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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drop by S.J. Edwards (Cassandra Cade) [ARC]

Publisher:  Crescent Moon Press
Pages:  302

From the Cover:  Lighthouse Inc. has traveled through time for thousands of years, hand picking employees to create a preferred timeline, known as the LPT. Lighthouse believes this careful planning will avert a cataclysmic disaster for humankind. But there are those who think otherwise and will stop at nothing to thwart its mission.

Darius the Assassin, a time trekking Dropper from the Crusades, teams up with feisty Tracker, Nicki Stone, from the present day. Together, they attempt to neutralize the rogue Dropper before the fabric of time is ultimately destroyed.

The battle for an alternate destiny rages as Darius, Nicki, and their nemesis William square off not only against each other and the very institution that keeps time intact... but most of all, themselves.

Nicki grew up with the Lighthouse, the security and wealth it provided.  She was one of the orphans, what happens when two Droppers come together and ignite.  Their lives are too complicated, too unsure to let children into the equation.  So, she became a Tracker, a soul to keep the Dropper anchored and grounded into the real world.

Darius is a age old Dropper, 1000 years old, born of the time of Persia, royalty by birth and an assassin by nature.  He was just what the Lighthouse needed to keep the LPT (Lighthouse Preferred Timeline) going in the right direction.  He was good at his job, happy in his own way until he meets Nicki, a force to be reckoned with all by herself.

Darius' life long friend and comrade, William, has come to realize that Dropping was no longer for him.  The Lighthouse with all their prophecies are wrong.  The world would be a better place left in God's hands rather than Man's.  But can he right the wrongs created by him and his follow Droppers?  Some will think that he's lost his mind, but others will recognize the truth.  If only he can convince Petra, his Tracker, that his way is the right way.

Drop by S.J. Edward/Cassandra Cade is a grippingly fast read, pages spun for me as I devoured the book.  Time travel has saved the Earth from it's devastating future, somewhere in the year 2800.  Humanity has been deformed by it's excesses and only the Lighthouse can fixed the carelessness of the past.  Our hero, Darius has lived several lifetimes scooped up from the sands of ancient Persia to save the New World.  William, his friend and fellow Crusader, remained at his side and both are brought to the future to avert what will be into what should be.  Darius handles his exposure well, but William begins to show cracks of an overused Dropper.  Our heroine, Nicolette, has lived her life for the Lighthouse, her fate has already been written in the Archives and only destiny is left to be had.  When fate brings Darius and Nicolette together, only destiny knows if these two will remain as one.  What no one is counting on is the dastardly William and his ability to charm, worm, and work his way into the mix.  Now, no one can predict what the future will hold, not only for Darius and Nic, but the rest of the world as well.

Drop is a very quick fun read, lots of action, and a sweet steamy romance between two forbidden lovers, the Tracker and her Dropper.  This book is character driven, told in the first-person POV of several different characters, each telling their side of the story.  The speaking voices of the characters are well defined both by mood and style.  I quickly became engrossed in the story.  It's one of those books, that when you're not reading, you're left wondering about what's happening.  As the plot begins to unfold, no one can see what the ending will hold.  This is the first of The Drop Saga, and I personally can't wait to see where this author will lead us in the future.  I recommend this book for lovers of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance, all can be had in one book.  I had a blast reading it.  For a taste of the fun or to order the book, click here.

I received this book from Crescent Moon Press.  All opinions expressed are my own. 


Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Hi Dottie!

Great review and this sounds like an interesting read!

Thanks for sharing!

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Great review Dottie!
I wanted to drop by to see how you were doing! Hope all is well!

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Dottie,
Oh this sounds cool, time travel, Persian prince, devastating future averted

Unknown said...

I am a sucker for a great cover!
Thanks :) Dottie.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweetie,

I love know that so this is one's for me to put on my TBL. Thanks for the heads up.

big hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Razlover!

It was an excellent read, hope you give it a chance!

Dottie :)

Hi Cecile!

The cover is great as is the story that follows in the pages. It was excellent, can't wait to try the next in the series!

Hey B!

I think this is one that you'd really like, there's a little something for everyone, plus a hot romance!

Dottie :)

Hi Shellie!

I hope you get to try it soon, the cover is great, the story is better!

Dottie :)

Hi Hawk!

I've been so busy, but I promise to make it over to your blog!

Drop is excellent time travel fantasy! Hope you get to pick it up!


Dottie :)

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