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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Mystery Meme: Play "Trapped in a Restaurant Meme Game" with Carolyn Crane To Win!

Lea @ Closetwriter has a new meme posted from Carolyn Crane's newest contest, check it out.

Trapped in a Restaurant Meme
(please go to for more information and details) 

1. In MIND GAMES, hypochondriac heroine Justine Jones can’t figure out why tortured mastermind Sterling Packard never sets foot outside the Mongolian Delites restaurant. What if you were somehow trapped in a restaurant, what sort of restaurant would you prefer?

See, I'm kind of a chicken when it comes trying different foods.  I'm an all American girl, and I like a nice hearty meal and not always a healthy one.... though I do try to keep it carb lite and low sugar..... but if I was stuck in a restaurant with little hope of escaping, it would have to be Steak/Ribs for me.  I love a good steak and the messy goodness of ribs.

2. What if you won the fancy $100 dinner to a restaurant of your choice, and you could dine with any character from any book, movie, or history. Who would you choose?

Hmmm..... some many to chose from.... So many from history I could choose.... I love to get some pointers from authors.... and the characters!!  I loved to learn what makes some of them tick, books or movies.

I'd guess I'll go with John Hughes.  I loved his movies from the 80's.  He just recently passed away, but I would have loved an opportunity to speak with him.  He captured what it was like for all of us average people out there trying to exist with humor, a whimsical presence that engaged the viewer even when the subject matter was serious or not.

3. Choose three characters to dine with for a lively dinner party (you can define lively however you want).

Ivy Tamwood from Kim Harrison's The Hollow Series:  I'd love to get to know Ivy.  She's snarky, willowy, aloof, powerful, kick-ass, and she'd bring Brimstone, the much maligned vampiric wonder product that cures many ills and apparently tastes good in cookies (besides, she could give me the inside scoop on Rachel Morgan, Jenks, Kisten, Ceri, and Al)

Jean Claude from LKH's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series.  He gets off on tasting without actually eating and he enjoys it so much.  Besides, he's a tasty treat all by himself.  Dessert please.  And more scoop on the lovely shape shifting/blood drinking characters.  Yum!  (though not sure Ivy and Jean Claude would see eye to eye)

Harry Dresden of Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files.  He's close, Chicago is in my home state, and he has a vampire brother, Thomas, who dines on the energy of his prey, but only a little.  He is a wizard and detective by profession which I find is too cool.  Love to pick his brain, discover some of his secrets.  And besides, I think he would find Ivy's personality intriguing.

Thanks for the fun meme Carolyn!!!  I waiting patiently to pick up a copy of Mind Games...(if you haven't checked it out, WHAT are you waiting for?)  Here's another peek at the blurb:

(Release Date:  March 23, 2010)

While the citizens of Midcity are being terrorized by paranormal crime, Justine Jones is battling the paralyzing hypochondria that’s ruining her life. She’d do anything to break free. 

She gets her chance when Packard, a handsome mastermind with strange powers, peers into her soul and invites her to join his psychological hit squad, the disillusionists.

The disillusionists are hired by crime victims. The team zings their fears and anxieties into criminals; the result is a total collapse.

At first, Justine enjoys being part of the glamorous, thrilling world of neurotic vigilantes who battle Midcity’s depraved and paranormal criminals, though as a crimefighter, she’s far more like Monk than Anita Blake.
She also enjoys the unexpected affection that blossoms between her and Packard. But little by little, Justine begins to uncover strange secrets: like why Packard hasn’t set foot outside the Mongolian Delites restaurant for eight years. And the truth about the disillusionists. Soon their affection is destroyed in an angry inferno.

Things become more complicated when Justine falls for her most dangerous target, a dashing crime boss with a penchant for opera and paranoia about brain hemorrhages. Is he a ruthless criminal or her soulmate? How will she keep Midcity from sliding into a bloodbath?  



Christine said...

Great answers! I'm going to be doing this meme, too. I'm just trying to come up with my answers! It's not easy! LOL!

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey Dottie! Thanks for playing the meme, and all these thoughtful fun answers. I love that you picked John Hughes. And also, Jean Claude! I think it would be wonderful to dine with him (of course, you know he's going to wear thigh high boots and an open-to-the-waist-shirt.)

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