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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reviewette: Demon's Delight Anthology --- Street Corner and Halos by Catherine Spangler

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Pages: 65 - 158

From the Cover: Meet Rachel, hooker and vampire, plying both trades after hours until she meets Gabriel on the night shift. He's an angelic emissary on a mission to prove Rachel still has a soul. and to save it, But she offers him a mortal temptation he never suspects......

Rachel is a lost soul...turned by a Nazi vampire rapist while she watched her family die at Dachau. She suffered through a different death, an immortal one. She only wishes she could have joined them instead of losing her immortal soul or at least that's what she believes.....

Rachel is a vampire hooker who never actually performs the deed. Her specialty is slipping into the mind of her prey and giving them the best sexual fantasy they've ever had. Only when they have reached the height of pleasure does she take what she needs, blood. She has a nice little condo, a nice little car, and a nice little life with no temptations. She doesn't get close to anybody or thing, there's less disappointment that way. She never has to watch anyone die ever again.

One night, a well dress man walks into her undead life. Gabriel is on an angelic mission to save her and her soul. She tries to glamor him, but he is unaffected and he tells her the only way to get rid of him is to spend seven nights with him, one week. Though her glamor doesn't work on him, his power of compulsion works on her. Soon, she finds herself agreeing to one week worth of 'dates'.

As Rachel and Gabe get to know each other, he takes her shopping, to plays, concerts, and to a children hospital to see what she's missing. They grow closer, and before Gabe knows what's hit him; he desires Rachel for more than her soul. Rachel is afraid to let anyone in. Though she wants Gabe as much as Gabe wants her, since being raped, she's had sex with no one. Nada. That's why mind sex with her prey is her specialty. As Rachel tries to slip into Gabe's mind, he pushes her away. She needs to make to choice: have a real life with a real relationship or go on her immortal way. But will Gabe to there or will he slip away as an angel might have to do.

Rachel runs. Does she want to spend eternity alone? No. She has to learn to trust, but that may be impossible. Now that she's had a taste of a real life, can she go back to her safe undead world? Gabe can save her and let her enter the sunlight she has forgotten by saving her soul. Can she take what is offered, his very life's blood? Or is she too late to even try.

Street Corners and Halos by Catherine Spangler was another fast fun read. This also introduces a new author to me as well. Rachel is a vulnerable heroine who grew up in a Nazi concentration camp at the height of World War II. She trusts no one, not even the little cat, Gertie, that she found by the dumpster who she feeds every night, but vows to quit the next. She's so lost that she can no longer find her way and she doesn't really care. She as happy as an undead person can be. Gabriel is a strong hero who knows he can save her if she'll only let him. He pushes Rachel to her breaking point and then pushes a little harder. He likes the finer things in life and he considers Rachel one of the best things in life, if only she'll learn to share herself with those who want to love her. The odds are against Gabe, but he never gives up. This was such a sweet story and I fell in love with these two characters. Rachel is hurt almost beyond repair, but Gabe has the heavenly body to get the job done. A great little read. It reminds me about what's important in life, you're not really alive unless you live. Visit Ms. Spangler's site for more information about her books. She has a new book, Touched by Light to be released in June, 2009.


Blodeuedd said...

Nazi vampire rapist, now that is creepy.

But I am liking this anthology

Unknown said...

Hi Blodeuedd!

I was kind of creeped out by the whole Nazi vampire thing, but then bad guy vamps are supposed to creep you out. It's a hard issue to bring in a story, the Holocaust.

But overall, the story was very good, I like the whole angel Gabriel sent to save a lost soul.

Dottie :)

Caffey said...

I thought Catherine Spangler new book is coming soon (Finally!) I'm not good with this creepy but I do love her books so going to give it a go!

Unknown said...

Hi Caffey!

It was kind of creepy, but not all that scary, if that even makes sense. I loved the story of the vampire and the angel though, it was great. I loved the HEA at the end. Sooo good.

Dottie :)

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