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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Bad Day In Illinois and Internet Drops

Hi Everyone!

This is how I spent my day!

I wanted to, but I didn't!

I feel ever so slightly prehistoric!

I thought about turning the T-Rex on to the cable company.

I didn't.

The cable repair guy and I got to know each other.

Think I can trust him? ..... No? ..... Me neither. ....... Though he did promise no more outages today.

Surely tomorrow will be a better day for internet cable connection.


Minding Spot said...

those pics made me smile, but I know internet dropping is no picnic. Very frustrating!!

Glad your back online :)

Blanche said...

Hi Dottie!!!

I hope everything is working ASAP!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Wendy!

All I can say is that it's been a very long day!


Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Blanche!

There was an ominous pop outside our house and then nothing.... no cable tv, no phone, no internet... don't they know that there are somethings a girl can't live without?

(at least no one took my books... that would have been a fighting offense... lol)

Dottie :)

Kristie (J) said...

I just go all panicky whenever my internet connection goes down!! I'm glad you held yourself together :)

Unknown said...

Hi Kristie!

I was on shaky ground for a while, you know how it is... I just wanted to use my computer.

But, on the upside, the cable guy was nice (in a scary kind of I don't think I made a new friend though.

Dottie :)

Lea said...

Hey girl!

I'm glad the "Cable Guy", got your lifeline up and functional again!!

We can't have our Tink off line. :(

Hope all is better now.

Warm Regards

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey Dottie!!! Girl, I am feeling you! I love the cable guy refernce!!! Jim Carey made me never want to call them in my life lol!!!
I am glad that you back. I am going to send you some of my magic dust to sprinkle over your house to see if that will help you!!!
Love ya girl!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

Today was just a little bit trying is all.

But the cable guy says it's all fixed up ... I can only hope!

I thought about having Tink pix em over at the cable company, you know, faery dust isn't always good.

Thanks for the great contest Lea!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Cecile!

I hope the internet has seen the last of the doctor today.

The cable guy got here about 4:00 this afternoon and worked some voodoo over our cable lines. It's supposed to work now. If it's out again tomorrow, I'm kicking butt and taking names!

Thanks for the magical mojo and dust...sprinkle it liberally please!

Love ya right back!

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dottie! Oh, I've been there. I had an outage last night. I also have a cable internet connection and although it's fast as hell, I constantly have outages.

I'm glad you have it back.

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Dottie,

Internet *sigh* *double sigh*
I hope it works fine soon enough and stays that way.

And those pics are so funny..and so true

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara!

We seem to be having a lot of them lately. About a week and a half ago, we were without any services for the entire day. Thankfully, we have plenty of DVD's to help keep everyone occupied. But it was cold and nasty outside and we were all stuck in the house, not a real good time. At least I was home alone and only I was going out of my mind.

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Blodeuedd!

I know, the pics tell the story today! I was so irritated. And then the cable company said everything was down in our small town. Rural life is so much fun sometimes. The cable guy came out and fixed it all up, or at least that's what he told me. I sure wasn't going to follow him under the house!

Dottie :)

Michelle Greathouse said...

Hello Dottie,

I feel your pain - the same thing happened to me last week. I never realized what an internet junkie I am until I couldn't get my daily fix. LOL

Glad your back online. :)


VampFanGirl said...

LMAO!! I love that first pic. I don't know how many times a day at work that I feel like beating the crap out of my computer.

Thanks for the smiles.

:) VFG

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle!

I was down again today and still can't get my email to open. It's all the severe weather today, yesterday the cable company blamed it on severe weather in southern Illinois.

I hate it when I can't get online. I feel like part of my life is missing.

Dottie :)

Unknown said...


I really thought about getting the sledge and going to work...I need a new laptop anyway...don't think my husband would have looked at the pieces and bought, 'I dropped it?'

I've only been down a couple of hours today, hope the weather clears by tomorrow!


Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how horrible! No internet is like living in the dark ages...what am I say? It is living in the dark ages!

Unknown said...

Hi J. Kaye!

I'm trying to send only good vibes out to our cable connection. lolol I felt so really sucked.

I'm hoping we're through the bad patch now....I hate being cut off!

Dottie :)

Ladytink_534 said...

Urgh! Sounds really frustrating. I was having problems with everything Google related (which includes my blog) yesterday so I just got off the computer and read a little before I started cleaning instead. Hope your problems get fixed soon!

Unknown said...

Hi LadyTink!

My email is all screwed up now, I'll being writing an email and it just sends itself. I don't know what's going on with it.

Dottie :)

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