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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deadline Dames: Readers on Deadline ROD #8

Hello fellow readers!! It's time for another round of flash fiction for the Deadline Dames! The picture below is the prompt for this month's contest. Interesting isn't it. I could immediately feel the abandonment of this place, the emptiness of long forgotten times. If you'd like to check out the Dames site or contest, click here.

This is what I've come up so far.


I slowly woke with my head thick and cottony from a drug induced sleep; trying to stretch and finding I was bound and blind.

Where the hell am I and how did I get here? The floor where I found myself was tacky like old wax.

The panic I'd been suppressing raised it's ugly head; my breathing became rapid, heart pounding as I began to work my bonds.

“Struggle if you must.” I heard a dark voice call cordially. “It will do you little good.” The voice laughed heartily.

“Please, you don't have to do this, tell me what you want.” I begged becoming claustrophobic in the blindfolded darkness.

“All in good time.” The voice boomed happily, enjoying my anxiety.

I screamed piercingly; now I could smell the brimstone of hellfire. I knew where I was; realized my captor. How was I found?

“I will never submit. Let me go!” I yelled, working my bonds; hoping for freedom.

I felt a fiery breath brush my cheek. “Lucy, love, why would I do that?”

My body filled with dread and desire as the demon lips caressed my cheek, easing down my neck, and lingering at the hollow between neck and shoulder; his tongue licking almost lovingly, remembering my taste.

I screamed again this time in frustration and with arousal; I would not become the demon's servant, bound and cursed.

Okay, this is what I have so far. I'm right at my word limit with 245 words. Not sure if it will be my entry or not.


Blodeuedd said...

Hi Dottie,
Sounding good so far :) Spooky and devilish. But if you are not happy then just keep on working

Donna said...

Wow, Dottie! I like it. A lot. :)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Submit, Submit, Submit, Submit, Submit!!! I love what you have so far!!!! You know I am going to tell you to enter!!!! I love it!
Hope you have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

Lea said...

Hey Dottie!

Excellent imagination and entry based on the photo given... :D

I'll e-mail you later...


Unknown said...

Hi B!

I worked on it some more and submitted it. The pic was hard to write for.



Hi Donna!

Thanks!! It's kind of scary to try writing something so short.



Hi Cecile!

I worked it over a little more and submitted it. Keeping fingers crossed.


Dottie :)

Hi (((Lea)))!

Thanks for your suggestions! I submitted my entry last night.


Dottie :)

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