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Friday, July 29, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 51, The Friday Post

I haven't had time to really write for most of the prompts, but I did give this one a try, not sure I like it, or if I'll continue it.... but anyway, here's my response to this week's prompt...

The Siren's Dance
By: Dottie Taylor
Word Count: 425

Daiki stumbles, catching himself. “What manner of madness is this?!?” He screams into the silence. All around him, bodies lay, draped in the cloud of death. Destruction as far as the eye can see. He falls to his knees, bathing in the blood of his friends, neighbors... family. His mind searches for a way out, it can't be. But as he rubs his sickened eyes, the world doesn't change, his home is gone.

“Kimi!” He cries, face tipped up into the wind. “Kimi!” But his calls go unanswered. Slowly, he makes his way to where his home once stood. As he sifts through the debris, his worst fear is realized.

“Kimi!” He clutches her cold hand, “Kimi...” and he sinks to the ground, tears falling, despair folding around him like a shroud. He brings her hand to his lips. Through the desperation, he feels the touch of her mind, and he lingers, afraid to let go.

Hours later, he comes back to himself, still grasping the dead hand of his lover. Darkness has fallen, leaving the village bathed in midnight.

He tries to gather himself, to push himself away from his horrific find. He glances into the night sky and sees an ethereal ball of pure white light. Shielding his eyes against the brightness, he hears the song of the siren meant only for the dead, but really, he is dead himself. His heart no longer beats for life.

“Come to me, my lovelies, join me in the light. I sing for the lost, one with the night. Let your souls give rise, seek me in the light.” The siren dances and twirls, and as Daiki watches, small balls of pure light begin to lift from the broken bodies. He gazes down at Kimi, and the purest of lights rises to hover around him, caressing his body lovingly, renewing his existence, healing his mind. Almost with regret, it leaves him, even as his fingertips stretch into the night, seeking the last of her touch.

“You have not died in vain, my friends.” Daiki says, head down, but his eyes raise, taking in his village one last time. “I will seek your vengeance.” He growls out, turning in a full circle, remembering each and every life taken, the youngest to the eldest. “You will have your due.” Then he looks off in the distance, toward his nemesis, the White Witch. When next the siren sings, it will be for her spirit, though the song will be different. Darkness and evil aren't welcome in the light.

Soooo, I hope somebody has an uplift take on the prompt. Like I said, not sure I like this at all, but it is what the prompt evoked in me.

Remember to come back Monday for the next prompt, another chance for fresh fiction.

See you lovelies...

Have a great weekend!


Anachronist said...

Oh lovely, I knew with such a pic every story will be unique! Great choice!

Blodeuedd said...

Pssst. Kimi is a Finnis boys name ;) Hihi. Ok enough with that.

Great story. I can't wait to see what you think of next week

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh this is a great story this week! :) Wonderful.

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