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Friday, March 6, 2009

Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Publisher: Dorchester Pub. Co. Inc.
Original Issue: August 2003
Re-issue: November 2008
Pages: 369

From the Cover: Kate C. Leever is a hardworking editor at a publishing house in New York that specialized in romances. Her most successful author is Lucern Argeneau, whose books are classified as paranormal romance. What Kate doesn't know is that Lucern is actually a 612 year-old vampire who considers himself a family biographer. The handsome, reclusive Lucern gets the shock of his life when Kate shows up on his doorstep to demand that he attend the annual Romantic Times convention to interact with his growing legions of fans......

Lucern Agreneau is a cranky 600 year old vampire who write biographies of his family's life experiences, it's not his fault that his publishing company keeps releasing them as 'romantic brushes from historical adventures' now is it?

Kate C. Leever is the hottest new publisher in New York, and wants, no needs to get Lucern out there, to meet his public, and answer their many fact, her job depends on it.

When Kate shows up on Lucern's doorstep, claiming to just want to get acquainted with her best selling author, Lucern is thrown. He has been avoiding her for weeks, months now. And she has the audacity to show up, uninvited on his doorstep? What can she be thinking? His mother advises if he checked in mail once in a while....Lucern has no choice but to let Kate into his life.

Kate has no idea what she has gotten into, a family that has an aversion to the sun, empty cupboards, and an emptier frig. How do these people live? Why hasn't the cranky, but gorgeous Lucern written his own love story? And WHY is there a coffin in the basement? As Kate become immersed in Lucern's life and family, she is amazed at their caring nature. Surely someone who cares for his family as much as Lucern can come to love his fans. With his mother's prodding Lucern agrees to one event, the annual Romantic Times convention. But, how will he survive and keep his secret, and how will he keep his hands off of Kate?

Single White Vampire was an all round fun read. It has romance for the romantics out there. It's a paranormal vampire novel for all the urban fantasy readers. It's a new take on vampirism that involves the use of blood banks (may I make a withdrawal, please) and when all else fails, robbing blood banks. And it is hot and steamy in all the right places! Lynday Sands is the author of many books including historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance. Her website can be found at . I picked up the book originally because I couldn't resist the cover art and it turned out to be a really good time. Single White Vampire is the third book in the Argeneau Series which she combines with the Rogue Series, eleven books to date. If you want a good time and a good read, pick up a Single White Vampire, I did.


Lea said...

Hey Thanks Dottie for the review and links. I've looked at Ms. Sands' books over the years but for whatever reason they never appealed.

Maybe I will chance it and pick up the first one of her series!


Anonymous said...

I actually have thos book in my tbr. My never ending tbr that is. I'm sure I'll get to it soon. I've been reading alot of historicals lately and I know myself, a change will be needed shortly. A nice vampire romance would be perfect.

Unknown said...

Hi Lea

Lynsay Sands writes a pretty good novel, this was my first with her, but won't be my last.

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara

Love your dream over on Blanche's site, what did you eat before bedtime? You're so funny and sweet!

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I got the link set up on my site. I was using an O instead of the # 0

I love your blog and I love the faeries!
Sounds like an awesome book!

Hey Lea! xoxo


Unknown said...

Hey Hawk!

I know, isn't Tink so cute, sassy and sweet! You can almost see the mischief in her eyes!

My bad, when I picked this blog name, I was upset that my previous blog (only 2 months old) crashed and burned, hence, 2.0, for a second try. But I like this one better anyway.

I love Lynsay Sands. I can't help it, vamps are a favorite*smiles*.



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