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Friday, February 25, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 28..... The Friday Post

Good Friday Morning to all my blogosphere buds!

I've been feeling rather melancholy, maybe it's because I had too much caffeine last night, or maybe it's the return of winter. It seems to be never ending this year, and just when I thought Spring was finally coming, it's snowing once more. Does it seem to anyone else that winter doesn't want to release it's hold this year?

Anyway, I really struggled again with the prompt!  It was so difficult for me to write to this one.  I loved the picture, it was beautiful, colorful, wonderfully done. 

by: Dottie Taylor
word count: 400

Keisha sank into the warmth of the Earth as it gently breathed into her body, softly sang to her tired soul, tightly embraced her pliant flesh. She wondered how long she had been here, time was a fluid thing, how easily slipped away. And the Earth was an jealous lover, it wanted her to forget. With each thud of her pounding heart, the Earth answered back, throbbing with vitality and virility, becoming her world. It mated with her as sweetly as any lover and as deadly as any foe.

This was her fate, to become one with the Earth, the reason for her birth, her duty.

But, sometimes in the dark of the night, she missed her life from the time before. And the one who made her fractured human heart flutter. When sleep finally stole her away, she remembered the touch of his mouth upon her lips as he deeply drank, breathing life and love into her body.

“Keisha of the heather,” Bryon, her human lover called playfully. “Vixen of my heart, lie with me, make love to me. Woman come to me, Keisha of my heart.” He laughed as he called her name, dancing in and out of her thoughts a thousand times a day. Loving, laughing, playing. She was loved.

Keisha dreamed of lazy days, lying in the warm sun, worshiping each other, flesh to flesh. It was then she imagined Bryon, as if he was there, never having left. Gods, he made her flesh dance and her heart sing.

He would always be apart of her.

Even though he was gone.

And always would be.

She was sworn to the Earth, promised and bound to life never ending. As long as the Earth teamed with life, so shall she. Unlike Bryon who perished so easily.

With little reason to cling to her life, she let go of her human existence, becoming one with the Earth. Her heart now the Earth's endless beating, wild with longing, but never ceasing.

Forever after,

for as long as they both should be,

two hearts beating as one for time eternal.

But when the Earth grew tired and let her sink into sleep, Bryon was always there, waiting to claim her, whispering once more into her ear, “Keisha of my heart, lie with me in the soft heather, come dance with me, love with me.” And she did.

So, like I said, melancholy and very hard to written for...

If you've chosen to play along, I'll be by to take a peek.

And remember to stop back by later to enter into a fun little contest!!  E. Van Lowe's new YA paranormal needs a cover!!

And remember to join us again next Monday for another flash!



Amy C said...

I really like this one, Dottie, so sad. Loved the writing, had a nice poetic feel to it.

It may have been hard, but it is very good!!

This one was actually easy for me to write to. I like it when that happens :).

So glad yours posted before I had to head off to work this morning, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to read it until tomorrow.

And man, do I know what you are feeling with the weather and winter. We're having some more yucky weather today. It's like that here though. Doesn't really go away until the end of March. I'm not getting my hopes up for nice weather until then.

Michelle Greathouse said...


This one is a bit sad. To watch the ones you love grow old and die while you stay the same, year after year.

How very lonely.


BJS said...

I think it was very melancholy and poetic, I really liked it....

Blodeuedd said...

I loved this one Dottie. So beautiful and yes melancholic. Truly wonderful, I think, ok I know that it's one of my fave of the ones you have written

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