or “unreachable,’” the old-fashioned way, earning it with every new rip in her heart.

Unwanted. Dell returns home to salvage her father’s ranch by opening the place to a group of girls with problems and pain not unlike her own. With her outlook on love soured - perhaps beyond salvation - she clings to Becky, the tiny little girl whose own mother preferred a life of drugs and men to motherhood.

Unwinnable. Former DEA agent Jovani Treviño has seen that the war isn’t winnable: people keep dying. Drugs keep killing them. But pleas for help from the DEA make him agree to one last battle for the good cause - checking out heiress Dell Rosales, whose ranch on the Rio Grande provides a perfect spot for traffickers to cross if she allows them to.

Unattainable. Suspicions, passion, and their respective pasts draw Dell and Jovi into a tumultuous relationship that both must to avoid. Love seems distant, foolish to seek - unattainable. When an epic flood threatens not only Dell’s ranch but the surrounding area, will anything survive?

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Dell Rosales wants to believe she unattainable, unreachable, she doesn't need a man to make her happy or to prove her worth. She's a businesswomen, respected for her ability, not her family name. Her grandfather is the powerful force, a De Cordova, but she choose to ignore her heritage, choosing to be a Rosales. Her mother abandoned their small family, her father's love is all she's ever known. Then, Jovi Treviño walks into her life.

Jovi Treviño comes to the Rosales ranch, answering an ad for an experienced foreman. But, he has ulterior motives. His brothers at the DEA have asked him to investigate the Rosales ranch and Dell herself for involvement in drug trafficking activity. When he meets Dell, he understands why 'unattainable' has been attached to her name, but is she really? Almost upon their first encounter, sparks fly, and if Jovi isn't careful, he'll jeopardize the investigation and his fellow DEA agents because as wrong as he knows it is, his mind is occupied with nothing but thoughts of the unattainable woman.

Unattainable by Leslie Garcia is a riveting tale of love, suspicion, and trust. Jovi comes to Dell in the form of a lie, but after he meets her, he wants nothing more than to carry her off to his bed. But, he can't, if he sleeps with her under the guise of the foreman, he knows she'll never forgive him. But, if he tells her the truth, she may never trust him again. Dell has her own problems, she's opened her home to troubled girls, and they've turned into a handful. But, Jovi has gotten under her skin like no man has gotten before, not even Jeremy, her troubled one time fiancee. She's been burned a few too many times to take love at it's face value. Can she love Jovi? Should she? Unattainable is a sweet romance, with just even of a police investigation to keep it interesting and the reader on their toes. I very much enjoyed this quick little read and recommend it to those who love a sweet contemporary romance with enough fun and action to keep the pages turning, I read it in one sitting. Five out of fairy kisses!

I received my copy of the ebook for review. Thanks Leslie for an excellent read! All opinions expressed are my own.


M.J. Schiller, Romance Author said...

Sounds fantastic, Leslie and this may just be one of the best blurbs I ever read! Best wishes for a bright future with UNATTAINABLE and all your other writing endeavors!

Carole Rae said...

oooohhhhhhooooo sounds really good!

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