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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ARE for Close Encounters by Katherine Allred

Hi everyone! Received this email today!

Dear Dottie --

Congratulations! A copy of the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ARE is on its way to you.

-- EosBooks

Eos Books, a division of Harper Collins Books, was looking for individuals to read and review a new book, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS by Katherine Allred.

Here is the blurb from the cover: Kiera Smith wants one thing out of life -- to be normal. But stronger, faster, smarter, and more impervious to damage than her brethren, Kiera is a genetically engineered person unlike any others.

As a special agent she's been assigned to protect the indigenous Buri race from the none-too-honorable conglomerate Dynatec. And it's just the challenge she's been looking for: take down the largest independent trade company in the Galactic Federation and save a race of aliens from extinction, while resisting the advances of the handsome Buri leader.

Katherine Allred writes science fiction romance in the vein of Linnea Sinclair or Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer series. Give away, provided you write us a review.

I'm so excited. I should have the book right away, as their review is due in just a few short weeks. I'll let everyone know how it is, I love books with a kick-ass herione that gets the job done and has time for a little romance too.

I did have to leave my snail mail address and the blog address to be considered.

Dottie :)

P.S. --- In December, I also won the giveaway of free books for a year and I'm currently waiting for my second installment of books, with great authors like Kim Harrison, Jocelynn Drake, Vicki Pettersson, and Anne McCaffery. So, if you like me love kick-ass heriones, check out Eos' site. It's a rockin' good time!

Today I also received The Terror from Drey's Library and The Lover came in as well. Too sweet for words.

Have a great day!

Dottie :)


Blanche said...

Hi Dottie!! :)

How've had a great day!!! I love a kickass heroine too and I can't wait to read your review of Close Encounters!!

Lea said...

WOOT Dottie!

That is awesome!!! You enjoy. I love a strong heroine in a book.

Hope your day is great too.

Happy Reading

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Good for you Dottie! I've been signed up for that but have yet to get the big email! Go you!!

Unknown said...

Hi Blanche!

Yay! I couldn't believe it when I opened my email today, and found out that I was picked for a reveiw, and then opened the mail box and had two more books waiting for me! Too much fun!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

It blew my mind when I opened that email and they said I was one of the chosen few. I'm waiting for a shipment from Eos with the books I won too. My TBR list is growing and growing and.....

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara!

How's your day, as you can see mine has been pretty great! Can't wait to get my book and try it out! And I got The Lover too! How sweet can it get? I love getting free books, it makes my day all that much brighter!

Have a great day!

Dottie ;-)

Amy C said...

Hey Dottie, that book sounds like a great action packed Sci/Fi!

Wow! That's awesome that you won free books for a year!

Happy reading for you, for sure!

Unknown said...

Hi Amy!!

Thanks, I'm really looking forward to gets the books. I'm really excited about writing a review for Eos too. Can't wait to see what the book it like.

I liked your blog about the local authors, had to take my son to the doctor, haven't had to comment--we have the dreaded strep here:(

I'll be over in a bit!

Dottie :)

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