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Sunday, October 4, 2009

For The Lastest In The Hollows News

I received this in my email this morning, and loved it. Thought I'd share it. If you like Kim Harrison's Hollows Series, this is too cute. I think the opening graphic is the church (?) that Rachel and Ivy share. I subscribe to her newsletter and we always get the latest in Hollows news as well as all the cool stuff she has as promotional items. They're offering a Don't Touch The Baby button for $2.95 that cracked me up! (that would be the life sucking baby from White Witch Black Curse) My email said to 'share with friends'. If you check out Kim Harrison's website, she's having a Halloween costume contest. Take pics and send them in, win prizes!

As Taken From The Hollows Gazette
written, produced, created by Kim Harrison and Guy
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Cincinnati and Hollows police responded to a call from Eden Park attendants regarding large portions of Twin Lakes Bridge missing. Following a brief investigation, both Cincinnati and Hollows police referred the case to the I.S. No comment from the I.S. could be obtained.

Hollows authorities continue to receive numerous calls regarding graffiti on buildings in the downtown area. Authorities report that some of the graffiti is of an "unusual nature."

Hollows Police responded to a call from the conservatory regarding a large number of dead crows on the grounds. Police officials had no further comment and the conservatory was not responding to reporter's calls.

Cincinnati in the CrossHairs
Byline: Devin Crossman

Once again I find myself counting my lucky stars to be with you sharing the news and views from the Cincinnati area. I am not mentioning any names but I think we all know who is responsible for the "accident" that nearly prematurely ended my career and life. It is good to be back on the beat once again.

Much has happened around our fair city during my recovery but, I can not let go the recent devastation of one of our local parks. The "Mortis Operandi" is familiar, the target even more so. Yes I am am talking about the militantlike carnage that destroyed the statues of historic Carriage Park. These statues were older than most other parts of the city. The park itself, now unusable, was a haven to the many citizens that live in the area. We can only hope that modern science or possibly the best magic can save the ancient maple from being yanked from its arbor to tragically have the park becomes its tomb.

Unfortunately (as very typical of these recent events) there were no witnesses to the devastation, but I have it on very good authority that the destruction was from none other than the reckless antics of Rachel Morgan and Vampiric Charms Investigations. Yes dear citizens, Morgan and company have struck yet another blow against our city.

I keep asking the question when will it end? When will the authorities put and end to Morgan and her lawlessness. Why does Morgan remain free to roam our streets placing citizens in harms way? I tell you friends, this reporter is getting tired of the city management's lack of due process. I am asking, no, I am begging the city managers to get Morgan and her associates at Vampiric Charms, the FIB and the I.S. out of town and off our streets. If our current leadership can't or worse won't deal Morgan and her band of idiots maybe it is time for new leadership in our city. Who will step up and take control our city and get these criminals off the streets? Yes, who indeed.

Let your concerns be heard citizens. Let the city managers know enough is enough. We have had it, we are done. Stop Morgan and her cronies now.

As always Cincinnati, this reporter will aggressively get to the heart of this ongoing travesty. I will, for as long as I am able, pressure the city managers to get this menace off our streets and out of our city. You have my word on that Cincinnati. This is my promise to you. Morgan, you are in the crosshairs.

--Devin Crossman is a syndicated columnist that resides in northern Cincinnati and is featured in many national newspapers. Mr. Crossman can be reached through our office at Editor@hollowsgaz.hol.
Many thanks to for the image in this column. Visit their website for many other variations of crosshairs.


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh Dottie!! I so love this!! I am such a Halloween freak... anything to do with Halloween!!
Thanks for sharing this with us!!!
I hope you had a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi Cecile!

Remember, take pics of your costume and send them in. Check out Kim Harrison's site, she offers this contest every year. She usually offers prizes for a couple of categories.

Dottie :)

Teddyree said...

Ooh awesome, thanks for the heads-up on this Dottie. My son is having a dress-up halloween 18th so how perfect lol

Thanks for tooting my contest too
{hugs} Sheree

Lea said...

Thanks for sharing Dottie!!

This is too cool. I love Halloween, more than Christmas actually - great fun...

You have a great day.


Unknown said...

Hi Teddyree!

Make sure to send in your pic, lol, there will be prizes awarded.

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

The email actually wanted you to email to all of your friends, but you needs more junk email, so I posted it instead for anyone who is interested. I enjoy her Hollows newsletter, but not everyone may.


Dottie :)

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