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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Photos for all Those People I've Been Promising

Hi Kim! These pics are mostly for you. I know I've been saying that I was going to post some pics, and you've been very patient. So, I went through some goofy pictures that Kirsten or I have taken over the last year. Here are some of the worst and best of the bunch.

Kirsten Cheerleading (she was dropped twice during this game)

Kirsten in the top of the build - didn't hit the ground once

Me talking to Stuart - only psychologist I can afford!

London calling - just Kirsten being cute

Kirsten at school -- my tax dollars at work!

How does Kirsten always seem to be in the pics, but the boys can't be found?

Kirsten and Pat - someone asked if they were twins.

A rare pic - Pat alone, could this be possible?

Kirsten with a broken arm cheering - homecoming rally

More football cheerleading - arm still broken!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, the kids won't let me post too often, they don't know I posted these! Kris was going to get mad for posting his, so no pics of him! I guess they don't want people to know they get pics taken? Teenagers!

Dottie :)


sssalad said...

I enjoyed the pics! Thanks Dottie! Don't worry - my kids don't like their pics on the internet either - well at least Joey doesn't Heather doesn't really mind much - but then she already has tons of them on her facebook anyway! LOL

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