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Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 75

Good Afternoon to all the Flash Fictioneers out in the blogosphere!!

It's been a looooog day. Dealing with college issues for the kids. I just want to let everyone out there with kids know.... it doesn't get any easier as they grow up. It only gets more expensive, time consuming, and demanding.... It's been a rough day at the Taylor household. I knew it was going to be a rough first year of college for my daughter. I'm cringing, waiting to reality to strike. I don't want to be here when the bomb explodes, lol.

But, anyway, it's Monday, and time for a new challenge (I'll also have more time to do the challenges myself... EVERYONE goes back to school tomorrow....YAY!!!!! I never knew it would be this stressful to have a kid in college. Neither of my sons are this much work....) The Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge... that is!!

Today's images comes from the lovely Ana.... it's a beautiful image, thought provoking. I don't use a lot of images with animals in them... don't know why, but this one is too beautiful to pass up!!

So have fun!! I have a bunch of flashes to post, so, I'll try to sprinkle them in throughout the week... if I have enough time. Please to the powers that be..... I don't need another day like today!

The rules remain the same 350 words and come back Friday to share your flash!!!

Have fun my friends!!



Blodeuedd said...

A guy, a panther, I can work with that :)

Hang in there Dottie!

carol said...

It doesn't get easier? Darnnit. I've got a daughter who turned 12 today and is not real happy about it. I think I have the only kid who doesn't look forward to getting older.

Raine said...

My friend said the same thing only her older kid is high school while 2 kids are in grade school and she felt that her hubby's salary stayed long enough on her hand just to pay for the tuition and other school mics. Thanks for the another cool pic. Here's my Flash Friday fic.

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