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Friday, April 22, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 36..... The Friday Post

Good Friday Morning (and Happy Good Friday/Earth Day)!!!

It's been another long week here in Sullivan IL.... but I'll have another post up later for Earth Day, it's a Green thing....

As promised, my flash today is an androgynous one... it was much harder than I thought it would, and I kept slipping in pronouns, identifying gender... and they were all feminine, so at least in my psyche, the image has a feminine gender...

So... here's an androgynous flash....

The Dream Arranger
By: Dottie Taylor
Word Count: 460

“It feels like falling... that's the only way to describe it, falling... endlessly.”

“I am the dreamer, a tireless landscaper, an arranger of dreams. I have always known what I was, when I was needed, where to go. I am creator of your life's continuance or new reality revealed. In others words, your heart's desire.”

Elan's newest client has been assigned the destination of early life retrieval.

“Will it hurt?” Client 2249 inquired as Elan prepared them for the retrieval unit.

“No, it doesn't hurt. You'll never know it has happened.”

“Good, that's what I want.”

“Relax.” The sedative took effect and the client slipped into a dreamless sleep.

It had taken days to locate the correct sequence, but now as the client prepared for the retrieval, Elan could insure a safe transition, a seamlessness. The client would never even know their life had been taken. It would just happen, but as the dreamer, Elan could imagine another existence, supplanted into the wavering consciousness in the last moments. For the client, life would continue, of a sort. For Elan, it was the fulfillment of destiny, unable to live in any other way. All Elan needed to know were their desires, and the client would 'walk away' either into a new existence or a continuation, suspended eternally.

For Elan, it was all the same.

The retriever glanced up, seeking Elan's glazed eyes. “May we continue with the extraction?”

Elan nodded, slipping back into the client's thoughts effortlessly, able to bend reality around the retrievers. The client slipped into the endless sleep, a dream forever after. The filament of a silvery stream was lifted, gathered slowly. It slid around and between the retrievers, who in turn, let the slippery soul drift and sink, finding it's way to it's new home.

Elan's part was finished, now it was up to the maintenance crew to take over. Client 2249 had been retrieved, ready for storage, the dream in place for eternity. The client would never grow any older, never experience the pain of death, never see their life extinguished. But, they would also never leave their imagined reality. Elan always reassured the client, but wondered, what happened when the client grew tired of their existence? Would another dream arranger be called to repair reality? Elan had never seen the same client twice.

Elan reached out to touch the client's forehead one last time, and sighed before the crew removed the client to the prepared storage unit. Though the dream arranger would always have a place, it didn't mean it was a joyful life. Elan often wondered, was this the reality, or had arranger's retrieval already occurred? Was this an imagined existence? As the dream arranger, Elan would never know.

So, after I wrote this, I had the urge to write something extremely sensual..... I still might, because.... well... I was left unsatisfied, lol.  Apparently, I need more than androgyny.

I hope everyone enjoy this image... I hope someone wrote something more... less.... I don't know...  I can't wait to see what everyone came up with!!!  I'll be by to have a peek!

And remember to come back Monday for another flash, new possibilities....

Have a great day, weekend, Easter!!



Anachronist said...

Very science-fiction but I really enjoyed it! If you want something more sensual read my installment (I bit long but I couldn't help myself).

Amy C said...

I was thinking the same thing...scifi! Very cool and very different...I liked it very much, Dottie!

Something sensual? I like that idea!

Blodeuedd said...

I like it :D
And the image, so hard to know ;) So I actually never mentioned the gender, it might be a man, might be a woman

And here is FINALLY my flash

Anonymous said...

Very interesting story, but kind of creepy too, with the whole never knowing if your own life was reality or a dream.

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