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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blue Horizon by Hildie McQueen Book Tour!!

Publisher: Pink Door Publishing
Pages: 56

From the Cover:

Josiah McClintock finds himself at a crossroads. A choice between remaining in Alder Gulch or returning to his previous life. A life that he's kept hidden from everyone, including Laura, the woman in his care after a terrible tragedy. 

Laura Foster isn't sure she has a reason to live after so many losses. Although she doesn't understand why Josiah insists on being her protector, his presence in her life becomes the only beacon of hope for a future. 

Will they be able to ever come together and when they do will their love overcome secrets, tragedies and the danger that looms? 

Josiah McClintock isn't your average Montana cowboy, he's hiding a secret that he's been unwilling to share. The Cole's took him in when he didn't have anywhere else to turn, after the death of his love, Hannah, and the kidnapping of her little sister, Emily. Now, he has the news he didn't want, both from his mother and from the detective searching for Emily. Should he return home as his mother demanded or should he continue with the life he'd made for himself in Montana?

Laura Foster has been abused most of her life. First by her parents and then from her common law husband, Frank Foster. If not for her infant son, Gabe, she'd be lost. After assuming Frank has died, she heads to Alder Gulch, and right into Josiah McClintock's life. Laura pulls in inside herself her tragedy strikes, and Josiah may be the only one who can understand. When he leaves, she assumes it forever. Can her heart survive as she realizes he's more important than she thought?

Blue Horizon by Hildie McQueen is another awesome cowboy romance. Hildie really knows how to bring the characters to life, to let you have a peek at their hopes, their dreams, and their love. I hope to see Nora's brother, Mitch find happiness. Excellent short story, quick romantic read.

Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.

**Josiah story is both powerful and poignant. Big read is short pages.**

Buy Blue Horizon for a slim 99 cents here.


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