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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Even Heroes Cry by Hildie McQueen

Hildie McQueen's New Release....

Even Heroes Cry, Fords of Nashville, Book 1

“Even though I knew they were just fireworks on the 4
th of July, to me they still sounded like incoming mortars. It took me right back to my deployment…”
Writing Adam Ford – Even Heroes Cry

An emotion filled, heroic read!

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I lay in the darkness, tears trailed from the corner of my eyes and plopped onto the pillow.  The video I’d watched replayed in my mind and I could not shake the heaviness in my chest at seeing the helplessness in so many young men’s eyes.  The vacant looks of no longer expecting life to ever get better. The loss of their personal life, after months or years of fighting for our country.

The research for Even Heroes Cry took its toll on me and yet I knew it was important if I was to try to bring the horror of PTSD to life in Adam Ford.  I had to feel what he felt and know as much as possible how it would affect a person.

Adam Ford was a leader in the military, someone in control who commanded soldiers. He raced head on into the most dangerous war zones. He flew a helicopter directly into lines of fire to save injured soldiers and carry them back to safety.  He jumped out of the safety of the chopper to drag men under sniper attack away from danger, getting shot multiple times while saving their lives.  Yes I was writing a larger than life hero, but he did exist to me.  He is real.
In the current thirteen year long war in the Middle East, many Adam Fords have risen to the challenges and done as much as my fictional hero. They’ve rushed through what seemed insurmountable obstacles to save their fellow servicemen or have died trying. Today’s heroes are young brilliant people who return home broken and damaged.

When I finished this story, I let out a breath, my eyes misted and I hoped that somehow I made Adam Ford a man that represented the battle these brave servicemen and women face upon returning from active fire directly into a different war that rages within.


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