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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Westbound Awakening by Hildie McQueen

Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing

(Release Date: October 2013)

From the Cover:

Captain John McClain finds himself on the wrong end of a shotgun when attempting to find his child. Heading west to find the mother of his son and the outlaw who shot him, John is forced to escort an enticing woman whose lifestyle goes against every one of his moral standards, yet she calls to every part of him. 

Heading west to meet the dying father she never knew, and possibly starting a new life, Mae Hawkins didn’t expect the added complication of traveling with the one man she always loved. 

When they’re joined along the road by a minister and his wife, things get beyond complicated for John and Mae who awaken to the lesson that sometimes differences are more imagined than real in this unforgettable journey. 

Mae Hawkins has always found herself attracted to the man, Captain John McClain, but she can't abide the disdain in his eyes for her chosen profession. She is the madame for the local brothel, one she inherited from her mother. What he doesn't know is the requirements her mother and Miss Lady put on her.

Captain John McClain can't see himself with someone who's sold her body for a few dollars, even if his own body screams for her. It isn't until he's alone with Mae for an extended period over the travel to Texas and after he losses more than he wanted to, for the realization of how silly his morals turn out to be. Now if he can only get Mae to accept him. 

Westbound Awakening by Hildie McQueen is another western romance that I fell in love with, though at first, I was afraid I wouldn't. Captain John McClain had my nose pushed out of place, judging someone who deserved his consideration, not condemnation. But, I soon discovered what was driving this character, burned by love, shot by an outlaw, his child taken away. Mae Hawkins is a special kind of madame. She really cares for those she employs, and Miss Lady makes sure she takes care of herself as well. She's a misunderstood character that immediately captured my attention.

Westbound Awakening is a fun read of discovery... founding out what's really important in life and what isn't. I loved the tension between these real life feeling characters, and it takes the interest of another for Captain John McClain to see what he's really missing. Westbound Awakening is a sweet romance, a fun little historical that I can highly recommend to those who find themselves wishing for a western romance, this one is good!

Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

I received my copy for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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