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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deadline Dames Rod #25

The Deadline Dames posted an excellent flash prompt... but I had trouble with the owner's website, so I couldn't post her lovely prompt, but it you'd like to see, click here

Instead I found one a little similar to the Dames's prompt, this one by Karla Chan, found in free images.

(Steampunk Lolita by Karla Chan)

The Turning
by: Dottie Taylor
word count: 249

“I spy with my little eye,” Gwyn sang, her neatly bitten fingernails scraped the dusty floor, “a crystal glowing blue.” She continued, “I lift it up to behold,” and she raised it toward the light, “it's brilliance has grown cold.” She grinned, dropping the shiny bauble into her pocket. Her singsong voice evaporating.

“Not everyone recovered from the Turning, but Gwyn's harmless, happy even.” The CRS had shown up at MY HOME, sons of bitches, ready to judge.

“Tia, come quick!” Gwyn's eyes sparkled with wonder. “Hurry fast, lickety-split!” She scurried after another piece of glitter.

“Leave her with me. I promise, she'll live quietly, no cost to the society.” I narrowed my eyes. Their closed minds were already made.

The Committee of the Right and Sound moved away. What began as a benign event went catastrophic making the first Turning deadly. A general cleansing was called and defective survivors were dispatched, easier on everyone. Bullshit! It was murder and the Politicians knew it. Blood sucking bastards.

Then, a Committee Investigator came sniffing around, alerted to a surviving Turner. She'd pay of course, that bitch was mine.

Thirty seconds later, one member stood as Gwyn picked up her bit of flash. “We've reached our verdict.” He sighed solemnly. “We'll expect her at Disposal Center Four, 6 AM tomorrow for disposition.”

Yeah, not likely. I'd surrender Gwyn when hell frozen and the CRS.... well, they could bite my frosty ass.

Just wanted to share my entry... haven't had time to enter one of their contests in a bit. Tune in tomorrow for my answer to this week Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge. Oh, and an interesting contest starts tomorrow too!!



Michelle Greathouse said...


That was a fantastic story. I love it and think you should keep it in mind if you participate in NaNo this year. :)


Unknown said...

Hi Michelle!

The Dames were looking for a steampunkish entry, and well, not sure it's exactly steampunk, kind of... sort of.. maybe. But, I enjoyed writing it, and I might keep it in mind for NaNo this November. I'd like to explore the Turning more, find out what made it so deadly and why it changed others. Interesting... lol, you'd think I had it already set in my mind, unfortunately, it's not (well, not entirely anyway)!

Thanks Michelle!

Dottie :)

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